Happy Birthday to our Girl

Yes, “our girl”. She is Twitter famous and that makes her our girl. You surely know I’m talking about Abigail by now. Today is her third anniversary of her birthday, and what a beautiful celebration it is! Today is a a good day for a birthday, friends!

Now, with all of my excitement and the many “happy birthday” wishes I said to her, not once did she react differently than any other day. To put it simply, the girl has no idea today is hers because every single day is the best day ever, if you were to see it through her eyes. And, let’s be real, she lives her best life possible every single day!

We definitely have a happy golden and she is such a sweet, loving soul that I cannot help but want to share her with you.

That brings me to another post, which will be for another day because I do not want to take away from this thread, which is to wish our girl, Abby the golden, a very happy birthday!

Not Abby, but this would be her look of disdain, had I taken a picture of her in a party hat.

Abby’s Rough Start to the Week

So…. you know Abby despises the Roomba, whom MtnMan has affectionately named the Dog Snatcher? It has been acting haywire for a month now, and last week while we were in Twin, I had it remap the entire house because after 10 reboots, the customer service people insisted that must happen in order to fix this problem. Yesterday it completed a job in 7 minutes, when 1 room takes 30-45 minutes, and when I sent it to clean another room, it left the home base and did donuts about 3 feet from the base and then kept head butting the sliding glass doors until it finally ended back up on the homebase. The error was- could not complete task. Well, no shit.

Today Abby and I went to breakfast with MtnMan, giving me another opportunity to try to figure this hunk of plastic robot shit out. I sent it to vacuum the living room, after 7 minutes it “successfully completed task”, and when I pulled up the map, it did donuts under the dining room table, which is in the dining room, not the living room, and on tile, not carpet. So…. then I realized that maybe my boundary line was keeping it from going into the living room, so I deleted that stupid line and sent it to vacuum the living room again. For 20 minutes it said “vacuuming” and then it said “ready to vacuum” and was not on the home base.

When Abby and I got home, I let her out of the truck and directed her to the yard so that I could find out where the hunk of junk was. It was in the middle of the goddamn living room, and it made 4 passes and shut down. This is the problem I was having prior to the 10 reboots and the factory reset. The fucking problem is the same fucking problem I had before.

I send it home, and it does donuts in the dining room, head butts the sliding glass door and then docks on the fucking base. Good job.

I let Abby in, and she is already aware. *facepalm* She sniffs every fucking pass in the carpet that it took and then darts over to the robot and, coincidentally, it came alive. MtnMan could not have planned that, even if he wanted to. She goes into “shaking like a leaf” mode and immediately blames me because once she gathered herself, she sat with a deadpan look staring right through my entire being.

That’s not all. It gets worse.

Every 60 seconds (yes, I timed it after a couple minutes) it would come alive and light up, with its signature dinging. After several times of that happening, I rebooted it, and 60 seconds after it cycled through the bullshit reboot cycle, it came alive. I powered it down, and 60 seconds later it did it again. Abby is not happy, and I assure you she had a lot to say by this time. I opened the lid, thinking that would keep it from coming alive. NOPE. That was a big fucking NOPE. Finally, I sent Abby outside because the girl was making the situation even worse. Still, it came alive after 60 seconds.

It is currently upside down and my phone app keeps sending me messages saying that it needs to be on a level surface, but at least it is not coming alive.

I emailed them because I’m tired of making phone calls that do nothing but waste my time while another call center person that is not in the states tells me to reboot it.

I get a response within an hour and I am told that it looks like the “Dog Snatcher” is having trouble, we need you to reboot 3 times and if that does not correct the issue, please respond but do not respond until you have done this.

I responded to say, no I am not rebooting it 3 more times. As per my previous email, I have rebooted it 10 times and then did a factory reset while on the phone with your customer service department. I am sure my call history is attached to my account. Would you be so kind as to suggest something that has not already been attempted; a reboot is obviously not fixing this issue. Thank you so much for thoroughly reading through my email before responding. I do appreciate your help.

