Happy Birthday to our Girl

Yes, “our girl”. She is Twitter famous and that makes her our girl. You surely know I’m talking about Abigail by now. Today is her third anniversary of her birthday, and what a beautiful celebration it is! Today is a a good day for a birthday, friends!

Now, with all of my excitement and the many “happy birthday” wishes I said to her, not once did she react differently than any other day. To put it simply, the girl has no idea today is hers because every single day is the best day ever, if you were to see it through her eyes. And, let’s be real, she lives her best life possible every single day!

We definitely have a happy golden and she is such a sweet, loving soul that I cannot help but want to share her with you.

That brings me to another post, which will be for another day because I do not want to take away from this thread, which is to wish our girl, Abby the golden, a very happy birthday!

Not Abby, but this would be her look of disdain, had I taken a picture of her in a party hat.

Abby’s Rough Start to the Week

So…. you know Abby despises the Roomba, whom MtnMan has affectionately named the Dog Snatcher? It has been acting haywire for a month now, and last week while we were in Twin, I had it remap the entire house because after 10 reboots, the customer service people insisted that must happen in order to fix this problem. Yesterday it completed a job in 7 minutes, when 1 room takes 30-45 minutes, and when I sent it to clean another room, it left the home base and did donuts about 3 feet from the base and then kept head butting the sliding glass doors until it finally ended back up on the homebase. The error was- could not complete task. Well, no shit.

Today Abby and I went to breakfast with MtnMan, giving me another opportunity to try to figure this hunk of plastic robot shit out. I sent it to vacuum the living room, after 7 minutes it “successfully completed task”, and when I pulled up the map, it did donuts under the dining room table, which is in the dining room, not the living room, and on tile, not carpet. So…. then I realized that maybe my boundary line was keeping it from going into the living room, so I deleted that stupid line and sent it to vacuum the living room again. For 20 minutes it said “vacuuming” and then it said “ready to vacuum” and was not on the home base.

When Abby and I got home, I let her out of the truck and directed her to the yard so that I could find out where the hunk of junk was. It was in the middle of the goddamn living room, and it made 4 passes and shut down. This is the problem I was having prior to the 10 reboots and the factory reset. The fucking problem is the same fucking problem I had before.

I send it home, and it does donuts in the dining room, head butts the sliding glass door and then docks on the fucking base. Good job.

I let Abby in, and she is already aware. *facepalm* She sniffs every fucking pass in the carpet that it took and then darts over to the robot and, coincidentally, it came alive. MtnMan could not have planned that, even if he wanted to. She goes into “shaking like a leaf” mode and immediately blames me because once she gathered herself, she sat with a deadpan look staring right through my entire being.

That’s not all. It gets worse.

Every 60 seconds (yes, I timed it after a couple minutes) it would come alive and light up, with its signature dinging. After several times of that happening, I rebooted it, and 60 seconds after it cycled through the bullshit reboot cycle, it came alive. I powered it down, and 60 seconds later it did it again. Abby is not happy, and I assure you she had a lot to say by this time. I opened the lid, thinking that would keep it from coming alive. NOPE. That was a big fucking NOPE. Finally, I sent Abby outside because the girl was making the situation even worse. Still, it came alive after 60 seconds.

It is currently upside down and my phone app keeps sending me messages saying that it needs to be on a level surface, but at least it is not coming alive.

I emailed them because I’m tired of making phone calls that do nothing but waste my time while another call center person that is not in the states tells me to reboot it.

I get a response within an hour and I am told that it looks like the “Dog Snatcher” is having trouble, we need you to reboot 3 times and if that does not correct the issue, please respond but do not respond until you have done this.

I responded to say, no I am not rebooting it 3 more times. As per my previous email, I have rebooted it 10 times and then did a factory reset while on the phone with your customer service department. I am sure my call history is attached to my account. Would you be so kind as to suggest something that has not already been attempted; a reboot is obviously not fixing this issue. Thank you so much for thoroughly reading through my email before responding. I do appreciate your help.

