Car Trouble

Lone Star Angel Has Car Trouble
(w/Hardcore Video)

 I was stranded in the middle of nowhere, on a dirt road, none the less you happened along and saved my day. After you got my car started I couldn’t just let you leave without showing you how much I truly appreciated your help. So I beg you to fuck me, I suck you like you’ve never been sucked before, and you blow your huge load all over my face and glasses, making a real mess of my face … CLICK HERE to see how well you made my motor run 😉

Afternoon with Me

An Afternoon with Lone Star Angel

I want you to take the day and spend the afternoon with me. We could stay in bed, lounge on the couch or spend it outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I just want you to be my day, and for me to be yours. Since you love stockings so much, I thought I would entice you to be mine by wearing a pair today. Take me out, keep me in, sweep me off of my feet; I am up for anything you desire, I just want to fulfill your every need … CLICK HERE!

 PS – WLTNBN – Thank you for another beautiful dress that you picked out yourself. As always, it is a perfect fit. 

By Request: Panty Stuffing

By Request: Panty Stuffing
(HD Video Follow-Up)

I released a video about 5 months ago and have had so many requests for more panty stuffing, that I thought I would share these pictures with you. You might run across a set of pictures that were taken at the same time, using a much better camera, but they were only a tease. The pictures in this set were taken on a cell phone while I was filming the video.  I hope that they will satisfy you in every way and if you are interested in the video, it is titled “Studio-Panty-Stuff” (because I was obviously creative when I sent it into Rob. lol). CLICK HERE!

Titillating Photo’s in a Limo

Lone Star Angel Wants You In The Back of the Limo!

I have always enjoyed sex. Whether it is outside, in a vehicle, in bed, on the kitchen table or in a tent. Sex has always been satisfying and titillating for me. I took some risqué pictures in a limo, while we were on our way to dinner. It was a huge turn on knowing the driver was on the other side of the partition, only speculating what he could probably hear in the back. I teased the camera in this set of photo’s but this is only the beginning. Next week I will release the video which has me squirting before having sex in the far back. I like sex in different places and the thought of our driver hearing me moan, and other cars looking in, was a huge turn on.  

Join today and gain access to 11 years of content, along with several member shows each week. Being a member of mine has many perks and bonuses. You should check it out for yourself. *wink* CLICK HERE!


A Reflection of Us

Lone Star Angel In Short Shorts & Nude Too!

I cannot get you off of my mind; I think of you constantly, with thoughts of our weekend together. I close my eyes and I remember your touch, your smell and your embrace. I took these pictures, as I reflected on our time spent in each others arms. Although, they are a sexy tease, I hope they will get you aroused and longing for another chance to spend our days in bed, with no distractions. Just me and you. As you flip through this set up pictures, I want you to stroke and imagine that I am in your arms and we are embracing each others desires and every need is met as we continue to want more. CLICK HERE!

Vanity Blowjob

Lone Star Angel Gives a Blowjob!

I enjoy getting ready for you. I start with a nice, hot bath, soaking my soul and decompressing from the stressful week. I scrub my feet and get them soft for you, before pulling the stockings up and hooking them to my garter belt. Then I slip into my favorite slip and touch up my makeup. I love the soft silkiness of my stockings and slip and can’t wait for your hands to run up and down my legs and for you to discover that I’m not wearing panties. Will we get through dinner, or will we skip it and rush back to house? Maybe we’ll make it to the car and find an empty parking lot. Whatever it is we do, I know it’s going to be an amazing night. CLICK HERE FOR THE PICTURES AND VIDEO!



Ravage Me or Worship Me?

Lone Star Angel .. Wanna Ravage or Worship?

I have so many of you that love the socks that I wear on cam, but I have recently realized that I do not have many sets on my site where I am happily wearing them. I love wearing a man’s button down with a bra and panty set, but especially when I can pair them with socks! This pair of socks happens to be my absolute favorites and I would wear them every day if I could! 

If you walked in from a long day at work and found me wearing one of your shirts, would you need to unwind in front of the TV, or would you pick me up and carry me to your bed? Once on your bed, would you take your time and worship every inch of my body, or would you ravage me with a hungry sex-filled rage? Would you take me as soon as you got me on the bed, just to worship me the second time? Tell me, what would you do if you found me waiting for you when you walked in the front door? CLICK HERE!

