Sunrise or Sunset

Which do you prefer, a beautiful sunrise, or a peaceful sunset? I am torn on this one. I have a hard time waking up, but to experience a sunrise is so breathtaking and cleansing. It is as though the world is coming alive, together as one. The birds are chirping, the animals are starting to stir and the chickens are clucking. To see the sun rising over the horizon when the air is clean and the world is peacefully quiet is just amazing. With that said, a sunset is a time to reflect on the day. Everything is coming to an end, winding down and getting ready for the night time. Everything is abuzz, as the sun slowly descends on the next horizon, saying goodbye to us, while it is morning on the other side. It is so fascinating to think about it once you slow down long enough to truly appreciate it.

So, are you a sunrise or a sunset kind of person?