Seriously, companies no longer believe in providing good customer service. I have remained cordial because I don’t imagine everyone that gets the run around is pleasant to deal with, but if they would actually provide service for their crap product, then people wouldn’t get chewed out when answering a call.

Abby is not currently talking to me, but she is coming around, I think. She looked in my cam room, huffed and retreated to the living room about 20 minutes ago. This is progress. lol.

Abby and Her Amusing Love Of All Things Called Life.

Yesterday I tweeted a picture of Abby, and promised a blog post with the backstory of what makes her so precious.

MtnMan has something in the spare room that Abby is constantly checking on, and that in itself, is amusing, but she always takes a buddy with her. That buddy is almost always Herbie, but Wednesday it was Skunky, and she must have needed a closer inspection because she dropped the Skunk, sniffed around and then high-tailed it out, not going back in there. So, she inadvertently left Skunk in the room overnight. It wasn’t until she was sitting in the doorway of my cam room that she saw him lying there, all alone, and forgotten. She jumped up, leaped into the room, pounced on him and took off to the living room.

I didn’t think much of it because that is what it’s like to live with Abby on a daily basis. I walked into the kitchen a short time later to find her holding Skunky up in the air, as if to say, “OMG, I thought I lost you forever!”. She didn’t even mind that I went back to the cam room for my phone so that I could get a picture of her being adorably amusing. Notice that Herbie is right next to her love reunion with Skunky. He is never far from her. EVER.

This next picture was less than 20 minutes later. lol.

Hello February!

All in all, January was a fairly decent experience. Nothing major happened, to speak of, and now here we are welcoming a new day, a new week and a new month. Hello February!

I do have one minor incident to share with you all. A week ago Sunday, Abby decided to run away. Okay, back up, run away is such a harsh term because she has a good life and I don’t think she was planning on leaving permanently. Here is what happened. She decided to go on a walk about, without letting us know. MtnMan was in the garage putzing around and I was cleaning out the truck; Abby is always by my side and we trained her to never go more than 20 feet when she’s exploring. I look up and I don’t see a golden streak running around, so I call her name, silence. I call for her again, and I don’t hear her herd of elephants coming towards me. MtnMan yells “ABIGAIL”, and I am shaking my head because the girl is going to be in so much trouble because if she didn’t hear him calling her, that meant she was no longer in our vicinity. He hands me the keys and tells me to go find my girl. *facepalm* I drive 4 houses down and she happily comes running when she sees the truck. I get out, open the door and she hangs her head and jumps in, all of her excitement gone. I asked her “What the fuck were you thinking? Dad’s going to be mad at you for 2 months!”. She sits in the back, head hanging and grumbled. We get home, MtnMan tells her to get her ass in the house and out into the fenced in yard and she slowly walked over to the fence, sat down and watched me finish cleaning the truck. She looked somber and sad. It was heartbreaking. She was in trouble and that is rare. Now that she’s had a taste of freedom in the wild, I wonder if she’ll skedaddle next time the gate is left open. Up to this point, she does not leave the yard and the gate has been accidentally left open a few times, without us knowing.. so, what will she do?

Windy Weather and a Storm

I woke up to the wind breaking up against the house and what a great sound it is. I love the sound of a storm blowing in, whether it’s the Texas thunderstorms I experienced in the hill country, or the snow storms rolling into the valley off of the mountains of Nevada. It’s all beautiful to me. I find Mother Nature to be a fascinating beast. As much as I miss the Texas thunderstorms, I love the snow storms I experience here. Granted, it’s just a lot of noise right now, with gloomy skies and cold winds, but the snow is coming and it’s something I look forward to. And, just to add even more positive energy, Abby can stay outside for as long as she wants, unsupervised! The ground is frozen and her dirt pile is no longer a dusty mess for her to roll around in and that does truely make me happy.

Abigail’s Sunday of Trial and Tribulations.