Seriously, companies no longer believe in providing good customer service. I have remained cordial because I don’t imagine everyone that gets the run around is pleasant to deal with, but if they would actually provide service for their crap product, then people wouldn’t get chewed out when answering a call.

Abby is not currently talking to me, but she is coming around, I think. She looked in my cam room, huffed and retreated to the living room about 20 minutes ago. This is progress. lol.

Abby and Her Amusing Love Of All Things Called Life.

Yesterday I tweeted a picture of Abby, and promised a blog post with the backstory of what makes her so precious.

MtnMan has something in the spare room that Abby is constantly checking on, and that in itself, is amusing, but she always takes a buddy with her. That buddy is almost always Herbie, but Wednesday it was Skunky, and she must have needed a closer inspection because she dropped the Skunk, sniffed around and then high-tailed it out, not going back in there. So, she inadvertently left Skunk in the room overnight. It wasn’t until she was sitting in the doorway of my cam room that she saw him lying there, all alone, and forgotten. She jumped up, leaped into the room, pounced on him and took off to the living room.

I didn’t think much of it because that is what it’s like to live with Abby on a daily basis. I walked into the kitchen a short time later to find her holding Skunky up in the air, as if to say, “OMG, I thought I lost you forever!”. She didn’t even mind that I went back to the cam room for my phone so that I could get a picture of her being adorably amusing. Notice that Herbie is right next to her love reunion with Skunky. He is never far from her. EVER.

This next picture was less than 20 minutes later. lol.

Abby vs. the Dog Snatcher

We welcomed a Roomba into our home in August, much to Abby’s disapproval and chagrin. The first 5 days were spent with the “Dog Snatcher” mapping the entire home. She followed it around, constantly checking on it, nervous and in full fear mode.

Once it had learned the floor plan of our home, I was able to create cleaning maps. The Dining Room, Second Bath and Kitchen are labeled “Hair Control”. In order to stay ahead of the hairy mess, I try to run the Roomba several times a week, but in order to not stress the girl out, I do my best to hide it from her.

Here is what it takes to succeed at keeping the Roomba a secret, although she knows it still resides in her domain. I put a load of laundry in the wash, close the bedroom door, turn the air purifier on (which is right outside the bathroom), close the bathroom door, turn the vent on and start the shower. Once I am out of the shower, I turn the hairdryer on, then open the door and let her into the bedroom. Her routine is to get out of the bathroom as soon as I’m finished in the shower because she knows I’m about to dry my hair. She’s not a fan of that, either. So, other than the doors being closed and all of the additional noise going on, she’s none the wiser…. except is she? By the time I’m finished getting ready, the Roomba is back in its home, and emptied the basket (which makes a lot of unwanted noises). I always walk out first, with Abby right on my heels, and the mornings that the Roomba has rumbled, she will walk to the kitchen, look right at it and huff.

So, this brings me to the story behind this blog post:

I did not have laundry yesterday morning, and I thought with all of the other nonsense I go through, that it would be enough. Welp. It most definitely was not. As soon as I woke the Roomba up from my phone app, she looked at me, tilted her head, gave me her trademark “deadpan look”, walked to the door, looked down at the crack and sniffed. Then looked back at me with a disapproving Abby look, and it was cute but I felt like i was caught red handed. I mean, seriously.

I opened the door after my shower, she trots her unhappy ass over to the bedroom door, sniffs the crack and then grunts, huffs, puffs and turns around to give me that signature deadpan look of hers. She was most definitely not happy. While I was getting ready, she kept pacing back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom door, and each time she’d look back in the bathroom just to reassure me that she was not very pleased with the current events.

