National Ice Cream Day

So, yesterday was ice cream day, which doesn’t really do anything for me, but you know, there is a day for everything. Kind of like there is a fetish for everything. Anyway, what is your favorite flavor? When I was a kid it seemed like there were 4 flavors, but now that are hundreds! Just like snickers, or M&M’s – there are so many choices now that it is ridiculous! What happened to just having a snickers as it is, or peanut M&M’s instead of now having peanut butter, caramel, or whatever? am way off topic now, what is your flavor?

I don’t really care for ice cream, but my favorite is strawberry with chunks mixed in. My Dad loved him some ice cream. There was always a tub of it in the freezer and it was on the weekly grocery list. I think his was chocolate and mom’s was vanilla, but my memories are so old that I could be wrong and flip flopped them, but it’s my memory so I am owning it and going to say Dad was chocolate, Mom was vanilla. I think Granny was neopolatin. (I don’t even know how to spell it.)