Meeting The Parents

Meeting The Parents
(Pictures & 1080p HD Video!
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Meeting the parents for the first time is a bit unnerving, but can still be fun with a naughty twist. This set includes pictures and a short video because I had to be sneaky about both.

While we were outside, getting away from the noise of the family I flashed him boobs and as much pussy as I could before anyone walked out. I am wearing pantyhose so I pulled them down just enough to give him a tease, while looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was walking out the patio door. 

The video was even more fun though because while he was walking down memory lane with the family, I went on a walk about and found his childhood bedroom. I was in a dangerously naughty mood and did a quick video for him, which I have chosen to share with you. I ripped my pantyhose so that I could finger myself, while standing over his bed, and I was so wet my aroma filled the room. I heard my name being called so I had to rush out, but it was so much fun! I pulled my dress down and walked out with my pussy exposed underneath and cum dripping down my thighs. When I shook his dad’s hand, my juice no doubt transferred… if he only new. I hope to do that again because the sex that night was intense and fulfilling! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Creamy and Wanting More

I Have Creamy and Waiting Pussy For You!

I have had a lot of time to fantasize about what I want, who I want and the needs that will one day be fulfilled. The thoughts I have regarding you get me wet before I even touch my pussy, but once I am aroused and fingering myself, I am dripping thick cream and aching for more. I wish you were with me tonight, because I crave a hard dick and a warm body. If you look, you can see cum dripping from me, and it is all over my lips and thighs. CLICK HERE!

Question: Food or Me?

Which Would You Choose?

If you found me in your kitchen, what would you do? Would you revel in the fact I am actually making something to eat, or would you hoist me up on the counter and feast on my pussy? Maybe we could do both. I will prepare us something to eat, to revive our energy, and you can taste me as an after breakfast treat. That is a pleasant thought, but we would probably skip the food and go straight back to enjoying each other, and exploring more of ourselves and taking advantage of the time we spend together. But, tell me, what would you do? CLICK HERE!

Horny For Dick

Yep … I’m Horny For Dick!

I woke up thinking about you, wishing you were next to me and longing for your embrace. After my shower I got dressed and decided to take some selfie’s for you. Teasing you endlessly, I found myself so horny my pussy was getting swollen and aching to be penetrated. I hope that you will enjoy watching me use my most realistic dildo, fantasizing about you standing behind me as I bend over the end of the bed. I want you to grab hold of my hips and guide yourself into my tight pussy, feeling my creaminess as you stretch me open. Today I need it hard and deep, so please fuck me for no other reason than to cum, leaving your mess inside of me.  CLICK HERE!

A Shared Night

Some Memories From Our Shared Night!

Spending last night with you was everything amazing and satisfying; thank you! I hate to leave, while you are at work, but I took this set of pics just for you. I hope that you will look through them, remembering our every moment, getting aroused again, while wishing for more. I hope that you don’t mind, but I am taking the shirt, but will leave you my panties and phone number. Call me some time, maybe we can replay our first encounter over again. *wink* CLICK HERE!

On The Hunt

Lonestar Angel Is On The Hunt?

With summer coming to an end, and fall knocking on our doorstep, it is hunting season once again. Many of you are hunters and I love the thought of experiencing the rugged outdoors with you, even if just once. Waking up to leave the house when it is cold and brisk, while the world sleeps around us and driving a couple of hours into the wilderness to scout the herd right before sunrise is a beautiful sight. After we spend the morning stalking our prey, we find a beautiful open area next to a stream that makes for a perfect spot to bed down during the hottest part of the day. We rest, just as the wild animals do, except I have more in store for you than you might think. I love sex outdoors. It is open, wild and uninhabited and everything satisfying.? I will get naked so I can wrap my legs around you, but you can keep your pants on, just give me your cock and cum load. I want to feel you dripping from me as I get dressed so that we can continue our day out in the great outdoors.  CLICK HERE!

Lazy Friday

Are You Ready To Spend a Lazy Friday Lonestar Angel?

Spend the day with me and let’s be lazy. We are always on the go, working, maintaining responsibilities and keeping house, but we hardly make time to just be lazy. I want to take today and just be lackadaisical for a few hours, or maybe several. I could stay in bed with you and enjoy your company, or read a book, but either way we would spend it together. What do you say? Are you prepared to give me your entire day and do a whole lot of nothing?  CLICK HERE!

Dinner Party Quicky in the Bathroom


Dinner Party Quicky in the Bathroom

I was invited to a dinner party by close friends that I have not seen in awhile, and now that I am single, I thought it was time to get out and reacquainted with people. While I was washing my hands in the bathroom, I opened a drawer out of curiosity and found a glass toy; my guess is that they do not entertain in their home very often and forgot to move their toys out of the bathroom they opened up for guests. I honestly thought it was funny and could not pass up the moment to have some fun myself. I had to be quick, so as to not raise suspicion, but I managed to get myself creamy and satisfied, but I definitely was horny the rest of the evening. It would have been incredibly hot had you been with me and given me your dick instead. Have you ever had a quicky at a friends house? CLICK HERE!

