… This Just In …

I have 20 peanut patties, but after counting them, there is only 16 total. I am currently eating one, as I type this. That will leave 15; three of which are in the freezer, 12 are in my snack locker. 

And, I still think I missed my calling. I should have been a PROFESSIONAL elephant hugger! 

Mountain’s Are Cloaked in Smoke

With California burning and Nevada and Utah also on fire, a thick smoke cloud has covered this area for weeks. It was starting to lift, but more fires started and now it has settled back in, with no relief in sight. I cannot see the mountains right now and, although it looks like a thick fog (which I find beautiful), it has an ugly undertone to it. It appeared grey and gloomy this morning and then I realized that it was the smoke from all of the fires. Even the sun is sad. 

I love weather. Torrential downpours, snowing; it is all beautiful. I enjoy gloomy days more than I do hot, sunshiney afternoons, but even the sun makes me smile. Mother nature is a beautiful beast. But, with that said, there is nothing beautiful about the country burning by fires. 

I hope that this heat wave breaks soon and the temps drop, lifting this stagnant smoke cloud so that I can once again enjoy the view out of my cam room window. I miss looking out and being able to see the mountains. 


Another Gem . . .

While we were in Texas I had the amazing pleasure of meeting Amber. She is just as sweet in person and she is online, with a wicked sense of humor. When I started this 12 years ago, I had no idea I would meet so many wonderful people, and some would become lifelong friends. I have been so fortunate in this online world that has been created around my site. 

Molly, thank you so much for making the drive to Bastrop to have breakfast with MtnMan and me, especially because your days off are scattered through your weeks and you hardly have time to relax as it is. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an absolute gem, and one that I truly treasure. 



Not Much Notice…

G’afternoon and a very happy Monday from me to you! I hope that you had a restful weekend, and that the week has gotten off to a fantastic start. 

This week will be somewhat normal, with the exception of tomorrow (Tuesday). I am going to make a custom video in the morning, and then will be on cam, but it will be short lived. MtnMan needs to go out of town to pick something up and I have decided to ride with him. While gone I will be filming new content, so I will still be connected, just not on cam after 6p EST. I will be back online Thursday, normal time and this short out of town trip will not interfere with the member’s cam shows. 

I hope to see you guys at the #VNALive member’s cam tonight at 11p EST –> gain access through the VNA banner on the club page of my site. 

What a Saturday!

Yesterday was busy from the time I opened my eyes until I slipped back into bed last night around 1030. 

I started off at the nail salon, which only took an hour since I was waiting for them to unlock the doors. lol. I decided to go with sparkles this time. I wasn’t sure that I would like it, but I have been trying new colors so that I am not always boring. I mean, a different shade of pink each week is exciting for me, but not necessarily for you guys. This week it is – Angel Pink; so pink, but very fucking sparkly and all kinds of happy, even when I am sleeping! lol. Have I mentioned people share way too much at the salon? I don’t want to know why you have 3 kids and you are only 24, hoping to find someone to marry soon. I mean, I don’t judge but if I have to listen to your “story”, I am certainly going to make assumptions that I am sure everyone else that is listening has already made. lol. 

After I left the salon I stopped by to see MtnMan and had the pleasure of meeting one of his long time friends, who was more than happy to chat for an hour. I enjoyed the conversation (and it helped that he is old and full of intriguing stories). And, because we spent an hour talking, I was still hanging around when it was time for lunch, so MtnMan treated me to tator tots and a hamburger. (See picture below)

From lunch I went to the grocery store and was that a cluster fuck. It wouldn’t have been so bad had they not been doing a cookout in the parking lot, with only three checkout lanes open, one being express. But, such as it is. That kind of cluster fuck beats the Texas HEB when they were slow any day. Not to mention it takes a lot to put me in a mood these days. It didn’t even matter that I was hoping to get started on the dresser by 2p. 

When I finally made it home at 2, I unloaded the groceries and got dinner started in the crockpot. It was a new recipe and it turned out amazing! 

Once dinner was in the crockpot I started day 2 of the dresser project. I finished stripping the paint on the drawers and the rest of the cabinet. I got most of the paint off and then got to sanding it so there will be a clean, smooth surface for the white paint. (See picture below)

I had planned to give it one coat of paint before calling it a day, but MtnMan sent a text and asked if I wanted him to help with the dresser or if I might like to go fishing after he got off of work. Pfft. There was no thought in that decision. I cleaned up the stripper messes and wiped down the cabinet and was dressed and ready to go fishing when he walked in the door. 

