Birthday Calendar

Last year with all of the changes I made, I had to replace my phone and for some reason my calendar did not switch over. I am sure it was a setting that I messed up when I was trying to keep the iCloud from ruling every aspect of my life. lol. At any rate, I am afraid that I have missed a few important days already and would like to correct that and start anew, with a hand written calendar, which if I am being honest suits me a lot better! Had I not tried to conform with this new tech minded era I would still have my damn birthday’s! 

Okay, so please even if you do not comment very often this is one that is a requirement! Go!

A Titillating Conversation

Me: How’s it going?

Him: I am having a terrible day.

Me: Aww, I am sorry.

Him: It has been a bad day.

Me: Sorry that you have had a bad day. So, what is going on this afternoon?

Him: Today has been terrible.

Me: Okay, would you like to talk about it?

Him: Yeah, it has been a terrible day.

Me: Yeah, you have fucking said that already. Four fucking times, to be exact. 

Me: Today is fucking terrible. I get it.

Him: What’s bothering you bb?

Me: Are you in my cam room just to fuck with me? Is this a joke, or what? *eye roll* 

Him: … no, but I think something is bothering you. 


Polling ALL Member’s

The Tuesday night member show has been at 8p EST for 12 years now, but I am wondering if it is time for a change. 

Does 8p EST work for you? Yes or No

Would you prefer a later time, say 11p EST? Yes or No

Does Tuesday still work for you, or would Thursday be better?

Baklava. Gone.

I am struggling to get through my day and to make matters worse, the baklava is gone! All gone! The next baklava holiday is not until July 17th, which happens to be Dawn Marie’s birthday. If you are not aware, she loves her some birthday and it is my favorite of all birthday’s! 


A Well Deserved Rant

This is a rant, and I must say it is fucking well deserved. 

This afternoon I was perusing my Twitter timeline when I saw a post by another lady that is on my same network. She, or her husband, I honestly don’t know that she is even involved, other than a video here and there. But, that is neither here, nor there. You know why? Because that is how they choose to run her site, and quiet honestly, it is none of my business. I think it is crappy, but who am I to fucking blast that online when it does not effect my site, or how I choose to operate. Until now… obviously. 

There are a couple things that annoy me about this backhanded promotion. One, she is using an affiliate code so instead of getting my normal percentage, she is getting most. I understand that is part of the business, hell, I have affiliate links that I use as well, however, not within the same network. What I mean is, I use affiliates on cam sites and a few membership based sites, that I am not on. But, hey, I do not expect everyone to have my same viewpoints. Whatever. 

With that said, I do expect to be highlighted in the same manner that I am through my site. We all have our fantasies, our fetishes, our likes and dislikes and I do not judge anyone for theirs, even if it is not for me. Again, whatever. 

Here is the post that has me fucking riled up tonight. 

I do not need to be recognized for Mother’s day because I am not a mom. I have never tagged myself as a MILF, or referred to myself in such a fashion. I am quick to correct people who do consider me a MILF. Just because I am 41, does not make it so. This fucking post is not only disrespectful to me, but to all mother’s out there who have gone through the trials and tribulations of motherhood. And, if that is not bad enough, towards the end she states “She’d love to call you Daddy!” –> I have NEVER referred to someone as such, and when someone enters my cam room with that screen name, I do not greet them. It is fucking degrading, in my opinion. If you do not think so, that is fine and acceptable (for YOU). No where on my site have I ever used that term. You won’t find that term on Twitter either. You know why? Because I have NEVER used it. 

If you think I am finished, I am not because there is more. In his blog post he gives you three of my past updates. When I say they are old content, they are pushing 6-9 years, and he must have downloaded each set to his hard drive when it was a “buy one, gain access to all” because he literally gives away most of the set that is on my paid site. SMH. 

I believe in supporting each other and always stay positive and upbeat, with an occasional rant. This is one rant that I would not normally make, but to be blasted on a blog in a way that is disrespectful and to not even ask me first, well, that does not deserve any respect in return. That also does not deserve a private conversation because I was not given the courtesy to say- yeah, no. 

You do you, and I will do me. If I choose to promote someone, I will stay true to who they are, not what I think will sell. Promote with honesty, it might do better than you know. 

