A Skype Rant

I do not push Skype shows as much as I should because it breeds chatty fucks that think a skype conversation is worth a penny because “it is better than nothing”.

Do not fucking contact me if you are not willing to pay for my time. I am sorry, but it is no secret this is what I do for a living. I enjoy it and I have no plans of changing it anytime soon, however, that does not mean my time is not worth the rate that I charge. If you send me a message to ask for a “foot tease” then you need to be prepared to pay a minimum of 10 minutes. I do not fucking care that you only need three of those ten, so you informing me that you only need to see my feet for 30 seconds is not going to change the fact that you pay for 10 minutes, regardless of how quick on the draw that you are. Seriously, why does this even need to be explained? And, if you respond with – how about I pay for 4 minutes instead, because I only need three, is going to get you blocked. I am not an open air flea market, nor am I in the business of negotiating. My rates are what they are. It is true, my rate is more than some but not as much as others and certainly not as high as they could be. I am middle of the road in rates because I enjoy what I do and I am not here to gouge your pocket book, but do not insult me by haggling over the rate when you fucking contacted me! Fucking asshole. 

Also, while I am on this rant regarding Skype, let me give you another gripe of mine. I fucking hate to receive a message that just says “Hi”. If you want a conversation or some attention, fucking say it. What is on your mind. What the fuck do you want? Just fucking spit it out for fucks sake. It seriously pisses me right the fuck off because there is a reason you sent me a message. I am not going to drag it out of you, and you obviously want to tell me something, so get to it. Jesus effing christ! 

Tony Love

It has been a few weeks since I have had a Tony snuggle fest and while I was out on the deck just now he moseyed on over to me. I picked him up, he purred and put his paw on my neck. He is most definitely mine and I am his. I sat in a chair and we just loved each other for a few minutes and when I put him down into his own chair he followed me to the door of the studio, where he is still sitting, waiting for me to invite him in. 

The love we receive from animals is a precious gift and it is something I will forever need. He is my Nelson. 

Weekend with Friends

I will be spending the weekend with my girlfriend JoAnn and her husband Bo. It will be a girl’s weekend + Bo. lol. I will be online today and tomorrow, well into the early morning hours, both night’s. I won’t be online at all on Friday but will be home sometime Sunday. I probably won’t be online until the evening though because I will need to get my studio set up after weekend renters… 

Next week is when the absence is really going to be extended because I am taking five days as another disconnect. On my birthday I will be checking Twitter and emails, but not constantly and only on that day. You guys are such a huge part of my life that I won’t disconnect completely on my day, but I need some time to myself. I know I have said that a lot lately, and I assure you that this will pass and we will still be a strong community. Or, as Mollie has so affectionately labeled us, family. 


Too Much Technology

We are in a tech world, there is no denying that. What used to be daily seclusion and interpersonal connecting has now become a thing of the past. Even for those of you that pride themselves on not giving into the smart phones and social media apps are still caught up in technology. You still converse online with people from all over the world all from the comforts of your home. Without this tech dependent world that exists I would not know any of you, so for that I am grateful. My gripe, however, is that we can no longer disconnect even when we want to. Every restaurant and coffee shop has TV screens on every wall and on different channels. I understand that the younger generations do not know any different so I give them an allowance, to an extent, but why is there a need to watch TV when you are dining out with those closest to you? For me going to a restaurant is a nice treat to sit across from the one you love, or your closest friend, and really connect without outside distractions. Am I old fashioned? Maybe, but I miss quiet dinners of the days gone by. 

It has only taken 17 years for technology to engulf our every day, can you imagine what it will be like in another 10 years? There will probably be an app that allows you to talk to your partner who is next to you, without ever making eye contact or engaging in the relationship. It is disheartening and I must say, I do not like it. 

Our future generations won’t know what it is like to meet a girl and stumble over his words and the lady won’t know what it is like to smile and respond with a shyness about her. They will do it all through whatever smart technology they have at their fingertips.

We can stop this if we would just put our phones down after hours and not get distracted. If phones are no longer allowed at the dinner table and the TV is turned off until after 8pm. Or, if families started enjoying the beautiful state parks and local attractions instead of having the latest game console to occupy the kids on the weekends and through the summers. Am I being naive? Maybe. What I do know is that when I was a kid my days were spent outside playing catch, or shooting hoops. Maybe lying on the soft grass and daydreaming in the clouds. If it was a rainy day I would sit in my room staring out the window enjoying the anger that Mother Nature wreaks on us, or reading a book. When dinner was on the table we sat as a family, whether we wanted to or not, and the TV was NEVER on. I realize not everyone had that childhood, we all have our own stories, but technology has taken a sweetness away from relationships, if you ask me; it is sad.