By the time we got to the fishing hole there was only an hour left of daylight, but that gave us plenty of time to catch and release 9 bass. It was a beautiful hour. (see picture below)

Then it was home for dinner and then straight to bed. I was exhausted! 

The Week’s Are Flying By!

Goodness it seems that we were just through the holiday’s, then spring break, end of school and now summer is coming to an end. When I was younger it seemed as though the days dragged on, and tomorrow would never arrive. Mom always asked me to stop wishing her life away. I now understand what she meant. lol. 

This week has been great, and I am looking forward to my Saturday. I plan to get my nails done first thing in the morning, or at least as soon as they open at 930, then hopefully go to lunch with MtnMan, do some grocery shopping and then home to finish striping the dresser. I hope to have it completely sanded and ready for paint before the end of the day. I might even put the first coat of paint on, depending on the time. I know that I have said this a few hundred times, but I don’t know what I was thinking. I will be smarter next time and find a piece that I like as is, with no grand plans to refurbish it. lol. 

How has your week been and what are your weekend plans?

Vacation Bucket List

I have never really had a bucket list for anything, especially vacations, but there are a few places I hope to experience in my lifetime. 

Of course, the top on the list is to hug an elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Orphanage. The do amazing work that is selfless and so giving for the babies that find themselves alone in the wild. 

The rest is in no particular order, or even a definite that it will happen, but a place that I have always wanted to see. 

  • Montana
  • Colorado (I’ve been a few times, but would love to road trip it through the mountains)
  • SF – Seattle by car
  • Yellowstone starting in the states, ending on the Canadian side. 
  • A NY Opera
  • Over the water bungalow in the Caribbean
  • Cabin in the mountains, with no foot traffic
  • Fishing in Alaska (during a “warm” month)
  • Germany
  • The UK by Rail
  • Canada
  • Camping during a thunderstorm 

Those are just a few that I can think of right now. lol. What are some of your dreams and hopes?

What is What, is How It Will Be

G’afternoon and a very happy Monday to you! My furniture project is underway, and the striping job turned out to be much more time consuming than I had imagined. It’s not that I didn’t know it would take part of my Saturday, but it took the entire day and I only got through 6 drawers and 3/4 of the cabinet; I still have 3 drawers and 1/4 of the cabinet to go before I can sand it to prep it for paint. It is going to be the best damn dresser that I have ever had. It is for the guest room but I may very well find a spot in the living room so that it can be shown off to everyone that knocks on my door. The pizza guy, the FedEx lady, other random people… and maybe the neighbors dog. lol. 

One thing is for certain, I won’t be starting a furniture restoration business. Fuck that. Now, with that said, I have enjoyed seeing the transformation, but I don’t know why anyone enjoys spending their entire day out in a hot garage, inhaling striper chemicals and burning fingertips when the gloves start to dissolve from contact with the striper. I mean, seriously, who are those people and what is wrong with them? lol.

Moving on. This week I will be offline Thursday, instead of Wednesday. So, that means the member’s show Thursday needs to be moved to Friday night. Any objections to that being the rescheduled day? 

Today is the last day to take advantage of Hot August Nights”. This is the first time I have offered a special such as this and it has been a huge success; better than any sale I have had on my site. So, for those new joins, thank you! Please email me if you have not already so that I can make a note to contact you in September with your gift. 

My premium #snapchat has been busy with sex and fun; including videos that cannot be found on the site. This is something that is spur of the moment and fun, while off cam and sometimes even while I am on the road. So join and enjoy my snaps. 

Thank you for reading my blog; it means a lot to me that you guys take the time to follow my ramblings. *hugs*

Hot August Nights

A month full of videos and bonus sets. Hot August Nights:

August 3rd – August 13th

Longevity has its rewards. If you join my site during “Hot August Nights”, and rebill at least one month (without cancelling), each new member will be compensated.

I do not initiate contact, for obvious reasons, so you MUST EMAIL ME FIRST at angel@lonestarangel.com

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Stepping Up on a Soapbox

I am stepping up on a soapbox…

It truly fucking annoys me when some people respond to a comment, or a conversation, with an opposing view for the sake of argument. It is not cute and it certainly is not going to give you the kind of attention you might be craving. How about just have a conversation and not feel the need to interject with needless bullshit. 