Once the Roomba was docked and emptied, I opened the door where she raced out, surveyed the kitchen and then growled at the Dog Snatcher, that was already asleep. Because of her bravery, I rewarded her with a milk bone, which she apprehensively took from me and walked a safe distance away before enjoying her treat. Yes, when she was finished, she gave me another deadpan look, huffed and walked to the front door. She wanted out and I was more than happy to have her leave the house for awhile. lol.

I think it is safe to say, she has never been fooled but some days it’s easier for her to ignore what is happening in her domain. I will always make sure I have a load of laundry going when the Roomba rumbles.

Hello February!

All in all, January was a fairly decent experience. Nothing major happened, to speak of, and now here we are welcoming a new day, a new week and a new month. Hello February!

I do have one minor incident to share with you all. A week ago Sunday, Abby decided to run away. Okay, back up, run away is such a harsh term because she has a good life and I don’t think she was planning on leaving permanently. Here is what happened. She decided to go on a walk about, without letting us know. MtnMan was in the garage putzing around and I was cleaning out the truck; Abby is always by my side and we trained her to never go more than 20 feet when she’s exploring. I look up and I don’t see a golden streak running around, so I call her name, silence. I call for her again, and I don’t hear her herd of elephants coming towards me. MtnMan yells “ABIGAIL”, and I am shaking my head because the girl is going to be in so much trouble because if she didn’t hear him calling her, that meant she was no longer in our vicinity. He hands me the keys and tells me to go find my girl. *facepalm* I drive 4 houses down and she happily comes running when she sees the truck. I get out, open the door and she hangs her head and jumps in, all of her excitement gone. I asked her “What the fuck were you thinking? Dad’s going to be mad at you for 2 months!”. She sits in the back, head hanging and grumbled. We get home, MtnMan tells her to get her ass in the house and out into the fenced in yard and she slowly walked over to the fence, sat down and watched me finish cleaning the truck. She looked somber and sad. It was heartbreaking. She was in trouble and that is rare. Now that she’s had a taste of freedom in the wild, I wonder if she’ll skedaddle next time the gate is left open. Up to this point, she does not leave the yard and the gate has been accidentally left open a few times, without us knowing.. so, what will she do?

Snow, Snow and More Snow

We have had a very dry start to winter, with very little snow accumulation. In Early November we had a day of blizzard conditions, when there was no snow forcasted, and it gave me hope that winter was well on her way. But, that moved out almost as quickly as it blew in, and we’ve had no rain and no snow since. However, it has been freezing with below zero temps, warming up to the mid-thirties by 1p, just long enough to make it feel sweltering and then it drops back to below freezing. I do love that because I’ve never been a fan of the sun. It’s a love hate relationship, really. I know we need the sun for beautiful flowers and trees, but too much of it is ridiculous! lol. I have, and always will be, a lover of gloomy days with torrential rains and freak snow storms.

So, it is with a very happy heart that I share with you our snowy forecast. They are expecting 4-6″ with heavy winds lasting through the weekend. This is very good news for us because we are so dry that when the wind blows, the dirt flies, and that’s creating a big dust ball, also known as Abby the Golden.

Ornery Abby

Abby has become quirky over the last few months, often saving her breakfast for dinner. She will look at her food, sniff it and walk away, and for the longest time it would worry me. I googled it, talked to the vet, had tests run and she is a healthy, happy golden. There is no reason she has stopped eating breakfast with the gusto we came to adore. None.

To get her excited about eating (and mostly to stop me from worrying she was going to starve to death), MtnMan started playing a game with her. One that she looks forward to each morning now. She sees me getting her food and she runs to MtnMan and he pretends to hold on to her, not letting her go to her dish. If he doesn’t hold on, she does the whole act of being held against her will and it is quite comical. This works most mornings. She will run to her dish and take each, individual kibble, and slowly chew. When we are in a rush to leave the house, this is somewhat annoying because we have to stand next to her while she enjoys her breakfast. But, she eats, so it is what has become part of our routine.

