Vintage Ecstasy

Glass Dildo Fun in Vintage Lingerie!

It is a bit nostalgic to look back on the years we’ve spent together and to begin a new year I’d love to run away with you. Let’s pick a place on the map, find an old vintage cabin and make love for days. Just me and you. No one else. I love when we can forget about the stresses of the every day grind and reconnect.  Join me today and let’s lose ourselves in each others arms.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Stay with Me

I want you to Stay with ME!

With the holiday’s fast approaching, there is very little time to relax, and it seems there are commitments for lunch, dinner, weekends and everything in between. How about we blow off today’s engagement and let’s stay indoors and enjoy each other. As you watch me tease you with a slow strip, I want you to grab your dick and start stroking. By the end, you will be ready to cum for me, filling my pussy with another load … CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Bar Wench

I’m The Bar Wench Waiting on You! HD Video!

With Halloween fast approaching I thought it would be appropriate to dress in my bar wench attire to fulfill that fantasy.

Imagine walking into the bar, scanning the crowd and making your way over to me with the intention of taking me back to your room. Would you be a smooth talker, or would you walk up, grab me and whisk me away as you wish?  What is your desire? Join me and let’s experience it together  …  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


That Ever Growing Desire

Let the Teasing Desire Build!

I want you to sit back and stroke while you thumb through this set of pictures. There is a lot to choose from as you make your pick as to which one to enjoy; from teasing, to bare breasts and heels dangling from my toes. You can enjoy my high arches, my soft boobs and my willing pussy. Just imagine what it would be like if you were next to me, both of us enjoying each other for all its worth. Staying in bed for hours, satisfying that hungry lust, and the ever growing desire.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Satin Panties and Suds

Wet t-shirt. Soaking wet satin panties. Suds. Boobs. Bush. Wet hair.

If you love wet t-shirts, satin panties and suds, you will enjoy this set of pictures. The water cascades down my body, making the shirt see through and drenches the satin panties enough that water is literally dripping off of them. This set has an abundance of pictures to choose from and enjoy. Wet t-shirt. Soaking wet satin panties. Suds. Boobs. Bush. Wet hair. Make a pick, or several, and enjoy! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Balcony Flashing

Getting Frisky On The Balcony! New Pictures!

I love to do risky photo’s and sometimes even videos. You can see that first hand if you are a member. I have walked naked down a hotel hallway, getting caught by someone walking off of the elevator, all while on video. I have gotten naked in a car, driving down a very busy HWY while on snapchat with premium members, and I have been naked in an old, abandoned schoolhouse in west Texas that sits just a few feet from the Interstate.

This is no different, and I caught the eye of some locals along with a cabana boy. It was stormy on the beach, which brought in strong winds and an opportunity to do some risqué flashing. My room was on the edge of the resort so there were locals gathering under a palm tree to wait out the rains. They were watching me closely, probably wondering if I had panties on underneath my dress. It turns out I did not and when the wind blew up my dress, they got an eye full. Even the cabana boy was out picking up discarded trash, or at least he pretended to be busy right outside my room. He cannot help but look up at me, which was captured on camera. He smiled at me later when I saw him at the bar. *wink*  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Your Cum, My Pussy

Lonestar Angel Wants Your Cum In Her Pussy!

This week of ours that was meant to fuel our secret liaison, while you were in town on business, has turned out to be all work and not enough intense passion. You, I blame you. But, maybe it is not all your fault, after all, you do tend to get into a zone and hardly anyone can distract you; I have always been the minx that can pull you away when you should be focused. Last night was wonderful, once you joined me in the jacuzzi, before taking me to bed and giving me your cum load. I have spent all day lounging in your shirt and tie, pussy dripping with your cream and the ache I have is growing deep and I need you to fuck me right now. Fuck me! Your tension has been building all week and I want you to take it out on me. I want it hard. I want it deep. I want it right fucking now. Your business dinner can wait, but I will not … give me another cum load, leaving my pussy glazed in your seed. I am insatiable and you are the only one that can quench the burning desire inside of me. Will you give me a third? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

A Tryst

I’m Ready for a Business Trip Tryst!

I was so excited when you called to let me know you would be in town on a business trip, and would love some company. I so enjoy our trysts, and have come to look forward to your spur of the moment calls. It is unusual that I do not have your undivided attention, so this week has been somewhat a surprise as far as you being preoccupied with work, and all that comes with being so important in your company. We have a beautiful suite with an in-room-jacuzzi and I would love nothing more than for you to close your laptop, strip out of your clothes and join me for a night of passion where I can meet all of your desires and satisfy your urges.  I want you to bend me over while in the tub, before you carry me to bed and fuck me until you have nothing left to give … CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


A Gift

Lonestar Angel Gets and Gives a Gift!

I received a box that was beautifully wrapped, with a bow and a note. The note was simple and to the point, “Just For You”. As a thank you, I took these pictures for you to enjoy as you wish. Pick one, or pick them all, but I want you to find one that gets you excited and makes you want more. I am swollen and the g-string hardly covers my lips, but as I tug on the material it all but disappears between them and my long legs and high arched feet are spread and ready for the taking. Will tonight be the night that you knock on my door? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

PS: Rodney, thank you for always sending surprises at the most unexpected times. You are a thoughtful one!