I woke up to a migraine, which meant a late start to the day, and it also meant that MtnMan was the one to open Abby’s curtain and say good morning to her. I doubt that it was as cheerful as my good mornings, and I can certainly say there were no hugs. She, however, darted out of her bedroom with glee and happiness, probably stopping to say hi to Herbie and Kandy. It’s hard to say who received her first love nudge because, although, Herbie is always near her, she has a very soft spot for the new buddy that we welcomed a few weeks ago. At any rate, outside she went and eventually she came into the bathroom to say good morning to me while I was in the shower. MtnMan had to take some canned goods to our neighbor, and I asked Abby if she was ready to eat. Of course she was. While she happily sat, licking her lips at a fast rate, I wondered if this was her second breakfast, but I was already pouring the cup into her bowl. There were no take backs. It was, in fact, her second serving of breakfast. I should have known, but the girl finally got more than her fair share and she was happier with a full belly. I can’t say that I blame her.

We went for our Sunday drive and stopped by our neighbors house on our way home, to pick up some homemade salsa. It was a quick visit, although, not quick in MtnMan’s terms of “I’m going to just grab it at the door, be right back”. He was probably already a little bothered when I got back into the truck and asked him to roll down the window so our neighbor could see her favorite girl, Abby. He rolled his eyes but rolled down the window and as quickly as I turned around laughing, Abby jumped out of the damn window! I sat there trying not to say a word, as MtnMan turned the truck off, got out of the truck and Abby quickly ran back with her tail tucked between her legs as she got a talking to. The neighbor was saying “I’m so sorry… love you Abby!!” To say Abby’s night was somber would be an understatement! She is still in trouble and she knows it; I just want to give her loves and hugs and tell her I love her to pieces and to please not pull a damn stunt like that again! I think we are both in trouble, truth be told.

As I was pouring her dinner, MtnMan said, “she had 2 breakfasts and was a bad dog, she doesn’t need dinner.” I cannot starve her just because she has no control over herself when she sees our neighbor. I mean, there is no control. I honestly don’t know what to do to break her of that, but I certainly did not think she would jump out of the window. Good grief. I didn’t see that coming!

Show Me that Face

Let’s see your animals in all of their glory. I want you to post a picture, introduce your loved one, and give a quick summary on their personalities.

The more than join in, the more fun this thread will be… so happy posting!

She is a momma’s girl through and through, but she despises her picture to be taken. She loves getting dirty, swimming, playing in the snow, finding the mud pit and riding in the truck. She plays rough with MtnMan, but if I am in the room she is a drama queen and will squeal, even if he is not doing anything to her. I fall for it every single time. She also runs to me for comfort before going back to him for more playtime.

Herbie Got a Bath

We went into the mountains yesterday, which means Abigail was running around sagebrush, dust and into streams. I did my best to keep her out of the water, but let’s face it, that is a defeating task. There is no keeping that dog out of water, or even clean for that matter.

As you can see, he came out of his bath looking a little rough. Granted, some of that is most definitely his dogs doing, but his face needs some repair where his hair thinned out.

Let me tell you what happened, in my own words, and whatever you do, do not listen to Abby or pay any attention to her concerned look…

After we got home from our Sunday mountain hike, Abby needed a shower, despite her efforts to get out of it. I scrubbed her, kissed her face, rinsed her off, then toweled her dry. Well, toweled her dry is a lie because the girl has so much thick hair there is no way I can actually dry her from a towel. After she was patted dry, I had a pile of towels to throw in the wash, and I scooped them up and started the washer.

About 30 minutes later we are looking for Herbie, and MtnMan said he was last in the bathroom, against the tub. I thought for sure he was moved before Abby’s “near drowning” because how in the world could I miss Herbie mixed in with the towels? So, we searched, all three of us, and there was no Herbie and while I was still looking, she sat in front of the laundry room door, staring at it, as if to say he is being drowned in that big machine.