Friday morning we left the house before sunrise, so I packed her breakfast in her lunchbox and once we were rolling down the interstate I poured her breakfast into her to-go bowl. She nudged MtnMan from her backseat, so he held her snout while pretending to not let her eat. She pried herself loose and quickly sniffed her breakfast and then looked at me before laying down on her bed. It sat there for a bit, so I started to put it back into her lunchbox and she quickly sat up, licking her lips and sticking her head as far as she could, trying to get to her food. MtnMan took a few kibbles, placing them on the console and she whole-heartedly scarfed them down. I poured the food back into her bowl, she sniffed, looked at me and went to her window to stare out at the passing cars. Pfft. I started to put the food back into her box, same reaction. MtnMan laughs and puts a couple pieces onto the console, where she scarfs them down and leaves slobber in their place. What the hell? Again, I pour the food into her bowl, same damn reaction. If I didn’t love her as much as I do, I’d have tossed her food out the window for the coyotes to enjoy! But, as it is, she is my girl and I am just baffled. We repeat the events, food back in box, MtnMan gives her some kibbles, she scarfs them down with gusto and looks at me as if I am the bad guy. This time, however, I put just a handful in her bowl and the same reaction. After I looked away, she smiled at MtnMan; she knew what she was doing. After that I put it away and told her she could starve! She sat there staring at me in dismay for awhile before gruffing and laying down for a morning nap. MtnMan thought this transaction between Abby and me was laughable. He said she’s got my number, and he is right, she does.

Later that day we were enjoying a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains, eating lunch and she had her deadpan stare locked in on me. I suddenly remembered she didn’t eat much of her breakfast and probably thought I was retaliating by starving her. I poured her food for her and she did not chew much, she scarfed it down before I took it back.

She has become ornery and she loves to make me worry, I am convinced of that!

Windy Weather and a Storm

I woke up to the wind breaking up against the house and what a great sound it is. I love the sound of a storm blowing in, whether it’s the Texas thunderstorms I experienced in the hill country, or the snow storms rolling into the valley off of the mountains of Nevada. It’s all beautiful to me. I find Mother Nature to be a fascinating beast. As much as I miss the Texas thunderstorms, I love the snow storms I experience here. Granted, it’s just a lot of noise right now, with gloomy skies and cold winds, but the snow is coming and it’s something I look forward to. And, just to add even more positive energy, Abby can stay outside for as long as she wants, unsupervised! The ground is frozen and her dirt pile is no longer a dusty mess for her to roll around in and that does truely make me happy.

Tell Me About Your Weekend

I’d love to hear about your weekend, good or bad, I want to hear it all.

My weekend was busy, but that’s not unusual. Saturday I spent the day working on lonestarangel.com, my LoyalFans page and the clip stores. It’s a hustle that keeps me busy, but I enjoy it. After I spent the majority of the day working my hustle, I spent several hours on cam. It was a great Saturday, with no complaints. Thank you to everyone that joined me online, whether through the link on my site (FREE to members) or those that joined my cam page. I appreciate you all.

Yesterday we spent our day on a ranch where MtnMan is helping a rancher with a problem he’s having with the local creek colony. lol. While tending to that matter, we had Abby by our side, swimming and running her heart out through old hay fields that returned to the elements over the years. I wish I would have gotten a picture of her muddy face, but I left my phone in the truck and truly disconnected for the day. It was a great day, and the weather was beautiful!

VNA Show on Friday

Thank you to everyone that joined me last night, especially with my absence over the last couple weeks. Actually, close to three weeks, but who is counting?

I pride myself in saying I never cancel a VNA show, and now that I am feeling better I’d like to schedule the makeup for this Friday. Let’s meet at the usual time – 11p EST. I hope that you all can make it, but if not, I do understand. I hope by then I’ll be feeling more myself and have more energy to play.

VNA – Friday at 11p EST

Below is a picture of Abby the golden, more for an attention grabber, but also because she is cute, loveable and I love her. So you should, too. lol.