PS- Cliff, thank you for your thoughtful surprise of elephant socks that you picked out yourself. I have had these for a couple of years now and always smile when I see them, regardless of whether or not I am wearing them. Any time I go out of town, they go with me. You never know when you might need a pair of elephant socks, even at the beach in August. 

Socks and Argyles!

Lone Star Angel In Argyle Socks

I just do not know what is more fun than wearing socks with patterns on them! Well, that is actually a ridiculous statement, since there are obviously activities that are more fun than socks, but seriously, you have to admit, socks are a happening thing! 

Last week I had a gentleman on cam find my site and join; he requested a set with argyle socks. This is not only for him, but for all of my sock loving fella’s (and ladies) who enjoy my happy feet.

Regardless of whether or not feet get you hot and bothered, this is a fun set to be enjoyed by everyone. I would love for you to find a picture and enjoy yourself as you close your eyes and imagine that I am in front of you… and cum for me .. CLICK HERE!


Foggy Dreams

Lone Star Angel In The Foggy Rain

I love foggy days that begin with hazy mist and dreariness. There is something so peaceful about being cloaked in a cloud of fog that leads to dreams of wonderment. I would enjoy laying down a blanket in a field, with no one around but me and you. We could take our time exploring each other while we are covered in privacy of the fog; moving from curve to curve, making moans and soft noises of pleasure as we take in the peacefulness of nature…. and each other … CLICK HERE!

Beating It Off

Blow Off Some Steam with Lone Star Angel

We all have our own ways of blowing off steam; some go running, others play video games, while others masturbate. I think the latter is much healthier, myself, but sometimes hitting a bag is exhilarating. If you were to find me sweating it out in a gym, what would you do? Would you pretend to not notice or would you stare and become obvious in your lust? I love the thought of you walking right up to me and asking if I want to blow off steam elsewhere, creating a sweating mess with you. There is a good chance that I would say yes, so do not play the shy card next time you have the opportunity. CLICK HERE!


If you have not watched the video yet, you should. The title is – A Naughty Afternoon (or “deck squirting” if you are on my videos page).

Naughty Pictures

Angel Dildos Her Pussy On The Porch

Last month I made a video for you, but did not share the naughty pictures I took while filming. That morning I woke up thinking about you and after teasing myself all morning and most of the afternoon, I worked myself up to an intense orgasm. I used a realistic dildo which feels amazing when I am fully aroused and I made a big mess. These pictures show the tight fit, the squirting and a creamy mess dripping from my pussy as I sit satisfied, wishing for you to join me next. CLICK HERE!

If you have not watched the video yet, you should. The title is – A Naughty Afternoon (or “deck squirting” if you are on my videos page).

Just For You

Lone Star Angel Naked & Naughty Just For You

Tonight is all about you. I slip into my stockings, just for you; I roll them all the way up to my thighs, thinking of you, and I step into the teddy you picked out for me. Just for you. I want you to forget the week you have had and just get lost with me. You kneel down to kiss me and as you run your fingers through my hair, make your way down my silky smooth skin until you have explored all of me. I want you to take your time and forget about everything else. Nothing matters tonight except for me and you. CLICK HERE!


Afternoon Wank

Lone Star Angel Invites You To An Afternoon Wank

It has been a busy few weeks with families in town, kids out of school, half work days and a full house. It has left very little time for you and me. Today I want you to lock the door, whether it is your bedroom, office or a closet. We need some alone time so you can pull your cock out, stroke it good and cum all over me. As you stroke just imagine that I am on my knees sucking your cock, my spit dripping down your shaft as I tug and pull with my lips and tongue. I can feel it building and the closer you get the more I beg. Give me your cum load, I want to feel your cock pulsating as you explode into my mouth and down my throat … CLICK HERE!


Tiger Rug

Lone Star Angel Naked at the BBG Studio

While in Phoenix I have had the opportunity to watch behind the scenes of the Blow Bang Girls site that Rob and Dawn own. It was intriguing and exhilarating, all at the same time. After I watched a sexy 20-something, with a shaved head, take on eight guys like a champ, I was turned on and in the mood to create something for you guys. I stripped down to nothing but a leather jacket with thoughts of you and all the naughty things that I want you to do to me. What would be amazing is to have you join me BTS after one of their shoots, once we are both turned on and I am ready for you to just take me. I would love to hear you tell me what exactly you would do, when I am primed and ready to take a hard pounding … CLICK HERE!


Fuck Me Right!

Lone Star Angel Wants You To Fuck Her Right!