Gifts Aplenty!

Goodness, you guys are always so thoughtful and generous. I just got home from the PO Box and had a seat full of surprises! 

Molly, you are a giver, that is for sure. You never think twice about doing something for others; sometimes for a chuckle (Peanuts and Cracker Jacks) and other times it is sincere thoughtfulness. You have supplied me in a summer of reading and I cannot wait to start on the first book – the one that Kayla suggested for me from my twitter post several weeks ago. I am currently reading a book now, but hope to be finished this weekend and will promptly start turning the pages of “Before We Were Yours”. 

Bubba, thank you for the sexy top and bra combination. I love that look and the color is new to my wardrobe. I look forward to wearing it in a video very soon- hopefully June will be for creating new content. 

Stephen, I love, love, love candles. The soft scent that gently fills the home is so soothing and it relaxes me, especially on my days off. Thank you! What a thoughtful surprise! 

Rodney, you continue to shower me with kindness, whether it is my birthday, or not. Thank you for another beautiful top. I love the Patty Boutique line and have never been disappointed with their clothes. 

New and Exciting Stuff

At least I think that it is exciting. For the last couple of years I have had a “FREE” snapchat. It was given to member’s of my site or won in raffle games on Chaturbate, but regardless of how you came to have my ID, it was basically given at no additional charge. I would add pictures as I had time, sometimes right before I hopped on cam, or while I was running errands out and about. These were only teasers, never full on nudity. 

I now have a Premium SnapChat and will be adding pictures throughout my days. There will be teasers, because, let’s face it, nudes only would be boring, but there will be a mix of nudes, close ups, creamy cum shots and more. I plan to also play around with the video option to give you guys some real time videos. 

Actually, I am going to be honest, Rob is so pumped about the new Premium SnapChat option that I cannot help but be just as excited. He puts so much time and effort into maintaining my site, along with the 20+ he and Dawn Marie own, that if he thinks it should be given a shot, I am all for it. 

Now, for the details of this Premium SnapChat option.

If you are a member of my site, it is available to you for $10.00, and that banner-link can be found inside of my club. The banner to look for is below:

If you are not a member, then click on the link below for access to join; it is $13.95 without a membership. 

Lone Star Angel on SnapChat


“Take Me Out to the Ball Game . . . “

“Take me out with the crowd;
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack,”

Several weeks ago I posted a thread about spring and baseball, because with one comes the other, and the title was “Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack . . .”; when I did a PO Box run, I had peanuts and cracker jacks waiting for me. Molly, you always make me smile. I knew immediately who they were from, before I even read the cute note. Thank you for having such an amazing spirit and good energy, even when you are stressed. 


A Plethora of Wishes

In the last year I have made many changes, some that are well known, while others have been kept close to home. In that year I have been shown some amazing support, encouragement and been lifted up with hugs and concern.

Yesterday was my birthday; I spent a quiet morning offline, before deciding to turn the cam on. I had phone calls, text messages, emails, tweets and many visitors in my cam room wishing me happy birthday’s and special messages. I just wanted to say that the abundance of people who not only took the time yesterday, but over the last year, to check on me and send happy thoughts and well wishes mean more to me than you know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Thursday Happenings

It cannot be said that I am not giving you guys plenty of notice and reminders on where you are supposed to be this week. Nope! 

Today is a lot like Tuesday, but reversed in a way. We will do a bonus show early and then the member’s show later in the night.

Thursday (May 3rd) – Streamate Banner 8p EST 20 minutes

Thursday (May 3rd) – Streamate Banner 11p EST 1 hour 

Lingerie, Too Many? Nope!

I absolutely love lingerie. It is classy, sexy and so timeless. It does not matter whether it is a corset, bra/panty set, a nightie or something skimpy. I love lingerie! In fact, I have two drawers full of negligee.

A few weeks ago I received a surprise package from Rodney and it was another beautiful nightie. A pink one! I have already worn it on cam and had so many compliments I will most definitely wear it often. Thank you! 

On With Our Week on Cam

Sunday and Monday was fun, all thanks to you and everyone that joined me on or via my site for the two member shows. 

