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Also, will no longer be updated. If your membership does not expire for a few months (90 and 180 day joins), you have access to the new site ( I have already transferred your account over; there is no need for you to rejoin or worry.

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On the Road . . .

We left a few hours ago and we are on our way to Montana, but stopping in Idaho Falls for two nights. It is a beautiful day with rain in the clouds and gloom in the skies.

Abby was hugged, and loved on for most of the morning, and then again when she was sad to see the bags being packed. It was a sad sight to watch her mope about, so I gave her a new raw hide bone to take her mind off of what she knew was coming. It didn’t though. She continued to mope around, bone hanging from mouth as she followed me about.. I do love her sweet disposition and cheerful personality, so to see her bummed is a hard reality for me. The only way to cheer her up was to take her over to her cousins a couple of hours early, so I did. lol. As soon as we pulled into the drive, her tail started wagging so fast the seat was vibrating. I opened her door, she flew out, ran to the door, sat patiently for me to catch up to her and then waited until I unlocked it and gave her permission to enter. Even when she could hardly contain the excitement, she knew to wait. However, once that front door was open, there was not control. She was in the living room, then a bedroom, and still beat me to the garage door. I opened the door and I don’t think she even hit the concrete but once before she was out the doogie door. It was a golden flash before my eyes. I think she woke her cousin up because the poor dog just sat staring at Abby, wondering what the fuck was going on. But, once she gathered herself, she was soon celebrating with Abby. They love their playdates and this one will be a week, unknown to them.

I will stay connected via Twitter and email, and I will do my best to get back into blogging. I hope that you all have a wonderful week and look forward to hearing about it when I return to cam next week.

Happy Birthday Zany!

I hope that you have a beautiful day, and that you are celebrated by those that are close to you, and that you do something for you. It is your day; make it special!

Gregg w/ Two G’s!

Today is your day and I hope that no matter how you choose to spend it, or if you are working, that is it a beautiful day spent celebrating YOU! You’ve always been an absolute delight and you are missed when you are absent from the VNA shows. Here is wishing you nothing but the brightest of days!

Technologies Finest

I think we’ve all experienced the tech market expanding far beyond Nintendo game systems and Walkmans. We’ve gone from party lines to home telephones to answering machines and now smart phones. I don’t remember the party lines, but I certainly remember the days before there was a machine that plugged into the phone and recorded someone’s message. I also remember when everyone had typewriters instead of personal computers. At any rate, out of all of the technology that we’ve experienced, which is your favorite?

Mine would have to be text messaging. It is easy to stay connected by sending a text, instead of being stuck on the phone for an hour… although, with that said, technology has made us a very disconnected society.

What Is on Your Nightstand?

For me, I have a picture, an elephant, a box of kleenex (because I have allergies in Nevada), a book and a bottle of water. I used to have a lamp, but we found a floor lamp to alleviate the clutter on my small nightstand.

Now it’s your turn.

Yadda, Yadda

The member’s show last night had a great turn out of joins, via and through this site. This, along with all gold shows and the entire VNALive network is included in your membership. If you are a member, don’t miss out on the many benefits that are included with your join.

I will be on Chaturbate tonight, which is rare for me, so those of you that prefer that platform over my main cam network, join me for some token fun. I will be online after dinner, as usual. If you don’t already have an account, please use my link because I’ll get kickbacks which are very much appreciated.

I’ve just received great news that I won first place on VNALive for the month of April. I could not continue to place in the top three without those of you that always show up to support me with your time and votes. It means more than you know that you fellas and ladies give me the gift of your company on Monday’s, and that you are always a fun group with a lot entertaining conversations and a satisfying orgasm, that always ends with a snack at the end… If you are new to my site, allow me to welcome you and extend an invite to you to join me on Monday’s at 11p EST via the VNA banner that can be found on the club page. The group is a mix of members of and the Vette Nation sites. You now have full access to countless hours of LIVE cam shows hosted by both well known porn stars and amateurs alike. So, be kind, enjoy and don’t forget to vote.

