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angel-bio-1I was born and raised in the Texas hill country by midwest parents. I grew up around boys and horses, competing in stock shows and playing softball. I remained reserved and painfully shy well into my twenties, and was often quiet in groups and during conversations. That has definitely changed, thankfully, and I attribute that to my online world. I’ve grown into my skin and I’m comfortable being who I am, and never making excuses for the flaws.

I still live in the same town I grew up in and I love to hate it, but it is where my homestead is. I have been online since the beginning of 2006 and cannot imagine life any other way. It has given me a chance to travel, to meet people and to make life long friends. I’m almost 40 and plan to continue this adventure for as long as you all will have me.

I do not have children, but it is not because I would not love them, it just was not in the cards I was dealt. Most days I have come to accept it, but that is not to say I don’t have my moments of disappointment. This is the first time I am openly sharing this because “why don’t you have kids” is the question asked right after “how old are you?”. With that said, may I suggest you never ask a woman that question. You do not know her story, nor do you understand her struggles.

angel-bio-2I am of the belief that we should all live and let live, no matter our opinions on religion and politics. I want you to believe whatever it is that gets you through your day; we should all be kind to one another. I think we create our own happy and that is not for anyone else to give us.

I am an animal lover and I really do want an elephant hug. I say *hug* because I know it is unrealistic to want one, but some day I hope to hug one and maybe get a high five in return. LOL. If I had a bath tub big enough, I’d also take a manatee, but instead I would settle for swimming with them. I hate to swim, so that would be a huge sacrifice on my part. While I am giving you my list of wants, go ahead and add a kangaroo. I love them! Yes, the red roo’s are feisty, but gingers always are, no matter the species. I had the amazing opportunity to walk among 2-acres of kangaroo’s and I was able to feed them out of my hand. I even patted one on the head. He probably wanted a kiss on his forehead, but I couldn’t tell and really didn’t want him to bite my hand off. Not everyone is a lover, you know?







  • James29weber

    Hi Iike your new website site address
    from James

    Hugs kisssssssssssssssss and love you to my dear friend .

    And so do you have a nice pretty good boyfriend to love with you
    together with a man . ?

    • Angel


      Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad that you’ve taken the time to check out my new site and I’m happy to know you like the changes made. You’re a sweetheart!

      I do have a husband; we’ve been married for almost 11 years.

      I hope that you’re doing well and that you’ve had a great weekend. xoxo

    • lefty

      She’s married to The Devil.

      • lonestarangel

        LOL You joke, but some days I really am!

  • I’m diggin the site update. I even had to listen to that damn Kangaroo song….lol

    • Angel

      LOL!!!! That damn kangaroo song gives me happy feet!

  • Hardpeter

    Are you married? I take it that you are seeing the ring?

    • Angel

      I am married..

  • Tina Marie

    Very sexy. This is Tina from last Saturday night at Friends. Need a co-star? You both were very sexy.

    Tina Marie

    • Angel


      Thanks for checking in! We look forward to seeing you again. xoxo

  • thismonday

    Joined last night-like what I see. You are very good

    • Angel

      Hey there!!! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying my site, baby, and it’s been great to have you join in on the Tuesday night shows. I’m sorry I had to cancel this last one because I was sick, but hope to see you again. You’re great company!

      PS- next week the show will be on Wednesday night, January 4th, 2012 @ 8P EST ….

  • Heshoaboda

    did you retired?
    you was the sexiest in all your clips

    • lonestarangel

      Aww, i just now saw this message, baby. I hope that you haven’t moved on. I haven’t been back to L.A. in a couple years, that’s why I’ve kind of dropped off from the GFF stuff. I do hope to work with them again, someday….

      • heshoaboda

        i see your photos with summer xlx you look as if you took it years ago when you made a clip with her because you are always sexy and stunning, shall you make another clip with summer?

        • lonestarangel

          Aww, thank you! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the clips with Summer. I have always enjoyed her friendship, which makes the rest even better. I’d love to spend some more time with her, if schedules allow. The problem is, I’m in Texas and she’s 2 states away from me. 🙁 I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy my clips, baby. xoxo

          • heshoaboda

            also, i liked your clip with bibette, i see you are queen of beauty although you have smaller boobs, did you like working with bibette?

          • lonestarangel

            Yeah, she’s an absolute sweetheart!

  • hi angel i’m in my 30’s, too, and i also thinks it’s great. LOL!!! P.S. YOU HAVE AN AMAZING BODY
    your girlfriends films are so hot they almost burn up my T.V.

    • lonestarangel

      Aww, thank you! You are a sweetheart! I hope that you’re still enjoying my site. xoxo

      • jp1

        Always 😉

  • Bill

    A couple of yrs ago I saw a scene w/ u & Deauxma. She pushed u into he pool and u followed her into the bedroom. 1 of the hottest scenes I’ve ever seen. Now that I found ur website I’ll finally be seeing more of u.

    • lonestarangel

      Aww, thank you for posting here! You are sweet to take the time and say hi. I’m glad you enjoyed that scene. It was one of my favorites! It was fun, intense and very physical. It was worth all the bruises and scratches I had the next day.

      I hope that you’ll enjoy my site and would love to hear from you again. xoxo

      • tarek abou

        To Bill i think you didn’t see lone star with elexis monroe, if you see it you will find that lone star is the queen of beauty and queen of strapon in the GF history,

        • Bill

          To Lonestarangel when u are standing up against the wall and wrap that fabulous leg of urs around Deauxma, let’s say hot is an understatement. I’ve been looking for ur scene w/ Elexis Monroe, but no luck. Instead I’ve been looking at ur teases on this site. I like.

      • tarek abou

        To lone star, i saw elexis screaming and shaking more than all other scenes she made while you get her with strapon also she told you ” please, don’t fuck me like that” was this an agreement between you or she was surprised by your excellent performance?

        • lonestarangel

          LOL I’m pretty sure she was surprised that I can use a strap on

          • tarek aboul

            do you think why didn’t she confessed your talent after finishing the scene?

  • K

    Wanna go for a long walk in the rain? Put your raincoat on (you could be naked underneath)

    • lonestarangel

      I’d love that! I can’t wait to get pictures in the raincoat that you sent me. 🙂

  • Realguy

    Hey ya Sexy!! It’s me….realguy! Would love to join your site but just not sure I could do so and continue on, on the other site every other day or so, and I know you know what I mean.You are one of the very few women I have met that are not only gorgeous, but have the best personalities ever!! I am jealous of your great hubby!! I do hope you guys enjoyed the Bare Naked Ladies in Austin this evening!! Will see you soon!!!

    • lonestarangel

      You’re an absolute sweetheart! Thank you for checking the site out and leaving a comment. I enjoy you more than you know! Would you mind emailing me at ?

      • realguy

        Angel, thanks for the response!! I did email you!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

  • DVSDave68

    Angel is a doll, so cute n sexy. I dreaded the day I dropped off her site and now I cannot wait to get back. Her pics n vids are excellent and her shows are amazing, great personality, an ass to die for and add in those eyes, sweet smile n laugh. Did I mention her sweet squirting pussy?!! OMG, none better, add it all up n she’s a 14 on a 10 pt. scale. I’ve said enough what can I say? I’m a big fan. You will be too.

  • Kevin

    hey don’t forget your raincoat on Sunday’s show I’m might tune in…

  • Axe

    That has to be the cutest ass on the internet. DAYUM