Good People

I see so many tweets from ladies complaining about the annoying time wasters, and those who claim to be fans but really aren’t. And, I admit, I have tweeted out a rant, or three, regarding frustrations over those that take advantage, but I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people through my sites. Whether I have met you in person, or just online through one of the many avenues I use, I have a long list of amazing people to thank. I would do so individually, but the list is long and I’m afraid I would inadvertently leave someone off.

The point of this thread is to show my appreciation to all of you that have followed me through the years, those that have supported me, encouraged me, joined the member shows, checked on me when I go silent for a few days and those who always know how to make me laugh.

April will mark 14 years online for me, and I never imagined I would still be doing this. You have stayed with me through many ups and downs, followed me through a divorce, patiently waited while I scrambled to keep my site going while I bounced from Austin, TX (when I stayed with friends for a month) to Phoenix, AZ for a summer and then when I made a random move to Idaho, which turned out to be short term as well, before settling in Nevada. During all of that, I made a much needed change on my site to take it from mostly picture sets to almost all videos, and I pulled all boy/girl and girl/girl content, taking the site to a solo-girl site. Yet you all stayed with me and I managed to pick up a large number of new joins. Towards the end of 2019 I was ready to add boy/girl back into and it has gone over well. Those who had been requesting it, joined and you continue to enjoy the new content I add.

I cannot say with certainty, how much longer I will be doing this, but what I can promise is that I have no plans of stopping any time soon.