There are days when I just want to be fucked. I want you to get home from work, see me waiting for you and just take me. No pleasantries, no romance; just fuck me. I want to feel your hard dick being shoved into me while you embrace me hard and deep. If you fuck me right, I will cum quick, draining you at the same time; as your cock goes soft and slowly drops out of me, your cum drips from my pussy … CLICK HERE!


Panty Stuffing Pics & Video

Panty Stuff with Your Cock!
(Pictures & HD Video!)

This is a fetish I truly enjoy and the thought of you slowly pushing my panties inside of me, before stuffing me with your cock is a huge turn on. I want you to use your tongue, fingers and then give me the tip of your dick until I am fully stuffed by you. As you climax, I can feel you erupt inside of me as your cream oozes out of me, all over my lips and your balls. With the panties still shoved into me, I will beg you to finger fuck me until you pull them out of me, leaving very little cum inside of me, but instead all over my thighs and lips. What a great experience you would be!

With the panties still shoved into me, I will beg you to finger fuck me until you pull them out of me, leaving very little cum inside of me, but instead all over my thighs and lips. What a great experience you would be! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO & ALL THE PICTURES IN MY CLUB!

PS – MtnMan, thank you for the beautiful lingerie, Nicster for the stockings and WLTNBN for the sexy shoes. You guys take care of me!



Nothing But Hat

Lone Star Angel In Nothing But Hat!

As I gaze out the window into the street, you look up at me and see me in nothing but a hat. I wave to you and give you a mischievous smile, and you playfully look away, before glancing back to see if you’ve still got my attention. You do. I am on the second floor and I motion for you to come to me, but you don’t know me. I can tell that you are uncertain on making a solid decision, but will this once in a lifetime opportunity be waiting if you linger in the street much longer? You look up one more time and I now have my arms above my head and you can clearly see that I am ready, so you dart into the hotel and make your way to my room…. what do you think will happen when I answer the door? CLICK HERE!


Hotel Fantasy

Lone Star Angel Invites You Into Her Hotel Fantasy!

I was out of town, alone in a hotel room and fantasizing about you. We’ve met several times, you and I, and we’ve always passed glances and shared smiles, but never a kiss, never a hug. As I am alone, I find myself dreaming of you, of your touch, your feel and your scent. As I continue to fantasize of you, I become so incredibly wet that I just need to orgasm and when I do, I am briefly satisfied with thoughts of you. Enjoy the pictures this weekend, but come back for the video that will be released on Tuesday. You will here my desires and wishes for you to join me in the hotel room next time  … CLICK HERE!


Nerdy Batman

Lone Star Angel Plays Nerdy Batman!

This set is for all of my nerds, and for the non-nerds, who enjoy nakedness and fun teasing. I want you to sit back, stroke your cock and imagine that I am in front of you, rubbing against you. At first it is a slow tease, my ass on your cock, rubbing up and down as I squeeze your thigh muscles with my hands, putting all of my weight on you. Our legs brushing together as I lock my feet around yours, criss crossing them to steady myself firmly against your hard cock. I want to feel the pre-cum oozing out of you and onto my panties, as I continue to stroke you, eventually making you cum, all over my ass.  … CLICK HERE!

A Weekend In San Antonio

Lone Star Angel Gets Away To San Antonio!

It is a dreary weekend and I think we should stay in the hotel room, order room service and get lost in each other. What an amazing few days that would be, don’t you agree?

I will wear the corset you love, along with stockings and no heels. I want you to worship me in ways I have never known before and I want to feel you in unimaginable ways. I long to feel your embrace and to have your lips on mine, as your hands explore me, finding all of my curves. I want you to hold my hands above my head as you pin me to the bed, soaking in my scent as you kiss down my neck and along my boobs, making me squirm underneath you. I crave to feel your breath on my stomach as you slowly slip my panties off before exploring my pussy with your tongue and fingers. I have an insatiable appetite to orgasm with your mouth working together with your fingers. I wish to feel your tongue licking up my cream and to have you spread my legs as you slide your hard cock in with a slow thrust, leaning in to kiss me as I feel your shaft stretching me and your hips grinding against me, while you work your dick and make me moan. Let’s cum together and feel that satisfaction of hungry lust and desire … CLICK HERE!

PS- Nick, thank you for another beautiful corset and stockings. You have always been good to me, asking for nothing in return.

A Custom Squirt

Lone Star Angel Makes a Mess Squirting!

