Happy “Best Day of the Year”!

This is my most favorite day of the year and I am so happy to be celebrating it with family and friends.

This is one day that people slow down to enjoy each other, and to reconnect. It is the day that no one is worried about social standings and gifts, and they come together to enjoy each others company over a table of food and desserts. It is a time when people of all backgrounds make time for those that are important to them, and they catch up on lost time. Regardless of how busy we get through the year with work, sports, kids and whatnot, this is the day that everyone stops to reconnect.

It is a day that has always been special to me, no matter my circumstances, so please, look for the good and enjoy today for what it is. It is a time to be thankful and to remember those that you have lost contact with over the years. It is a day to celebrate and I hope that you are doing whatever it is that makes you smile. If that is staying home and watching NetFlix and drinking hot cocoa, then that is what I wish for you. But, for those of you that do not want to be alone today, reach out (if you have not already). I guarantee you that there will be a place at a table for you, but you have to make the effort to dial that number. Maybe that is the local VFW, or the community center. It does not matter what table it is, find one if you want that connection.

Happy Thanksgiving from my table to yours!