We all need that human connection, whether it be in person or through online avenues. Having a conversation is one thing, but disagreeing when their is no need for it is another. I am not suggesting that we all agree and have the same opinions; that would be boring. What I am saying is that not every comment is need for you to give a disagreeing position on. 

You might get more attention or have greater amounts of response if you just have a conversation, without being combative for a response. 

To be honest, I am less likely to respond to you now (or ever) if you are one to just argue. I used to know someone who thrived on arguing, even if he agreed, and it was fucking annoying. In fact, he is not liked among most groups of people and there is a reason for that. 

Those who argue because you are bored, or you get a laugh out of it, are some annoying fucks! Good grief, just fucking don’t respond. 

Let’s See Who Knows This Poem . . .

See you later alligator,

after while crocodile,

in an hour sunflower,


Yadda, Yadda, Chitty-Chatter

Last week was spent in Texas and away from my computer, but I still managed to spend a good part of the week doing new videos and content. I was active on Snapchat, adding vids and pics throughout my week, so join today so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. I do a little bit of everything on there, from solo selfies, to fun videos during content shoots and even roadside blowjobs, if the mood strikes. I also have fun while driving to the Post Office, getting completely naked and flashing truckers. 

You might have heard that while I was in Texas my divorce was finalized. A huge relief to finally be done with that chapter in my life. My phone continued to erupt in fireworks and celebrations all the way through Sunday, thanks to my family of friends. I am truly fortunate to have a small group that are my family. 

Since I was gone last week I have a few extra member’s shows that I will be doing over the course of the next few days. Follow my tweets and blog posts to stay up to date. 

I have decided that it is time to tackle my furniture project, so Wednesday I will pick up the supplies and start that next Saturday. So, wish me luck on that! 

Birthday’s and A Forgetful Brain

Over the last year I have let my blog postings slip for a few birthday’s, but never have I forgotten the special day. That is, not until the last couple of week’s. I actually forgot two, very important, birthday’s and what is worse, I spoke to both of them on cam during their day. Of course, they do not think it is a big deal but I beg to differ. It is a huge deal! So, please join me in wishing HMFast and Kevin (of KEVIN!!!) a very happy belated birthday!

HMFast was July 24th

Kevin’s was July 29th 

I do hope that you both made time to celebrate you, even if it was eating a bowl of ice cream and binge watching your favorite movie. Or, Kevin, maybe it was giving Daisy an extra hug and taking her on a walk. Either way, I hope that you both know how much you mean to me and how I truly enjoyed having you as part of my world. 


No Member Shows This Week

This is a reminder that I won’t be online this week, so the member shows will be rescheduled for next week. This will be the only post, so I hope that you stay in touch with my tweets and blog posts, or else you might be confused when you look for me this week…

Next week the schedule is as follows:

Sunday – VNA at 11p EST

Monday – VNA at 11p EST

Tuesday – VNA at 11p EST

Thursday – VNA at 11p EST 

The Sky . . .

. . . what is the first thing that comes to mind?

No Crumbs in Bed!

BD- you are always so thoughtful and the last bundle you sent was a box of goodies to replenish my snack locker! Pretzels of all sizes, goldfish, and a couple boxes of ritz peanut butter crackers. I have always had a no-crumbs-allowed in my bed, and the only way to maintain that rule is to not eat anything that will create crumbs, while in bed, like pretzels. lol. I am breaking this rule daily now and I am not even upset about it! 

Thank you for keeping my snack locker fully stocked! 

Friday Feeling

Hello TGIF And happy Friday to you! How was your week and what are your weekend plans?

My week has been busy, productive and overall a success. I really cannot complain. I have to say the last year and a half has been non-stop busy and full of chaos with the divorce, moving and trying to get grounded, but it is coming to a close and I am hopeful. I am hopeful that the future will be my own and one that I am in charge of. 

This weekend I will be getting ready for what I hope to be my last trip to Austin, and on Sunday I will be online at (lonestarangel.cammodels.com). 

Summer Heat, Bright Future

It sounds as though this has been an extreme summer for most people, all over the world. Hell, Europe has been dry, which is rare, and they have seen high temps like much of the US. Africa had a record 124 degree day and even Alaska has been unusually warm in 2018. 

