Olives are Eye Balls

Mom and Granny loved olives, more specifically olives stuffed with pimento and for the holiday’s they would have a tray with an assortment of olives. I was not an eater of olives. Nope. They were gross to me and I was not even interested in trying them; they looked like eyeballs! I remember asking, “Mom! Who wants to eat eyeballs?” and she laughed and said she quite enjoys them and I would, too, if I weren’t so set against liking them. *eye roll*

Years later, and I mean 25+ years later, I tried black olives and loved them! Oh goodness, is this what Mom was talking about? Then I went to an olive vineyard and ate all of the olives they had on their menu, taking home several jars. Oh goodness, is this what she was talking about? I love stuffed olives, so upon that discovery, I decided to try the olives that look like eyeballs, also known as olives stuffed with pimentos. Oh goodness, this is exactly what she was talking about! Mom knew.