We actually don’t know if she somehow knew, or if she was telling us she wants her ball, which we always keep on one of the shelves above the dryer. Either way, it was adorable to see her sitting in front waiting patiently, hoping we will notice and give in to her wants. We didn’t. I was too tired and MtnMan didn’t feel like playing catch, or listening to the constant “Squeak-squeak” …

Once the wash cycle was over, I opened the lid to find Herbie staring up at me with a very squished face. He looked a little rougher than the above picture because I tossed him in the dryer to warm him up and fluff his face before Abby saw him. But, now I need to do some face repairs before she has him to “honk” again. And, for those of you that are concerned, his honker still works. No harm, no foul, and he was getting a bit gross any way. Now he is clean(er).

A Month of Abby

I try my best to tweet a #dailypic of #abbythegolden, but sometimes I slip and forget to share her cute face. Although, I am so obsessed with her that somedays I share 10 pictures, not just one. lol.

Not everyone is on Twitter, so I thought I would create a thread for those of you that still read my blog.

A few weeks ago MtnMan took us on a drive to an area we have not seen before. It was a beautiful lake area in a valley surrounded by mountains.

We were not sure how Abby would react to a large body of water since she has only played in creeks and trickling brooks.

Her first jump took a lot of encouragement and celebrations, but she finally took that leap, which was more like an accidental fall. She went completely under, coming up for gasped air, with eyes wide open, but she soon figured it out and then we could not keep her out of the water. She would run the dock, jump, swim back to shore and do it all over again. To say she is a water baby, would be an understatement.

For the fourth of July, she was sporting red, white and blue. Despite what MtnMan says, she loves changing up her collar with pretty bows and flowers. I was trying to get a better pick of her three flowers, but as you can see, she was not amused. For those of you that asked, she was not too phased by the loud fireworks. She did, at one point, look up, reposition herself and went back to sleep.

Abigail is a smart kid. She is also a very happy, go lucky girl who entertains herself, while always staying close by. Last week we had to go out of town for a few days. That morning I laid out clothes and our toiletries, without getting the suitcase because once that comes out, she is glued to me. And, by that I mean, she sits on my feet and if I start to walk, we both trip. It is both comical and frustrating. Even with my “ploy” to trick the girl, she was still on to me. She was low key watching every move I made, and she had a sad look about her. When I finally got the suitcase, I tripped when I turned around; she was right there! Goodness, she knew.

I had the bright idea of getting her overnight bag out of the closet, so she would see that she was not being left behind. I mean, she was, but she’d be going for her own sleepover with her favorite cousin. Yeah. That was a bad idea. She went into full on celebration mode. She ran through the house, around the living room, jumped over her bag and ran circles around me until she fell to my feet and continued celebrating. It was a crazy sight to see. lol. While I packed, she was not sitting on my feet like she does when she is full of glooms and doom, but she was running around me, making it fucking chaos. Next time, I think I should give her a rawhide bone and send her outside!

I dropped her off at her cousins house, and they were so happy to see each other. It really is sweet how much they love one another. Her cousin is 4, but a wire hair bird dog which means she never stops wagging her entire body with joy and excitement. They wear each other out and usually crash hard in the evenings and sleep for a full day after the sleepover.

An hour after I dropped her off, I get a text that read: “she really cannot help herself. LOL!”

They had a sprinkler going that their dog stays clear of, so they did not think much of it, until Abby appeared at the door looking in, soaking wet. They said she was like a kid running through the sprinklers, just having the time of her life! Her cousin watched from dry land. That made me laugh so hard, just thinking about it. We don’t have grass, but now I wonder if we should at least have a sprinkler. lol.

Beginning to End

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate in the month of July, making this my favorite month of the year! It starts with a birthday and ends with a divorce. LOL.

We start by celebrating (much to his chagrin) MtnMan, then Dawn’s birthday on the 17th (which should be a world holiday), followed with Abigail’s first anniversary of her birth on the 21st, on the 24th we celebrate hmfast, and, we close out the month with the 31st marking 1 year of divorce for me.

With all of that in the month of July, no one can deny the reason for so much joy and celebrations! So, who is with me? Let’s raise a glass to our happy, joyous reasons and carry on!