We will be taking a trip to Montana on May the 14th, and I will not be online at all until the following Thursday. We plan to do a lot of videos and I have a list of ideas with different fantasies, which is what keeps it fun for both you and me. It will be a nice change of scenery, and also rejuvenate my desire to continue making new content. If you have any requests, please email me at because over the next week I will be getting clothes and a list together so that we can make the most of my time offline.

With that said, I will be doing the VNA show that is already scheduled for May the 20th because I never cancel and I don’t see a reason to reschedule when we can at least catch up and enjoy each other to break up my absence.

Tonight’s Weekly Show

I have a soccer game to attend at 9p EST, which means I will be a little late getting online for the weekly member’s show. Let’s try for 1130P EST, which is only 30 minutes later than normal. I will be tweeting – @NakedTXAngel

This Week at a Glance

This week I will be online Monday-Friday, instead of taking Wednesday off. And, my Thursday will be short lived, so let’s plan on doing the member’s show Friday, instead.

Monday and Tuesday I will be on most of the afternoon and evening, as usual, with the #VNALive show at 11p EST.

Wednesday I will be online most of the day and well into the evening, but my dinner break might be a little bit longer than usual. Follow my tweets.

Thursday I have to be in town early, for an appointment and then will get my nails done. I hope to be online by 4p EST and will be online until 8p EST. I won’t be back after dinner.

Friday I will be online, as usual, and will do the weekly Member’s show at 11p EST.

Happy Birthday to One of the Best!

I just want to wish a very happy birthday to Fr33, also known as Fr33Spirit. You are just as sexy as you are sweet and I hope that you celebrate your day, and you do something for YOU. You are appreciated and loved by so many, and I hope that you know that!

Love, Life and Elephants: An African Love Story by Dame Daphne Sheldrick

A Book Review

Thank you, Nicster, for another book that turned out to be an amazing read.

This book is for anyone who loves animals; true stories of how humans can prevail and show incredible compassion. It is a story well written by Dame Daphne Sheldrick. She walks the reader through her life, giving great history to how her British roots ended up in Africa. She shares how her people showed incredible resilience, even in the toughest of circumstances and an unforgiving climate. She is honest and open about her life, in both love and life in the African  wilderness. Her family had to overcome unbelievable obstacles with local tribes, laws that changed by the day and a government that left them to fend for themselves, after selling her ancestors, along with many British families, parcels of land to encourage migration into Africa. Instead of running back to their homeland, they stayed and they survived, but it was not easy. Along with hardships, and political unrest, they persevered and had children, who later had families of their own. Because of their steadfast beliefs and hard work, came Daphne and her selfless life giving back to the wild, saving not only elephants, but rhinos, eland, giraffes and everything in between. She gave with her entire soul, loving every creature that came into her life, grieving those she lost along the way. It was not easy, unfortunately many infants in her early animal husbandry days did not make it because it was trial and error and instead of giving up, she continued tweaking the recipes for formula until she found the correct scientific equation. It was heartbreaking to read her despair for each loss, but her never-ending vitality and her unstoppable force in finding the save all was awe inspiring. Unfortunately, the elephant babies needed a specific formula unlike the rest of the animal kingdom so there were a lot of little ones that died in the experimenting phase and because of them, they now have an amazing orphanage for not only elephants, but any animal who has lost their families to poaching, droughts and human conflicts with farmers. She recently died from breast cancer but her children and staff will carry on her legacy for generations to come.

On another note, I must also add that those she sought to employ were from local tribes and many have been with the David Sheldrick Foundation for decades. They know the land, the surrounding people and they are able to venture into the wilderness and survive the harsh climate while they take care of each orphan animal. They are a family, both in the human sense and in the animal kingdom. Many orphans who “graduate” to the reintegration unit and then later into the wild come back to visit their human families whom they regard as their parents. It is both heartbreaking and uplifting in many ways. 

It is a book that I would recommend.