Shower Me Clean!

Shower Me Clean – 1080p HD Video

After waking up to you, spending an hour enjoying each other and being completely satisfied, I needed a shower. I would love it if you were to join me so that you can help me clean up our cum loads and start all over again. Just imagine the water cascading over both of our bodies, while your cum drips from my pussy and down my leg, while you work me into another orgasm. After a nice long shower we could continue in the bed. Are you up for spending the day with me?

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A Squirting Mess HD Video!

Lone Star Angel Makes a Squirting Mess
1080p HD Video

I stand on the counter, squirting into the sink and all over the floor. If you were standing in front of me, you could drink it straight from my pussy. Just imagine standing there, waiting for me to ejaculate my juice all over your face, in your mouth and to feel it dripping down your chin. I would soak you! After I make a mess of the place, I slide down into the sink to hose myself off and get cleaned up for more fun with you later. 

This set has an awesome video that will be released in the middle of next week. So, enjoy the pics and get prepared for a messy video with squirting and water play. CLICK HERE!

PS – if you were the neighbor behind the house, you could have watched from the comfort of your bedroom. There are a few pictures to prove that! *wink*


Car Trouble

Lone Star Angel Has Car Trouble
(w/Hardcore Video)

 I was stranded in the middle of nowhere, on a dirt road, none the less you happened along and saved my day. After you got my car started I couldn’t just let you leave without showing you how much I truly appreciated your help. So I beg you to fuck me, I suck you like you’ve never been sucked before, and you blow your huge load all over my face and glasses, making a real mess of my face … CLICK HERE to see how well you made my motor run 😉

Sex in a Limo

Lone Star Angel Has Sex In The Limo!
(HD Video w/Cumshot)

This video was taken spur of the moment in the back of a limo. It is 100% amateur, and was taken in the heat of the moment. Watch as I squirt using a toy and then join me in the back of the limo while I climb on top and take his load.   

The view is up close and personal. My boobs are in your face, my stomach is within reach and my tight pussy is gripping your cock begging you to give me your sperm. CLICK HERE!


Vanity Blowjob

Lone Star Angel Gives a Blowjob!

I enjoy getting ready for you. I start with a nice, hot bath, soaking my soul and decompressing from the stressful week. I scrub my feet and get them soft for you, before pulling the stockings up and hooking them to my garter belt. Then I slip into my favorite slip and touch up my makeup. I love the soft silkiness of my stockings and slip and can’t wait for your hands to run up and down my legs and for you to discover that I’m not wearing panties. Will we get through dinner, or will we skip it and rush back to house? Maybe we’ll make it to the car and find an empty parking lot. Whatever it is we do, I know it’s going to be an amazing night. CLICK HERE FOR THE PICTURES AND VIDEO!



Sucking Dick POV Style

I Love Sucking Dick! (HD Video!)

It is no secret that I enjoy sucking dick. I love the tease my tongue gives you as I slowly lick from your balls up to the tip, as I taste your pre-cum; and I enjoy the feel of your soft cock becoming increasingly harder in my mouth. The way it grows as my mouth sucks and begs is a huge turn on for me. It is an amazing feeling to know that you are becoming so aroused as I work your dick with my lips, tongue and mouth, massaging your balls with my fingers as spit drips down your shaft. I become more aggressive, occasionally choking on your massive hard on and I beg for you to blow your load all over my boobs. I love the warm jizz hitting my soft skin and dripping down my chest as I smile sweetly at you with a satisfied look. Thank you. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!



A Naughty Afternoon

Lone Star Angel Squirting On The Deck!
(HD Video!)

Today I woke up thinking about you, but you are busy and I cannot stop teasing myself, wishing you could join me. As I was waking up I started using fingers and got myself creamy and I have been wet all day. I have showered and with you on my mind I have continued to caress my swollen lips to the point that I am aching and as I sit outside, I am overcome with the need to squirt and make a mess. It is such an intense orgasm that is full of messy cream and it leaves me satisfied. I hope that you will grab hold of your cock and stroke while you watch me so we can cum together.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!