My Weekend Disconnect

The Last Tweet before I left: #dailytonypic he is where he is supposed to be and I am heading out for my weekend away.

First, I would like to thank you all for giving me this weekend to disconnect. It means a lot to me that you read my blog, but also that you respected my need to just get away from everything and everyone for a couple of days. Some of you emailed with concerns or and support and it means a lot that you all care as much as you do. 

This weekend was everything I needed and then some. I stayed in bed for a good part of it and got out to eat when I needed to. I just escaped for a couple of days and now I am back for a few before spending next weekend with my girlfriend Jo. It will be a girl’s weekend plus Bo, which will be great fun. 

Thank you, again, for the words of encouragement and concern. This is an amazing community that has been built around my site. It means a lot to me that I have you all in my life. 

What is What

There have been a lot of things going on for the last year, or so, much of the happenings you all have been aware of. In fact, many of you helped when you could, sent flowers, notes and happy thoughts; all of which were appreciated. As we continue to move forward, we embark on the 11th year of my online world. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have so many of you continue through each passing month with me. You could have easily joined, downloaded the content and moved on, but you stayed. Thank you. In the next few months there are going to be some changes, although, some are difficult to face, I want you to know that I plan to continue here for an indefinite future. The future is an intimidating beast, but sometimes that is what makes it so exciting. 

In the upcoming weekends I will be disconnecting from Social Media, friends and those closest to me. It is something I need to do for me but please do not be alarmed. I am mentally healthy and I have always been able to process life events, but in my own time and in private. 

I will be online through the week days and the weekly member shows will still take place. So, if you are a new member please do not fret, above all else, I take care of those who join my site. No matter what may be going on offline, you guys will never be taken for granted or forgotten and disrespected. 



DW: Instant Gratification

DW – this is the pic that was just posted to Twitter, but since you could hear my commentary on cam, I figured it deserved an instant blog post. lol


#dailytonypic do not pay any attention to how uncomfortable this pose looks, he is a survivor lol


#dailytonypic – I love him, much to his chagrin!

Calla Lily

Many, many years ago, long before I figured out how to not kill everything that I planted, I bought a calla lily, which was just 3 bulbs. Today that has morphed into lilies all around my house. I did not think they would bloom this years since we did not have a winter, but i was pleasantly surprised the other day when I noticed one lily peaking and starting to open. With the rains yesterday it was glistening with drops of water through this morning. I hope this is the first of many blooms this season. 

Era of the Cell Phone

I realize we are a society that is always attached to the latest technology craze, but I think it has gotten out of hand. Everyone has a cell phone, even kids who are in elementary school. And, “Doug” before you say that you don’t have a smart phone and then pretend that you are ignorant and that you don’t even know what a cell phone is, we are all on to you. lol. 

I was at a restaurant earlier just to pick up an oder and every child in the place was on their phone, while the parents sat in silence. Why are kids allowed to be so connected to their social media world, causing a true disconnect within the family? How are kids to learn how to have interpersonal relationships if they are not taught to enjoy family time without the wall of technology? 

After I picked up my dinner, I stopped by the feed store and a high school boy was at the checkout in front of me. He was on the phone during the entire transaction, causing it to take much longer than it should have. He did not acknowledge the cashier, or answer any of her questions, and we all heard his conversation because he could not wait another 5 minutes to talk to his friend. He has been taught that kind of behavior is acceptable. 

Soon we are going to be a society that does not even care about the person who sleeps next to us and in order to have a conversation it is going to have to be through the latest technology. 




A Special Month

This month marks 11 years online for me and that is reason enough to give thanks. If it were not for those of you who have been with me for years, staying loyal and always supporting me through my site, cam, social media and everything in between, I would not still be doing this. 

This weekend I offered an $11 join and it was a big hit! Some of you are new to my site and a few are rejoins, but whichever you are, I just want to say thank you! I hope that you will enjoy the site whether you stay for a few months or just the one, I appreciate your time. 

I will be offering another sale on tax day, so if you missed out on the $11 special do not miss out on the next offer. Now, with that said, there is no reason you have to wait because regardless of the rate, you still get amazing benefits. 

Join me tonight for my 1 hour LIVE cam show at 11p EST via the VNA banner.


As promised, here are more #dailytonypic for those who can no longer see my Twitter feed from the blog tab. 

