My Bio

angel-bio-1I was born and raised in the Texas hill country by midwest parents. I grew up around boys and horses, competing in stock shows and playing softball. I remained reserved and painfully shy well into my twenties, and was often quiet in groups and during conversations. That has definitely changed, thankfully, and I attribute that to my online world. I’ve grown into my skin and I’m comfortable being who I am, and never making excuses for the flaws.

I still live in the same town I grew up in and I love to hate it, but it is where my homestead is. I have been online since the beginning of 2006 and cannot imagine life any other way. It has given me a chance to travel, to meet people and to make life long friends. I’m almost 40 and plan to continue this adventure for as long as you all will have me.

I do not have children, but it is not because I would not love them, it just was not in the cards I was dealt. Most days I have come to accept it, but that is not to say I don’t have my moments of disappointment. This is the first time I am openly sharing this because “why don’t you have kids” is the question asked right after “how old are you?”. With that said, may I suggest you never ask a woman that question. You do not know her story, nor do you understand her struggles.

angel-bio-2I am of the belief that we should all live and let live, no matter our opinions on religion and politics. I want you to believe whatever it is that gets you through your day; we should all be kind to one another. I think we create our own happy and that is not for anyone else to give us.

I am an animal lover and I really do want an elephant hug. I say *hug* because I know it is unrealistic to want one, but some day I hope to hug one and maybe get a high five in return. LOL. If I had a bath tub big enough, I’d also take a manatee, but instead I would settle for swimming with them. I hate to swim, so that would be a huge sacrifice on my part. While I am giving you my list of wants, go ahead and add a kangaroo. I love them! Yes, the red roo’s are feisty, but gingers always are, no matter the species. I had the amazing opportunity to walk among 2-acres of kangaroo’s and I was able to feed them out of my hand. I even patted one on the head. He probably wanted a kiss on his forehead, but I couldn’t tell and really didn’t want him to bite my hand off. Not everyone is a lover, you know?