Herbie Got a Bath

We went into the mountains yesterday, which means Abigail was running around sagebrush, dust and into streams. I did my best to keep her out of the water, but let’s face it, that is a defeating task. There is no keeping that dog out of water, or even clean for that matter.

As you can see, he came out of his bath looking a little rough. Granted, some of that is most definitely his dogs doing, but his face needs some repair where his hair thinned out.

Let me tell you what happened, in my own words, and whatever you do, do not listen to Abby or pay any attention to her concerned look…

After we got home from our Sunday mountain hike, Abby needed a shower, despite her efforts to get out of it. I scrubbed her, kissed her face, rinsed her off, then toweled her dry. Well, toweled her dry is a lie because the girl has so much thick hair there is no way I can actually dry her from a towel. After she was patted dry, I had a pile of towels to throw in the wash, and I scooped them up and started the washer.

About 30 minutes later we are looking for Herbie, and MtnMan said he was last in the bathroom, against the tub. I thought for sure he was moved before Abby’s “near drowning” because how in the world could I miss Herbie mixed in with the towels? So, we searched, all three of us, and there was no Herbie and while I was still looking, she sat in front of the laundry room door, staring at it, as if to say he is being drowned in that big machine.

We actually don’t know if she somehow knew, or if she was telling us she wants her ball, which we always keep on one of the shelves above the dryer. Either way, it was adorable to see her sitting in front waiting patiently, hoping we will notice and give in to her wants. We didn’t. I was too tired and MtnMan didn’t feel like playing catch, or listening to the constant “Squeak-squeak” …

Once the wash cycle was over, I opened the lid to find Herbie staring up at me with a very squished face. He looked a little rougher than the above picture because I tossed him in the dryer to warm him up and fluff his face before Abby saw him. But, now I need to do some face repairs before she has him to “honk” again. And, for those of you that are concerned, his honker still works. No harm, no foul, and he was getting a bit gross any way. Now he is clean(er).