Pantyhose and a Little Black Dress

Lonestar Angel In Classic Nude Pantyhose & Black Dress!

A little black dress will forever be a timeless look, but pair it with pantyhose and heels and you’ve got that classy, with a twist of naughtiness mixed in. If you are the ideal foot fetishist, there are plenty to choose from. I have high arches, suckable toes and a need to drain you. This set is definitely for the foot lover in you, but also for those who fantasize about taking me while still wearing hose. Help me slip out of the dress, while keeping the pantyhose on; you can enjoy my bush, soft curves and that desire to take your cum load.  Albeit, on my nylon covered pussy, or down at my toes. The choice is yours and I am here to take it as you wish.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Tax Day: Forget about Uncle Sam

Lonestar Angel Tax Day Special! Forget Uncle Sam!

Ack! I do not know anyone who enjoys filing taxes, regardless of whether you owe or you get paid, it is a huge pain in the ass. Now that your taxes are filed, or, at least, I hope that they are, forget that mess and unwind with me. Thumb through this album of pictures and find the one that is going to push you to the edge. Maybe there is more than one. You should know that there are several pictures that has white cream oozing out of my swollen lips. That one might get many of you, or maybe you can’t contain yourself when you see argyle socks. I mean, who can? 

This was a fun, spur of the moment set, and one that shows how creamy I really do get when I am turned on and satisfied.  CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS! 

Opening Day of Baseball

Lonestar Angel Celebrates Opening Day!

I would love to skip the opening game to spend time with you behind closed doors. After all, flirting has gotten us both here, and all I can think about is you taking this seduction one step further, as in all the way. Kissing, petting, holding hands, that’s fun, but I need more. I want to feel you rip my lace panties off of me, leaving my shoes on and t-shirt slightly stretched as you mount me in hungry lust and a need that will finally be fulfilled. We can catch the game at the sports bar later, I am sure they will have it on a loop. For now, though, I want to take your cum and feel you dripping out of me as you continue to make me moan with pleasure. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

PS: Molly, thank you for sending me the t-shirt, Keds and baseball cap, after the Astro’s won the 2017 World Series. You are always so thoughtful and kind.

A Member Surprise

Lonestar Angel Has A Member Surprise!

I love to tease and to watch you react to my every move is an erotic turn on for me. These pictures were taken back in August, right before I turned my cam on ( ) and I sent them off to a lucky member, who has always been good to me. He sent me an email last week and asked that I share them online, for an added bonus. I do my best to take care of my member’s, and especially those who are always loyal. Now, loyal does not mean that I am your only online lady, but that you join my site when you can, even if it is once every so often. I appreciate all joins. It also means that you are kind and appreciative of all that I have to offer, enjoying the bonuses that I freely give and not expecting anything in return. That will always gain you more from me. *wink*

 You could be the next member that receives a surprise package from me. Join today and see for yourself … CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Breakfast with Me

Wanna have breakfast with me?

I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together, as short as it has been, but also I look forward to our next week side by side. Because you have worked through the week, while I have taken off, I wanted to make breakfast for you, wearing the sexy negligee you sent me last month. As this is our last morning as one I thought it would be nice to feed you before spending the rest of our day in bed, wrapped in each others arms and devouring one another. Let’s make this one count. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Join Me

Join Me On Valentine’s Day!

While everyone else is out and about, spending time buying into this Hallmark holiday, join me for a fun afternoon. The house is empty, but you do not have to be lonely; I will always be here to enjoy you when you are alone.

I want you to slowly stroke your cock, but if you are still clothed, I wish for you to tease and nudge as you are. Get yourself fully hard before you drop trouser and edge into an explosive orgasm. Now, if you are already sitting in the nude, cock in hand, slowly pet yourself, with the image of me in front of you, teasing, sharing and waiting for you to join me. Once you are completely solid and ready to burst, I want you to slide into my hungry pussy and give me a hard thrust and a massive load. The excitement of you exploding upon entry will be enough for me to cum with you and to drip your jizz for the remainder of my day is a huge turn on for me. Your cum will soak my panties, and drip out of me when I urinate and with a massive cum load, there will be plenty still inside of me to play with later, when I am alone and thinking about you. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!


Good, Hard Fuck

I Wanna A Good Hard Fuck!

I am home alone with no plans of going anywhere today and have decided to take a day to lounge and enjoy myself, while the weather turns cold. It is a beautiful time of year, with the seasons changing, the temps dropping and the leaves falling. I am disconnecting from social media, but still chose to do a quick selfie-set for you. I wish for you to be with me, down on your knees, tasting me, getting me wet and primed for your hard shaft. I really need a good, hard fucking. Are you the one that will give me what I want? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Baby, It Is Cold Outside

Lonestar Angel in Her Booty Onesie!

