How Was Your Week?

I am curious how everyone is doing and thought I would check in with you here, as well as Twitter and in emails. lol.

My week has been extremely busy and good, but a lot of that is because I have not been largely affected by the shutdowns. I am very fortunate in that I work from home and I found my motivation after we got back from Salt Lake City in January, so I’ve been putting every waking moment into my site, clip stores and cam. It feels great to have that drive, again.

I do hope to take a few days off soon and clean the house and maybe get the yard ready for some gardening improvements… but, don’t know when that will happen. It will probably be June before it’s warm enough to plant veggies, but I’d like to get a climbing rose in the ground as soon as possible. I even know where I want it to go, but my big plan is going to involve MtnMan’s approval. lol.

Talk to me…