Panty Stuffing Pics & Video

Panty Stuff with Your Cock!
(Pictures & HD Video!)

This is a fetish I truly enjoy and the thought of you slowly pushing my panties inside of me, before stuffing me with your cock is a huge turn on. I want you to use your tongue, fingers and then give me the tip of your dick until I am fully stuffed by you. As you climax, I can feel you erupt inside of me as your cream oozes out of me, all over my lips and your balls. With the panties still shoved into me, I will beg you to finger fuck me until you pull them out of me, leaving very little cum inside of me, but instead all over my thighs and lips. What a great experience you would be!

With the panties still shoved into me, I will beg you to finger fuck me until you pull them out of me, leaving very little cum inside of me, but instead all over my thighs and lips. What a great experience you would be! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO & ALL THE PICTURES IN MY CLUB!

PS – MtnMan, thank you for the beautiful lingerie, Nicster for the stockings and WLTNBN for the sexy shoes. You guys take care of me!



Never Have I Ever

Lone Star Angel & Dawn Marie
Answer Crazy Questions! (HD Video!)

A few months ago when Dawn and Rob were in Texas to celebrate her birthday, we made several fun videos, (or at least we had a blast with lots of laughs) and this is the last of them. We played a game of “Never Have I EVER!”, which had to be explained to me but it was pretty simple. Questions were asked and you say “Yes, I have”, or “Never have I ever”. I was pretty certain of my answers, from what I can remember, but I did quickly change a couple of them, depending on how Devil reacted. LOL. Whatever. It was fun to hear some of Dawn’s answers, too and we were definitely getting our drink on that night.

If you enjoy this video, you should also watch our “What a Cunt” video, along with her “Drunk Q&A” that can be found on her site. What a fun couple to spend a week with. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!


Hotel Fantasy 4k Video

Lone Star Angel Hotel Fantasy (4K HD Video!)

I was out of town, alone in a hotel room and fantasizing about you. We’ve met several times, you and I, and we’ve always passed glances and shared smiles, but never a kiss, never a hug. As I am alone, I find myself dreaming of you, of your touch, your feel and your scent. As I continue to fantasize of you, I become so incredibly wet that I just need to orgasm and when I do, I am briefly satisfied with thoughts of you. Enjoy the pictures this weekend!

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Morning Shower

Lone Star Angel Fingering In The Shower
(4K HD Video!)

I love mornings when we can wake up in each others arms, enjoy each other and then shower together, before starting the day.

Join me in the shower and let the water run down our bodies, waking up our senses and cleaning each other before it is time to go our separate ways. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

What a Cunt!

That Siri is a Real Cunt LOL! HD Video!

Siri and I do not get along! She is a terrible listener, she assumes things that she should not and, furthermore, she is a cunt.

We made this video on Dawn Marie’s birthday night and she most definitely had her drink on. It was fun getting lit with her and to hear her laugh was priceless. This video is an added bonus to both of our sites, to share more of us with those of you that join for not only the smut, but also the personality and extra perks we provide.

I will leave you with this, Siri does not get me … CLICK HERE for the full HD Video!


Waiting For You

I’m Waiting For You!
(Pictures and Short Club Side Video

I have been waiting for you to notice me for awhile now; what seems like years might only be months, but I am still here. You remain distant, but you come into my bed when you need me and leave when you want. I have followed you on your many excursions and now I am speaking up to tell you that I am yours and you are mine. When you return from your latest journey I will be waiting for you. The question is, will you be alone and ready to take me, or will you be too preoccupied with someone else to notice? I hope that you will drop your hat at the door and rush over to me, taking me in your arms. I want to feel the raw passion of love lost and the hungry need for more. I am waiting for you. CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE PICS AND SHORT CLUB SIDE VIDEO CLIP!

Bonus Rant Video

Buzz – Ranting – Loving & Party Animal Angel!