With the holiday’s finally behind us, we can spend a day in bed, just me and you. But, baby, it is cold outside! If you do not mind, I think I will keep my socks and onesie on, but I would definitely enjoy some personal contact with you, so slide my bottoms to the side and unbutton the top. We can still connect and you can give me loads of cum … all day long! Bend me over, you can see how wet I am, and I would love for you to give me more. CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Happy Feet

Happy Feet, Happy You

I would love nothing more than for you to join me in bed; and to stay with me through the week. There is no need to leave, we can get lost in each other and satisfy so many needs. Just me and you. There is no rush, just a chance to enjoy every part of ourselves and to devour every second of our time, and to take nothing for granted. So, will you choose to join me today and take me every which way you desire? CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

PS: There are a lot of close ups in this set, not just feet, but ass, pussy, curves, and all!

Meeting The Parents

Meeting The Parents
(Pictures & 1080p HD Video!)

Meeting the parents for the first time is a bit unnerving, but can still be fun with a naughty twist. This set includes pictures and a short video because I had to be sneaky about both.

While we were outside, getting away from the noise of the family I flashed him boobs and as much pussy as I could before anyone walked out. I am wearing pantyhose so I pulled them down just enough to give him a tease, while looking over my shoulder to make sure no one was walking out the patio door. 

The video was even more fun though because while he was walking down memory lane with the family, I went on a walk about and found his childhood bedroom. I was in a dangerously naughty mood and did a quick video for him, which I have chosen to share with you. I ripped my pantyhose so that I could finger myself, while standing over his bed, and I was so wet my aroma filled the room. I heard my name being called so I had to rush out, but it was so much fun! I pulled my dress down and walked out with my pussy exposed underneath and cum dripping down my thighs. When I shook his dad’s hand, my juice no doubt transferred… if he only new. I hope to do that again because the sex that night was intense and fulfilling! CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

Creamy and Wanting More

I Have Creamy and Waiting Pussy For You!

I have had a lot of time to fantasize about what I want, who I want and the needs that will one day be fulfilled. The thoughts I have regarding you get me wet before I even touch my pussy, but once I am aroused and fingering myself, I am dripping thick cream and aching for more. I wish you were with me tonight, because I crave a hard dick and a warm body. If you look, you can see cum dripping from me, and it is all over my lips and thighs. CLICK HERE!

Question: Food or Me?

Which Would You Choose?

If you found me in your kitchen, what would you do? Would you revel in the fact I am actually making something to eat, or would you hoist me up on the counter and feast on my pussy? Maybe we could do both. I will prepare us something to eat, to revive our energy, and you can taste me as an after breakfast treat. That is a pleasant thought, but we would probably skip the food and go straight back to enjoying each other, and exploring more of ourselves and taking advantage of the time we spend together. But, tell me, what would you do? CLICK HERE!

Horny For Dick

Yep … I’m Horny For Dick!

I woke up thinking about you, wishing you were next to me and longing for your embrace. After my shower I got dressed and decided to take some selfie’s for you. Teasing you endlessly, I found myself so horny my pussy was getting swollen and aching to be penetrated. I hope that you will enjoy watching me use my most realistic dildo, fantasizing about you standing behind me as I bend over the end of the bed. I want you to grab hold of my hips and guide yourself into my tight pussy, feeling my creaminess as you stretch me open. Today I need it hard and deep, so please fuck me for no other reason than to cum, leaving your mess inside of me.  CLICK HERE!

A Shared Night

Some Memories From Our Shared Night!

Spending last night with you was everything amazing and satisfying; thank you! I hate to leave, while you are at work, but I took this set of pics just for you. I hope that you will look through them, remembering our every moment, getting aroused again, while wishing for more. I hope that you don’t mind, but I am taking the shirt, but will leave you my panties and phone number. Call me some time, maybe we can replay our first encounter over again. *wink* CLICK HERE!

On The Hunt

Lonestar Angel Is On The Hunt?

With summer coming to an end, and fall knocking on our doorstep, it is hunting season once again. Many of you are hunters and I love the thought of experiencing the rugged outdoors with you, even if just once. Waking up to leave the house when it is cold and brisk, while the world sleeps around us and driving a couple of hours into the wilderness to scout the herd right before sunrise is a beautiful sight. After we spend the morning stalking our prey, we find a beautiful open area next to a stream that makes for a perfect spot to bed down during the hottest part of the day. We rest, just as the wild animals do, except I have more in store for you than you might think. I love sex outdoors. It is open, wild and uninhabited and everything satisfying.? I will get naked so I can wrap my legs around you, but you can keep your pants on, just give me your cock and cum load. I want to feel you dripping from me as I get dressed so that we can continue our day out in the great outdoors.  CLICK HERE!

Lazy Friday

Are You Ready To Spend a Lazy Friday Lonestar Angel?

Spend the day with me and let’s be lazy. We are always on the go, working, maintaining responsibilities and keeping house, but we hardly make time to just be lazy. I want to take today and just be lackadaisical for a few hours, or maybe several. I could stay in bed with you and enjoy your company, or read a book, but either way we would spend it together. What do you say? Are you prepared to give me your entire day and do a whole lot of nothing?  CLICK HERE!