As much as I hate the Texas summers, I will be in Austin next week dealing with humidity and 100+ degree temps. Ack! However, as much as that sounds like it will be a terrible week, it will not be. I hope to be one step closer to being divorced, and while there I will see Bo, Jo and another girlfriend, but will mostly make time to create new videos. I really need a break from cam, but also need to continue making new videos and keep up the hustle. So, although it will be nice to get out of town, it will be a very busy week while in Austin. 

With my schedule next week there will be no member shows, however, I am only rescheduling for the following week. If you are new to my site, thank you for the join and please know that I never cancel, and it is rare that I have to reschedule. When I say you have a 8+ monthly member shows, I stay true to my word. 

I will be online Sunday and then again on Friday, but nothing in between. I will stay connected on Twitter (@nakedTXangel) and on my premium SnapChat (radsnap.me/lonestarangel)


Always a Thoughtful One


Thank you so much for always being thoughtful, kind and generous. It does not matter what your days are like, you always think of others first, whether it be your wit, kindness or thoughtfulness. You are a sweet, sweet lady! 

Thank you for the soup, crackers, Victoria’s Secret coupons and the picture you sent off of my wishlist. I think I already know where it will be hung. 


Pictures of the World

I enjoy seeing pictures from around the world and recently Molly shared a few from her day out and about, which gave me an idea for a new blog post. 

I would love to see pictures posted from around the world, whether they be of your backyard, your hometown, a vacation or just a pretty drive. 

I took this a couple weeks ago of a nearby creek flowing off the mountain. It is so beautiful!

Your Week at a Glance

How was your week?

It seems that the weeks are flying by and before we know it the fall will be here, followed by colder days and wintry nights. Do you have any plans for the summer, or trips with the family?

I have a tentative plan to be back in Texas, but, of course, waiting on other people to do the right thing before any dates are set. So, I sit in limbo and hope to have a date set soon. Who know’s when that will be. 

I hope to take a couple weekend trips over the next few months, one being to visit Dawn and Rob, catch a baseball game and learn a few things on editing videos. 

I also need to plan a day (or several) to start my furniture restoration project that I should not have taken on to begin with. lol. I have no idea what I am doing, but I figure slow and steady and read up on Pinterest is a good, solid plan. What can go wrong? As long as I don’t sand one of the legs half way off, it should be fine! It is currently sitting in our dining room, still wrapped in plastic, but I will dust that tomorrow to make it look not so cluttered about. 



Happy Birthday!

Today is a gift, and one that I feel is important and should be celebrated! Please join me in wishing Mrs. Dwwindsor (also affectionately known as House Boss) a very happy birthday! I have come to adore this lady who makes me laugh and she is just good energy. Plus, she keeps DW on his toes and, let’s be real, that is probably a fun job for her. lol. She amuses me and I am thankful that Dwwindsor shares a little bit of her with us. A sweet, sweet spirit. 

Happy, happy birthday to the lady of Windsor Castle. *hugs* Today should be celebrated and recognized, even if quietly. 

Originality: A Lost Art

Some of the most popular questions I answer each day on cam:

Where from, bb?

You like dick?

You want younger dick?

What you gonna give me?

Want to tease me before going private?

Gold show? 

What are you wearing?

I would be amused if someone just asked one question, using all of the above at once… go! 

Tuesday Moved to Thursday

Last week I posted a thread regarding the 12 year long Tuesday show being moved to Thursday’s and that will begin this week. Consider this a friendly reminder and for details, please feel free to read through the threads previously posted…

I will still be online at the normal time, just not running the 1 hour LIVE show. If you find yourself on my site and would like some company, feel free to join the chat. You simply click through the banner on the club page and into my room you will be dropped. If I am running a “gold show”, you will have FREE access. 

I have two requests: if you are in my chat room please at least respond to my “hello, how are you?” and do not ask that I run a gold show on your behalf. I do appreciate that you are a member and I run several member’s shows a week at specific times, as part of your membership. With that said, I run several gold shows a day, at random times, and depending on several factors, so to say you keep missing all of the free shows is not the right approach in winning my affection. 


Ack! Another weekend in the rearview mirror, and a new week ahead of us. What do you do to find your motivation? Do you listen to your favorite playlist on the radio, or do you find your zen in a coffee cup? Maybe you love on your pets, or pester your person?