A Good Day For a Birthday!

Oh goodness, I’ve got my calendar filled out with birthday’s, and there are a lot of birthdays that I enjoy celebrating. Still, I somehow missed the announcement that today is a good day for a birthday!

Nicster- you have allowed me to celebrate you for many, many years now. You have followed me across the world wide web, never complaining about changes that are made and always being the first to join new sites, all for me. Thank you!

I wish you a wonderfully happy birthday, and I hope that you took today off for an extended weekend of celebrating the anniversary of one of the best days of the year!

Snow and Cold Weather

It was a beautiful weekend in Nevada. Cold temperatures arrived Friday and through Saturday the wind was hooking it until the storm arrived. It snowed from Saturday night through yesterday afternoon and it was beautiful!

This morning it started to snow for a few minutes but didn’t last long. The temps are dropping this afternoon and we are in for a wintry week of weather. I’m looking forward to it, although, our propane bill will sky rocket.

How was your weekend and how’s the weather?


Our Week at a Remote Ranch House

We are spending the week in an even more remote area of the mountains and the nearest store is 70 miles away. That sounds lovely, doesn’t it? We are going to do some relaxing, no schedules and no socializing! Granted, this year has been one of few social gatherings, but with MtnMan being in an essential business he has been going non-stop since March. It is truly crazy. We are both very fortunate, so that is not a complaint by any means; my heart aches for those who have been laid off due to the pandemic. We do, however, need a break from all of that, and this week is going to be just that! Since we are planning to do nothing, we are going to take the time to film content. I’m looking forward to it and actually enjoy it and he would rather do that instead of sitting around twiddling thumbs. So, film we will! 

Happy “Best Day of the Year”!

This is my most favorite day of the year and I am so happy to be celebrating it with family and friends.

This is one day that people slow down to enjoy each other, and to reconnect. It is the day that no one is worried about social standings and gifts, and they come together to enjoy each others company over a table of food and desserts. It is a time when people of all backgrounds make time for those that are important to them, and they catch up on lost time. Regardless of how busy we get through the year with work, sports, kids and whatnot, this is the day that everyone stops to reconnect.

It is a day that has always been special to me, no matter my circumstances, so please, look for the good and enjoy today for what it is. It is a time to be thankful and to remember those that you have lost contact with over the years. It is a day to celebrate and I hope that you are doing whatever it is that makes you smile. If that is staying home and watching NetFlix and drinking hot cocoa, then that is what I wish for you. But, for those of you that do not want to be alone today, reach out (if you have not already). I guarantee you that there will be a place at a table for you, but you have to make the effort to dial that number. Maybe that is the local VFW, or the community center. It does not matter what table it is, find one if you want that connection.

Happy Thanksgiving from my table to yours!

Taking a Break from Cam Shows.

I am taking next week off of cam and it will begin Saturday, November 23rd at 7p EST.

I won’t be doing the weekly member shows; I’ve already rescheduled VNA and I will make it up to you on the Thursday night sessions we will miss. This also means there will be no Skype sessions scheduled, so email me and we can set something up for December.

I will be working on my site, updating clip sites and trying to figure out a new site to see if it is worth a shot…

But, that will hopefully be done in 2 days because the rest of my week is busy with MtnMan and family.

I will be back on cam Monday, December 2nd.

Email me at angel@lonestarangel.com

Tweet me at @NakedTXAngel

I stay active and connected, and I will always respond.

Happy Birthday Zany!

I hope that you have a beautiful day, and that you are celebrated by those that are close to you, and that you do something for you. It is your day; make it special!

Skype and Custom Video Special

Custom Videos

Rates Good Through September

$100 for 10 minutes

$180 for 20

$240 for 30

Normally a custom video is $150 for 10 minutes, but this special will be offered until the end of September.

You be the director, I am open to ideas, within reason. If it is something I do not feel comfortable doing, or I think you won’t be happy with the outcome, I will be upfront and honest before you purchase a custom video.

My turn around time is 2 weeks, but I usually send it within a weeks time from date of order.

Please email me if you are interested angel@lonestarangel.net 

Skype Shows

I offer Skype shows, by appointment only, and have a flexible schedule.


$3.50/minute with a 10 minute minimum. Payable via Gift Rocket  or Amazon GiftCard. If you send funds through Gift Rocket, I will give you a discount of $5 off, per 10 minutes.

Please email me at angel@lonestarangel.net if you are interested in setting up a Skype session.

Shroom: My Story

Shroom was a unique and very private man. The story I will share with you is mine and one that I feel comfortable sharing with you. He was such a clandestine individual that most who knew him didn’t really know him, as a person. He was intelligent, worldly and well diverse in most subjects. The story of the man before we came to know him is one I will keep close to my heart, but here’s what I will share:

Shroom happened into the Tuesday night show years ago, long before Streamate. The association was CamZ. It was a free for all and could have as many as 500 viewers in one show. A handful of those were worth talking to, and that is how I came to know Shroom, Bubba, Outlaw, Marc/c and a few others who have come and gone since then. Shroom immediately fit in and found his place in our sarcastic brotherhood.

Within the first month of meeting Shroom, we were traveling to NYC where a bar meet was set up with several other Dreamnet ladies. He took the train from Philly to Greenwich Village to meet us, as did Hedo. Incidentally, those two found me on or around the same day. Both, of which, made the trek to NYC shortly there after to meet us.

He was a very welcoming fella;one I planned on keeping around for years to come. After the bar meet he made his way back to Philly and Devil and I drove to Maryland to stay with Aimeelynn for a few days, before stopping in Philly to explore the city. Shroom agreed to be our tour guide.

Once we were home we all fell back into our routines and Shroom would forever be a part of my world. As the weeks turned into months and then years, I learned his story. It made me understand him better and be more forgiving of the eccentric man, we all called “Shroom”. He was witty. He was uplifting. He was sharp with a dry sense of humor. He was a private person and the more questions asked, the more closed he would be. However, he had no ill feelings towards the intrusion, he just wasn’t one that would share unless you were his closest confidant. If he called you friend, he was yours for life. He had strong beliefs and opinions, but wouldn’t force them upon you; that is not to say he wouldn’t talk non-stop on the subject at hand, until there was nothing more to say.

Once I knew him, I realized that his trip to Philly was one of rarity and odd form because he never took weekend trips to NYC and was not one of spontaneity, especially to meet a bunch of randoms he met in a porn chat room. So, to say that our friendship was a chance meeting, would be an understatement.

Over the last few years he has been missed from the weekly chats, but I would often tell him that he was the subject of conversations. “Last night Cliff said, ‘in the words of Shroom, we are concentrating'”, “Outlaw asked me if you were still in charge of the towel disposals”, or “Marc/c is heading up the clean up crew and they all want you to know you would be proud”. He got a chuckle out of the weekly chat and the community we allowed him to be a part of. No matter what his story was outside of the online world, we enhanced his evenings and he was very thankful to have known you all.

That is my story of Shroom.