 Too Close For Comfort!

 Too Close For Comfort!

This was a quick set of pictures, but the reality of it is too good not to share with you. I spent a couple of days taking pictures, and was hoping to do mostly videos, however, the hosts quarters was directly on the other side of this door. There was no breezeway to separate me from them. In fact, the door that adjoined their living space to the one I rented was a double door, with an air gap that had towels pushed up against, probably for a sound barrier. I could hear them and I am certain they could hear the camera clicking as pictures were being taken. I heard them scuttle to the door, trying to figure out what was going on and as I am getting naked and laughing on this side, they were intently listening on the other… CLICK HERE!

Take a Personal Day

Lonestar Angel Wants You to Take a Personal Day

Picture this: You are just out of the shower, toweling off, when you notice me sitting in the chair, teasing you. I know you are supposed to report to work today, but you have been working non-stop and I think it would be healthy for you to call in sick, and take a personal day. We could stay home, get lost in each other for hours, or take a drive in the country after you give me a load of cum. You choose. Today is about what you want and desire. So, you tell me and I will fulfill your needs and rejuvenate your soul.

 Join me for an afternoon and enjoy a month long journey through videos and picture sets, along with hours of LIVE cam shows each week.  CLICK HERE!

Busted By the Hosts

Lonestar Angel Gets Busted By Her AirBNB Host!

I love our lazy mornings but today you woke me up and told me to get dressed, we were going to go explore the area; and we had plans to do just that, but that quickly changed …

With fall in the air, I pulled out a long shirt and boots, with the intention of leaving our cute rental for the day. We made it as far as the front room, when I suggested we have some fun first. As I was teasing you, the camera clicking away, we could hear the hosts on the other side of the adjoining wall. The footsteps quietly tip-toeing to the door, then placing their faces as close as possible, trying to listen in on what they could so obviously hear. I was only halfway through my tease when they thought they were sneaking up to the wall, but that did not stop me because I was not even naked yet. I spent another five-ten minutes teasing the camera, with the shutter clicking away and trying not to laugh to keep them from knowing we were on to them. I spent another five-ten minutes teasing the camera, with the shutter clicking away and trying not to laugh to keep them from knowing we were on to them. CLICK HERE!

Submit To Me

Lonestar Angel Requests That You Submit!

What would it take for you to stop what you are doing and come satisfy me? Would I have to seduce you into submitting to my needs and sharing your desires with me? Or, would you gladly give up your afternoon to play?

I want you to forget those before me and focus only on your desire to please me. Would you submit to that?  CLICK HERE!

Foot Worship – Bonus Update

Foot Worship – Bonus Update with HD Video & Pictures!

This is a short video clip for the foot lover who is worthy enough to clean my feet after a day of walking in heels. I want you to begin by licking my toes and massaging my ankles while I still have the heels on, and then slipping my tired feet out of each shoe, I want you to lick my souls until they are clean. Maybe next time you will be worthy of having my pussy. Do you think you would make a perfect foot slave? CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO AND SOME BONUS PICTURES!

Thanks to Dawn Marie, you also have a few pictures with this bonus video update.


You – Me – Special

You, Me and a Special … Let’s Do It!

In honor of the Labor Day that is quickly approaching, my site is on sale through this weekend. Take advantage and reap the rewards of having me to come home to. I will be waiting for you after a long day at the office, or a taxing afternoon in the mines. I will welcome you with open arms and give you exactly what it is you desire. Allow me to unbutton your shirt as you tell me about your day, drop to my knees to unbuckle your pants as you continue talking and suck on your dick as you forget about the day that is behind us now. Join me tonight and I will welcome you home every single day … CLICK HERE!


NSFW: Naughty Pictures

Lonestar Angel NSFW!

I hate when you have to work on our day off, and I found myself especially naughty this afternoon. Alone and very horny, I might add. I took these pictures with the intention of texting them to your work phone. Be cautious, some are tame but most are NSFW (not safe for work). *wink* 

Do you have the courage to open them while on the job? CLICK HERE!

Seduction at its Finest

Lonestar Angel Seduces You!

What would you do if you were to find me in your bedroom when you return home from work? Would you pretend to fend me off, or would you give in and take me as I beg you to fuck me good and hard? I am waiting for you to take me as you please, to fuck me as you wish and to leave me satisfied like I have never been before. Do you have the stamina it takes to satisfy me? CLICK HERE!

Foot Fetishist – Delight!

Lonestar Angel Satisfies The Foot Fetishists!

This is a very special set of pictures because today is Jer’s birthday and he is one of my foot lovers and a long time member. He is a gentleman and a favorite! So, today all of those who enjoy feet will benefit with this bonus set that is in honor of Jer. Please join me in wishing him a wonderful day; he deserves it and then some!