A few weeks ago I shared with you a set of pictures that were screen captures of a custom video that I did for a gentleman. The video consisted of panty stuffing, squirting, thick cream and use of the hitachi wand to climax. It was intense, to say the least, and this set of pictures include what the first bunch did not. I asked you guys to let me know if I should share more of this custom video with you and the responses were astounding.

I use a realistic dildo, squirting multiple times and I was messy wet afterwards. This set shows the squirt from beginning to end, soaking myself from head to toe … CLICK HERE!

To the gentleman that so kindly suggested I add these pictures to my site, thank you! I look forward to making more customs for you in the future, and, in fact, you will have two new videos very soon!


Picnic Pleasure

Lone Star Angel Wine In The Country!

Let’s forget about the world for an afternoon and enjoy each other for a picnic. Forget the basket, just bring yourself and a bottle of wine. I want to savor your company and relish in your every whim and desire. I want to feel your lips on my soft skin as you work your way down my neck, across my boobs and along my stomach. I love the feel of your hands on my lower back as you take in my scent, while teasing my pussy with your tongue. You continue to kneel as I stand in front of you, running my fingers through your hair, vocalizing my needs and wants, knowing that you won’t stop until I am fully satisfied. What an afternoon of picnic pleasures that would be! CLICK HERE!


Cellar Beware

Lone Star Angel Squirting In The Dirty Cellar

I know, this basement was cold, old and extremely dirty but I was in the mood to squirt and I really didn’t want to climb into the bathtub and be crunched up trying to find that spot. So, my next option was to go into the nasty basement and use my glass toy until I squirted. So, that’s exactly what I did. I found an old ladder that I used to prop my leg up and slipped the toy right into my tight pussy. Since I didn’t want to sit down on the ground, it took me a minute or so to get comfortable but once I did I exploded all over the ladder and the floor. Just when I thought I was finished I felt the need to squirt again and it was just as much as the first time. It had been a long time since I’d squirted as much as I did that day. It was incredible! I definitely felt satisfied after that messy cum. So, now you’re wondering if I told my member, aren’t you? Well, not at first. I figured he probably didn’t want to know but then I started thinking that maybe he did. So, during one of my member’s cam shows I was talking about that day and exploring his basement and I ended up telling him. I don’t know why I thought he’d care; hell it’s a huge turn on for me to do things like that and it just might be for him too. So, I told him along with 640 other members who were viewing the show with us … CLICK HERE!

Custom Video Pictures

1080p HD Screen Captures from a Panty Stuffing Custom Video!

This set consists of screenshots from a custom video I made for a gentleman who kindly suggested I add them to the site so others may enjoy them. He sent an attachment for the hitachi wand and this was the second video I made for him, in an attempt to use the attachment to orgasm. The first video was not a failure, but I could not handle the intense vibration on my clit, or inside my pussy. This time, however, I did a 15 minute video for him, starting out by stuffing the panties inside of me, squirting and then pulling them out with a thick cream coating. I took the attachment and slowly worked it inside and enjoyed the intensity of the wand and enjoyed myself to climax.

The pictures will show the panties being inserted and cream soaked afterwards and then the toy play. I do have a set of pictures that I am not including with this bunch, which shows a realistic dildo and a lot of squirting. If you would like to see those added to my site, please comment on this set, email, tweet, or whatever …  CLICK HERE!

If you are interested in your own custom video, please email me –


Playing In The Rain

Lone Star Angel Naked In The Rain!

I love watching rain storms roll into the hill country. It is often a sudden and drastic change in weather and it is an amazing phenomenon to witness. I would enjoy spending an afternoon with you, getting muddy and playing in the rain. I want to kiss you as the rain hits our faces and feel your embrace while the storm grows angrier around us. I want to feel the rain soaking my shirt as you begin to pull it off of me, never breaking the kiss until you have to. I want to feel your hands on my hips as you pick me up and twirl me while the storm cleanses our souls. Which is kind of a cliche, but that is what I want. I want to play in the rain with you.

I want to close my eyes as I look up towards the skies, with rain pouring down around while you kiss your way down my wet body. I long to feel your lips on my wet skin and your hands on the small of my back, as you explore around my belly button as you pull my shorts down. I would let out a soft moan as you taste me with the tip of your tongue that let’s you know I am ready. I imagine you would gently pick me up with a steady grasp and with a grind of hips you would slip into me and it would be an instant burst of satisfaction as the rain continues to come down on us. CLICK HERE!