This video is EXCLUSIVE to those who are a Dreamnet member and it was taken during two spontaneous nights of drinking. The questions asked were all from random Twitter followers, not necessarily member’s of mine. Some are light hearted, while others wound me up into a rant.

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Champagne Squirts

Lone Star Angel Squirting With Champagne Desires
(HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I want nothing more than to share myself with you, in hopes you have the same desires and wants that I do. I want you to feed me the strawberries while you drink the champagne out of my belly button and off of my soft skin. I woke up horny, with a wet pussy and I was already swollen when I started. I want you to imagine yourself with me while you watch me play, stroking your cock while I tease you with silky cream on my fingers. It was easy for me to squirt, but that does not mean I am easily satisfied today. After I gush with excitement, I need to feel your cock penetrating me and I will orgasm over and over again, before begging you to cum … CLICK HERE! 


Mega Bonus Anniversary Update!

Hidden Stairs
(Plus EXCLUSIVE HD Video in my club for new members – this weekend only!)

Exclusive Video Note: I am celebrating 10 years online and I am trying something new, which is creating an EXCLUSIVE video for new joins for this weekend ONLY. If you are trying to decide whether or not to join, let me just say, my pussy gets very wet thinking about you. I have a dirty mouth when I am turned on and I am expressive in my wants, desires and needs. Grab your dick and join me today. I do not plan on disappointing you!


Today’s Pictures: I love exploring abandoned places and long forgotten rubble. During one of my explorations I happened across hidden stairs and I wondered what stories this place could tell. The steps led down to what was once a grand palace, which gave me fantasies of grandeur. How many sexual trysts took place in this secluded place, while others gathered around food and danced the night away? It led me to a fantasy of my own; one that included you, me, no panties and enough time to have fun. The stairs are steep, making it easy for you to slide your tongue into my pussy as I ride your face, bent over. After you get me wet, you take me in your arms, push me against the back wall and slide your already hard cock inside me. It might be a quick cum, but rushing back into the group, as though nothing happened, is dangerously fun and everything naughty. What would you do, if I took your hand and led you to this secret passageway for a quick fuck? CLICK HERE!


A Tease Turned Erotic

Watch As I Go From Tease To Flat Out Horny & Playful!
(HD Video self recorded on my iPhone)

This video started out as a fun tease towards Dawn Marie, but it turned into an erotic ride, with you in mind. I enjoy being on top because I can take control and let you feel how truly tight I am as I slide up and down on your cock. My pussy contracting with each grind of my hips, your hands squeezing my boobs and the sounds of us both moaning with pleasure is a huge turn on for me. The feel of you responding to my wetness makes me want it harder and deeper. I imagine you exploding inside of me, as I continue to stroke you until I cum one more time and then falling into your arms in great satisfaction … CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

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Anal and a Panty Stuffing!

It’s Lone Star Angels 10th Online Anniversary!



I love stuffing panties inside of me because it is different and it is a tight fit. In this video, I stuffed the panties inside of me before bending over to use an anal toy. I could feel the toy inside of me, along with a stuffed pussy. Both were such a tight fit there was friction and rubbing of both holes, getting me wet and creamy. While on my side, I slowly pulled the panties out, which was covered in cum and they tasted sweet and were covered in my scent.

This was a custom video for someone who has been with me for many years, and he was gracious enough to allow me to share this with you. It was created last November and I thought it would be fitting to release it on the site during my anniversary month. I have never been one to make a huge deal out of being online for one year, five years, or even eight, however, this month will be ten years! I would say that is reason to celebrate! I also thought about waiting until tax day, seeing as though we all get butt fucked, in one form or another, but instead, I have decided it should start off the month. There will be random surprises during this month; if you don’t have my site bookmarked, you may want to do that now. I hope to make it fun for you and me, and to hopefully grab a few new guys in the process. CLICK HERE!

*** I am now on Snapchat, so if you are a member, current or new, you will have access to “My Story” Wall. The details are inside my club area. ***


Drunk Q & A

Drunk Q&A: Shots, Laughter and Good Times! 1080p FUll HD Video!

