News And Happenings

The Burning Man Event
August 25th – Sept 3rd
Join my site between these dates and gain an extra two weeks with your membership. This is a special that I do not offer very often, so take advantage of it while you can. 
$19.95 for 4 weeks, plus 2 FREE (Recurring membership)
$21.95 for 4 weeks, plus 2 FREE (No Rebilling)
The Hot August Night’s Special
August 3rd – August 13th
If you joined my site during this week long special, you must email me to receive your gift. Please read below for details. 
Longevity has its rewards. If you join my site during “Hot August Nights”, and rebill at least one month (without cancelling), each new member will be compensated.
I do not initiate contact, for obvious reasons, so you MUST EMAIL ME FIRST at 
Each join that qualifies will have a choice of:
  • A month access to my premium snapchat ($13.95 Value)
  • Panties with pictures, available only to US residents ($35+ Value)
  • 5 minute video, with option for additional minutes ($75 Value)
After many requests I am now offering a premium Snapchat. If you are interested, please visit to join.
If you are a member of my site, you will find a link within the club page for a lower rate. 
I add pictures almost daily, and have even had some fun with videos. I am interactive, so if you send a message I will be responsive. Please, no dick pics/vids. This is a fun interactive tool to join me in my every day life and to stay connected, even when I am out and about, traveling to and from. If you would like to share your handsome dick with me, then join me on cam for a private one-one-one. 
TWITTER: Tweet, Tweet.
I tweet to have fun, and to connect with those who enjoy my website. Get to know the real me; follow me through my daily life. No membership required and I interact with everyone.