Spring = Change

If I were to pick a season that is for me, it would be the fall, hands down. However, the spring brings change that shows new life and for that, I have to say this year for me the best season is right now. The spring is resilient and beautiful, with changes and uncertainty but one thing is assured that the strong will survive. 

The crossvines around the house are growing uncontrollably and they are on their second blooms of the season. I was worried they bloomed too early (because we had no winter) and that would effect the spring cycle, but they shed the first blooms during a strong wind storm and the next week had new growth popping… it is simply beautiful, the cycle of life. 


With the new Twitter update it has made it impossible for everyone to view the #dailytonypics unless you have an account, so I thought I would periodically add the pics here. I hope that you all will enjoy them just as much as you would if you could view them as they were posted on Twitter. 

Weekend Sale

This weekend I am offering an $11 sale, in honor of my 11 year online anniversary. By joining this weekend you take advantage of the lowest rate offered in years with full member benefits. This includes 11 years of content plus 100+ hours of LIVE cam shows each month. I update my site weekly (usually on Friday) and I am interactive with everyone via email, blog comments, twitter and on cam. 

For easy access to the sale link, click here. 

Book Recommendation

I used to be an avid reader. I used to travel for business and would read 2-3 books in a week while sitting in airports, hotel rooms or waiting on people to do what they should have done prior to my arrival. I had no problem waiting as long as I had a good book to read. 

Over the last couple of years I have not made the time to read but I think it is time that I change that. I have just recently gave away most of my books, which was hard for me to do, but I am downsizing for a reason. With that said, I am going to try getting use to a “reader” or whatever those electronic devices are called that is like a new age book. 

Do you have a recommendation? I prefer non-fiction but I am not opposed to a good murder mystery from time to time. 

Blogger Needed

Good grief! It has been a long while since I have blogged and that is unusual for me. I think I need to hire a blogger to fill in what I have been lacking, and that is the ability to maintain this blog. So, who would like the job? It will most definitely come with benefits, or else why would you want to do it for free? I will continue to call you “mine”, expect your weekend plans report Thursday night and a full disclosure conversation in open chat Monday. I will also expect you to keep me amused and laughing, but require you to post at least four threads a week to start with and by the second month it will be required that you do a daily posting. 

In case you missed the initial comment on pay, you will do it for FREE. However, the benefits are endless. 

Just think about it and post your reply here, please and thank you.

Complete a Sentence

I want you to give me a complete sentence. 

One Word


Member Shows

Most of you follow my Twitter feed, but some of you probably are wondering what happened to the Monday and Tuesday member shows. Today is the first that I have been out of bed since Sunday, with the exception of my trip to see the doc. All is well, I finally caught what everyone else has had for the last month or so. 

I am not up for doing 1 hour shows just yet, so let’s plan on having 4 member shows next week. How does Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday work for you guys? 

If you are new to my site, please know that it is very unusual for me to cancel a week of shows, but I will ALWAYS make them up; if not the same week, the following week. 

Do Not Be a Growler

Are you a growler, a bellyacher, a complainer, a grump? Do you find yourself making a fuss more than not? 

We all have our moments, which sometimes turns into a day, or maybe even a week, but some people are constantly negative. I admit, there are days that it is hard to find the positive in all the overwhelming chaos and responsibilities, but no one enjoys connecting with someone who is a negative-Nellie. 

You might find people more receptive to listening to your bad day if you try to be positive on the good days. I am just saying that if each time you converse with a friend and it is a whoa-is-me discussion, you might find that people tune you out when you start talking. Just think about it and then dig deep and find your happy! lol. 

No Show

Hello! I am elbow deep in taxes today, so there will not be a member’s show tonight but I will make it up later in the week. I promise!

Here is the place to tell me – Thursday or Friday and 8p or 11p EST

Happy Birthday, Sweet Lady!

Today is Glenda’s birthday and you all know how much I love to celebrate other people’s special day. She is one of my most favorites because she is everything sweet and joyful. She can light up a room just by walking through the door. She has amazing energy, a sweet, sweet disposition and, more than anything, she is good people. 

If you have been to one of our annual parties, you have met her in person and you know exactly what I am talking about. If you know her only from Twitter, you are able to get a good read on who she is. Regardless of how you know her, let’s all wish her a beautiful and happy birthday. 

Love you, Glenda! 

TGIF: The Weekend is Here!

I have been out of touch with you all this week and I have missed you guys! It has been a busy week here, but all is well. 

How was your week and what are your weekend plans?