And, if you are someone who has been looking for a site to “belong to”, let this be testament that I take care of those who join my site. I appreciate each and every one of you, whether you are a member for one month, every few months, or for a lifetime .. CLICK HERE!

Enjoy this bonus set, one and all, and Jer, happy birthday, I look forward to another foot massage from you. *wink*

A Hard Workout

Lonestar Angel Puts In A Hard Workout!

As most of you know, I am not one to workout, however, there was a weight set in a house I recently stayed in and I decided to give it a go. These pictures are a rarity in that you see me actually lifting weights, working up a sweat. You can see my muscles popping in my shoulders, back and arms, but you will also see cream dripping from my pussy. This is a set for several fetishes. lol.  CLICK HERE!

Squirting in Pictures

Lonestar Angel Squirts On the Counter!

This set of pictures follow the video that was posted last week, “Squirting Before Our Date”. The pictures capture the toy going in and out of my tight pussy, and there are several pictures that show me drenching myself. If you love it messy, you will enjoy the pictures and absolutely love the video. If you have a squirting fetish, this is a double-set that will most definitely satisfy your every need. Join today to enjoy this update, but gain more benefits than you will find on most sites. I do not disappoint! CLICK HERE!

Pearls and Toes

Pearls, Toes and Stuffing My Pussy!

I woke up horny and in the mood to try something different and would love for you to join me. After I tease you for a bit, I take the pearls and slowly stuff them inside my already creamy pussy. This is a fun set, and I think you will agree; it is different and erotic. I play with the pearls and dangle them on my feet, for the foot lover in each of you (lol), before I pull them out with my teeth. CLICK HERE!


Knock on My Door

Fuck Me In My New Surroundings!

With new beginnings comes new surroundings and I would love for you to help me break in my new room. Just pull the onesie to the side to reveal my swollen lips and take me as you please. I want it hard and fast, leaving me dripping and wanting more. The scent of us lingering for days will keep me horny for you, so when you want it next, just knock on my door. *wink* … CLICK HERE!

A Pre Happy Hour Fuck

Lone Star Angel Wants a Pre Happy Hour Fuck!

Summer has arrived and the heat has set in and all I can think about is you joining me in the pool for a skinny dip. The water fall is refreshing and the bench underneath gives us the perfect height for you to bend me over and take me from behind. The sun beating down on us as you enter me, grabbing my hips and giving it to me hard, as we risk getting caught by our friends, who will be arriving any moment now for happy hour. I want you to cum inside of me, leaving me swollen and dripping with your scent before we enjoy our company. When you are finished I will slip on my bottoms that will eventually be soaked in your massive load that you left inside my pussy. CLICK HERE!

Today is Ours

Lone Star Angel Wants You Today!

It has been a busy few weeks and we have hardly had time to enjoy each other, besides a quick fuck here and there. Today is our day. We have no place to be, no chores to be tended to and I hope we can keep it that way. I want us to take our time and fully enjoy each other. I want to feel your kisses, share our passion, and satisfy every need and desire that is burning deep within. Today, though, I want you to lie back and let me spend time on you before you tend to my needs. I want to climb on top of you, kissing you as you feel my pussy teasing your dick, making me wet enough for you to taste me once I mount your face and ride your tongue. Once you have had enough of my pussy smothering your face, I will spread my lips and slide down your cock, taking you slow as I ride you to an intense orgasm. I love looking into your eyes as you grab my hips and let me take your cum; I can feel you dripping out of me as you continue to explode and pulsate. What a satisfying afternoon it is to spend with you. CLICK HERE!


Fuck Me On Our Table

Lone Star Angel Wants Fucked On The Table!

It is healthy to keep sex fresh and fun; playing in the most unlikely of places. I want you to lie me on our table and taste my creamy pussy before you mount me, giving me your dick as I hold onto the side so I can take a good fuck. As you slide in and out, you can feel my pussy become wet with arousal and as I orgasm you can feel it gripping you tighter, milking your load out of you for a fast cum. As you finish, you slip out of me and your load oozes out of me, all over our table. What a fun afternoon fuck this has been. Thank you! CLICK HERE!


Fun Romp!

Lone Star Angel Is Ready For a Fun Romp!

What would you do if you were to find me waiting for you in your bed one afternoon? Would you stop and ask me to leave, or would you enjoy the tease before joining me for a fun romp? I love to tease, but don’t make me beg, or else you might find yourself alone again. I also don’t want you to have to guess what I want, or what I need from you, so let me spell it out. I want you to undress while I watch, never losing eye contact, and then I want you to climb on top of me to passionately kiss me as I feel your weight bearing down on me with my legs spread for you. I need you to slowly slide in, as I am wet enough to take you without foreplay. I want you to take it slow until you feel my pussy completely open up to take all of you and then give it to me hard and fast. Ravage me as we devour each other, completely satisfying each other in every way.  If you want me to stay the night, you will have to ask me, or else I will show myself out as soon as I catch my breath. CLICK HERE!