Now we have today to contend with and it includes the regularly scheduled show, but also a bonus as a way to show my appreciation for your time and company. I appreciate that you chose my site when you could have easily picked someone else. However, I hope the member’s only shows was just one of many reasons for your decision. 

At any rate, below are the two shows for tonight:

Tuesday (May 1st) – Streamate Banner 8p EST 1 hour

Tuesday (May 1st) – Streamate Banner 11p EST 20 minutes

Oh, Nickster

You have always been one of the most thoughtful and generous people I have met. You are always surprising me, and usually without any reason at all, other than you just enjoy giving. You are one of a kind. 

I love the boustier lingerie that you sent last month, along with the panties. And, because you realized I am still replacing clothes that I had to leave behind, you sent another package of panties and with it, a pair of beautiful earrings. 

You are an absolute gem, Nick. Thank you!

Busy Week on Cam

I would like to thank you all for being patient with me and the member shows that I have had to reschedule. Most of you have been with me for a long while, but there are a few newcomers and you guys have all been so understanding and accepting of the rescheduled shows. As much as you say that I do not owe you an apology, or there is no need for thanks to be given, I respectfully disagree. You chose my site to join and along with that membership is a promise of cam shows and availability online. Last week the interaction was minimum and the member shows were nonexistent. So, I do owe both an apology and a thanks. 

Moving on. This week is going to be busy on cam, just to make up for last week and also keep up with the current week of shows. 

Sunday and Monday I will be online at (if you are a member of mine you have FREE access to all gold shows). 

The member shows will be on the network, and the banner can be found on my club page. 

Sunday (Apr 29th) – VNALive 11p EST 1 hour

Monday (Apr 30th) – VNAlive 11p EST 1 hour

It is going to be a busy and fun filled week. I hope to see you throughout, but if not, please have yourself a wonderful week.

So Many Thanks

Last month I received several packages of goodies and surprises. Some were off of my wishlist while others were just because. You guys really are amazing.

One package was full of stockings, leggings and fishnets. I love leggings and fishnets. They can make any outfit classy and sexy, all in one! 

This was from a Twitter friend, who might want to stay anonymous, but I keep forgetting to ask. lol. 

I will wear the fishnets year round, and the leggings will probably be part of my wardrobe for 8 out of the 12 months now that I am in northern Nevada. Four seasons is a beautiful thing. 

Thank you for being thoughtful and for sending me a surprise without asking for anything in return. *hugs*


Meet Malkia

This post has been a long time coming, and one that Dwwindsor has gingerly suggested a few times. In November I chose to foster a sweet elephant; her name is Malkia. 

Here is her story:

Walking the plains of Tsavo for many years has been a regal old lady, always easily recognized by her distinctive ivory. This year however, the dry season has been long and harsh and with poor April/May rains, it proved too much for this aging female elephant, who was found collapsed with a young calf by her side.

Elephants have six sets of teeth to last them a lifetime, and as the years progress new sets come through, however once they are on their very last set of teeth these get worn over time, and there is nothing like a brutal dry season to amplify this problem. We believe this is what happened to this beautiful matriarch.

A driver from Tsavo Trust first reported the situation to the DSWT funded Mobile Veterinary Unit’s Dr. Poghon, when they found the mother recumbent on the windswept Dika plains, withered and gaunt and in extremely poor body condition, but with no evidence of any wounds or injuries. Her family stood vigil as the DSWT’s Rescue Team together with KWS rangers lifted her to her feet multiple times. Sadly, she was unable to stand and just crumpled to the ground each time. It was clear her life force was ebbing away and it would be necessary to rescue her young milk dependent calf, approximately six months old, who already was undernourished, presumably as a result of her mother’s compromised condition and lack of milk. 

This old queen of the plains was humanely euthanized to save her the indignation and suffering of being torn apart by predators, whilst her baby was rescued as night approached and was then driven to the Voi stockades where she was placed in one of our taming stockades. She had greens carefully cut for her which she fed on throughout the night, and Keeper Julius slept in the stockade bunk-bed close to her, to keep her company. The presence of an interested army of dependent Voi elephants surrounding her stockade helped settle her as they rumbled in low tones, comforting and reassuring her. She even slept for a while having endured quite the ordeal; how long her mother had been in a collapsed state before being discovered is unknown.

