Investing into My New Beginnings.

My site has always been 100% me, from the write-ups, to the blogging and definitely in all of the email correspondence. There is a lot more to maintaining the site than just the face of it on social media and with what is shown, but in content and producing videos. With everything else that I had on my plate, the editing and rendering of the videos and sorting the pictures was not something I bothered with. However, now I am going to dive in and learn how to do what I probably should have been doing all along. I have to admit, I am looking forward to it because this change has been good for me. My first step in this new venture is buying a camera that is not my iPhone. lol. 

I just received the camera package that includes a Canon Camera, one lens, and a microphone. I also bought an external flash, a different lens and a couple memory cards. This weekend I will read the 900 page manual, take pictures of Tucker and Levi, but Roger I already know will not participate in my classroom lessons. 

Amber, your generous GC that you sent a couple weeks ago was used to buy the flash, which is a huge help. I just want you to know that it means a lot that you are always so thoughtful in every way. Thank you.

I appreciate the patience and support that everyone has shown me over the last three months. I hope to make some changes to the site by the years end, but you will start seeing more videos added on a regular basis once I get familiar with everything.