I have had numerous requests for another drunk question and answer video, so I decided to listen to you guys, and have fun, while drinking! For the last few weeks you all have sent questions into Dawn Marie to ensure I would not peek and have prepared answers. lol. They were in the central Texas area to celebrate Devil’s birthday, which means we were drinking for six days, giving us plenty of time to do the Q&A. You will hear Rob in the background and will even see #dawnmarieboobs. I hope that you all will enjoy a good laugh because we sure did. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 1080p HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB and GET ALL THE DRUNKEN ANSWERS!

Squirt – Luscious

Angel Squirting On The Deck – HD Video!!

This was impromptu, at best, but so are all of my videos now that I think about it, with a side of quirky. I was fresh out of the shower, getting ready to turn on my cam when I decided to start my afternoon making a video just for my fella’s. I hope that you will sit back and enjoy my giggles, teasing and essentially, the squirting. My lips swell and get creamy after and I would love nothing more than to feel your tongue as you keep the orgasms flowing. CLICK HERE for the HD Video & Mobile Video in my club!

JOI: Jack Off Instruction

I Want You to Stroke That Cock for Me as I give You Jack Off Instruction! 1080p FUll HD Video!

You need to sit back and stroke your cock to my every instruction. When I give you specific direction in how you are to stroke, you do it exactly as I say, and when I tell you to stop, you listen. If you feel you are about to cum, you power through and continue doing as I say, holding back your cum until I give you permission to explode. Do you understand? CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 1080p HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Will You Fit Inside Me?

I Try Hard to Work Your Huge Dick Inside Me! 1080p FUll HD Video!

After getting you hard in my previous video “A Footjob and a Tease”, my pussy was aching for you. I imagined you climbing on top, kissing all the way up my body and to my soft lips as you slowly give me your big cock. I am tight, so you have to be gentle even though I’m turned on and wet. As you push in, with no luck, you continue to kiss and explore me, taking your time. I can feel the wetness within starting to drip and I can finally take you, but just your thick head.. You slowly grind into me, kissing me the entire time. The passion between us is intense and I can feel you throbbing and wanting to give me more, but you are so big I can only take the tip. You feed off of my moans but still listen to my words as I tell you to be easy, because it hurts, but I don’t want you to stop; it feels too good. Then I imagine you exploding inside of me, with just the tip between my pussy lips and the explosion is a mess of cum all over me and in my bush. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 1080p HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

A Footjob & A Tease!

A Tease & A Footjob! 1080p FUll HD Video!

I want you to sit back and let me tease your dick hard. Feel my soft thighs wrapped around you as I straddle you, stroking your cock with my covered pussy. I enjoy the way your cock feels between my legs as you go from soft to hard, almost instantly. The look on your face assures me that the tease is effective and you want more so I continue rubbing against you, before bending over to let you feel my wetness. After I have you hard and throbbing, I’ll give you my soft feet and stroke you until you explode, all over my painted toenails.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 1080p HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Hair Rollers and Lotion

Angel In Hair Rollers & Lotion
1080p FUll HD Video!

I love getting made up just for you and this video brings you into my studio while I’m still getting ready. My hair is in rollers, which I’ve had a few requests for, and I’m rubbing lotion all over my soft skin. I’d love it if you would apply the lotion to my feet, while massaging and licking on them. That would be amazingly satisfying. I’d enjoy the feel of your big, rough hands running up my legs, around my thighs and all over my back.  The cold cream with your loving touch is sure to excite me! I hope you’ll enjoy this sensual, yet very casual, video and hope you’ll come back many times over! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

A Panty Stuffing Good Time

Lone Star Angel Stuffs Her Pussy & You Can Fill It Too!
HD Video!

I’ve had a special request for more panty stuffing, from one of my long time fella’s, and I hope you’ll all enjoy this video as much as I did. Stroke your cock as you watch me tease you with the panties before I stuff them inside of me.  They’re cotton and I get wet enough to take them all, without any trouble; I also squirt before pulling them out.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!