We have called this gorgeous little girl Malkia, which means ‘queen’ in Swahili, in deference to her lost mother, who for sure walked the Tsavo plains even in David Sheldrick’s time, when he was warden of Tsavo some 40 years ago. Considering her impressive ivory, she was lucky to have lived out a long and full life. Now it is our responsibility to look after her precious baby until she too can walk the same plains in the fullness of time as a wild elephant once more. 

In the meantime, both lifesaving milk and tender care and attention is necessary to save a calf, so a rescue aircraft was immediately dispatched the next morning on the 17th of September with our Nursery Keepers on board, to collect the baby and bring her to the Nursery for the care that we are able to administer here. When the Cessna Caravan aircraft landed on the Voi airstrip our Voi Keepers were already there prepared and ready with the baby, eager to load her quickly so as not to delay. Her screams however attracted a wild herd passing by the airfield at the time and a wild matriarch was insistent on rescuing the distressed baby. So much so that her agitated herd were fast approaching the stationary aircraft on the airstrip. The DSWT driver had to position the Landcruiser vehicle between the wild herd and the loading party so as to prevent a disaster from unfolding. This herd is not her family herd, as she was orphaned many miles away from the Voi airfield.

The baby was prepared for the flight, laid on a mattress, placed on a canvas stretcher so she could be ably lifted into the back of the plane, which had already had the seats removed allowing for ample space for her to lie recumbent throughout the 1 hour flight with a Keeper by her side. She was hydrated with a drip for the duration of the flight and arrived safely at the Nursery by 1.30pm in the afternoon. She immediately fed on milk for the first time since being rescued, which was a relief, but she did look exceptionally tired and was ready to lie down on the soft hay of her stable to sleep.

Malkia has thrived in the Nursery, aided by her forceful nature. She is a very determined and mischievous little girl, whose presence here has certainly been felt. Despite being so young when rescued, and under such sad circumstances, she has settled fast; loving and affectionate to her Keepers from the outset.

Malkia and her little friend Esampu have become extremely greedy and vociferous at meal times, with every feeding time accompanied by noise and barging! Despite being so small they can be extremely disruptive giving the Keepers quite the run around. We are happy to report that Malkia has assimilated into Nursery life seamlessly and appears extremely happy and content amongst the other orphans and her now much loved human family.

A Reminder of Friendly Intentions

This is just a friendly reminder that this week I am tied up and cannot be in front of a cam, which means no member shows. That means no VNALive show tomorrow (Monday), Tuesday show, Thursday Bonus or any random gold shows that member’s have FREE access to. I literally will be offline from Monday until Thursday. lol. 

With that said, I have already rescheduled so that next week will make it up ten-fold. 

Sunday (Apr 29th) – VNALive 11p EST 1 hour

Monday (Apr 30th) – VNAlive 11p EST 1 hour

Tuesday (May 1st) – Streamate Banner 8p EST 1 hour

Tuesday (May 1st) – Streamate Banner 11p EST 20 minutes

Thursday (May 3rd) – Streamate Banner 8p EST 20 minutes

Thursday (May 3rd) – Streamate Banner 11p EST 1 hour 


I am doing a promotion this weekend, that I have never done before. If you join my site for a reduced rate of $17.95 (normally 20.95), I will give you 5 FREE minutes, or half off of 10 minutes for a Skype session. It is up to you as to how we spend those minutes. This is a chance to have fun and get to know each other. 


Skype special for this weekend ONLY. All new joins will receive a 5 minute FREE Skype session, or half off of a 10 minute session, normally a $35 value (payable via Venmo). Please email me at to schedule a time that works for both you and me. This offer must be used by Tuesday May 1ST, or it expires.


Pizza. What?

Pizza is something that I have never craved, or ordered in a restaurant, but it is a staple in most homes. Or, so it seems from someone who could take it or leave it. Now, with that said, I have always preferred pepperoni and cheese, with NO OTHER TOPPINGS, but have usually had meat lovers ordered- which means every type of meat that is in the kitchen gets put on 1 pizza, regardless of small, medium or large. In the last few months I have enjoyed a plain pepperoni pizza, and now actually look forward to an easy night of pizza delivery. What is your opinion on pizza? Do you love it, or is it a disgusting mess of mixed veggies and meat that is “blech”!?

Not This Week!

This next week is going to be one of chaos and scattered days on cam. Well, not so much scattered as in the beginning and end, with no in between.

Sunday I will be on during the morning, for a short period of time (2 hours), and then I have an obligation in the afternoon, but will be back online around dinner time.

Friday I will be online all day, with NO INTERRUPTIONS. Or, should I say, none that I am aware of right now.

Unfortunately, Mon-Thurs I will be traveling and out of touch, besides the random tweet. If you email me, please be patient.

Now, for the Member’s shows. I will not be doing any shows next week and if you are new to my site, this is extremely rare, but I will make it up to you the following week. I will post a show schedule once we get closer and will Tweet reminders. Again, it is rare for me to not maintain a weekly show schedule so please know that you will still receive the promised shows within your membership.


I cannot help but respond to BB, with more BB’s than necessary, even in paid chat. It is a compulsive disorder that I have recently developed and there is no rehabilitation in the near future. BB this, BB that, BB what, BB yes. BB everywhere! 

What you say, BB? BB, I know, right? BB is your name, right? That is what I thought, BB. BB! 

Quick Schedule Change

Hey there! I am so sorry to have a second week with rescheduled shows, but it is a chaotic time for me and it cannot be avoided. If you are new to my site, thank you and welcome. Please know that this is rare and I will never cancel a show, but from time to time I do need to reschedule. 

I will be online tomorrow (Tuesday) until around 7-730p, and won’t be back online until Thursday. The Tuesday night show will be moved to Thursday at 11p EST – I know this is late for some of you, but the earlier shows have been slowly declining in member joins, but the late night shows have been a success, so that seems to be what is working best for most right now.


Join me Thursday at 11p EST 

Today Marks 12 Years Online!

Twelve years ago today I was sitting at the computer hitting refresh every few minutes to see if my site was online. I was excited and nervous at the prospect of hearing from strangers across the world, and exploring a new avenue of the world wide web. I had decided to open an online site at the urging of a friend whom had started one herself, but mostly for some extra money. I had no idea the doors it would open, the changes it would create and the business it would become. 

I have met some amazing people; some are just a passing memory, but many that I consider to be good friends and a few are family. I am grateful for the community that has grown because of my site (and cam life) and cannot imagine a day without you all in my world. To those who have followed me throughout the years and stayed, thank you! For those that have kept up with me and joined from time to time, thank you! If you have only joined my site once, thank you. It is because of each of you, that I am still online today and I have a lot of plans for the next several years and I am excited to see what there is still to come. 

There will be a weekend sale, to honor 12 years online. Join Friday through Monday morning for ONLY $12.00 —> this is a one time offer and will not be extended past this weekend.  

News and Happenings

Hello and happy Thursday! I hope this finds you doing well and having a beautiful week! It seems that Mother Nature is indecisive and being moody. It is flooding with early tornadoes in some areas, while warm one day, snowing the next in other regions. I love rain, snow and windy days that are gloomy, but also look forward to the sun shining soon. I am ready to get out and start planting a summer garden; granted, that might not happen for another 2 months, but it is something I am happy to patiently wait for. Having four seasons is so good for me! 

I sent out a newsletter this morning, so if you have already subscribed, check your inbox. If you do not have a subscription to my newsletter, you can correct that wrong by clicking on this link. I try to send out one each month, but sometimes fall short on that. This month, however, there will be a few because of special sales and offers I will be promoting throughout the month to celebrate 12 years online. 

I had planned to be in Austin earlier this week, but the trip was cancelled at the last minute. Unfortunately, I had already rescheduled all of the member’s shows for later in the week. I will be doing one of the makeup shows tonight at 11p EST, which can be accessed through the “Live Cam” tab in the club area of my site. 

Some of you may have heard, or read on Twitter, that I will no longer be offering Skype sessions after April. With all of the changes to the adult industry, and the uncertainty of regulations, Microsoft has rewritten their policies, which affect Skype users. Starting May 1st, they will not allow any nudity on Skype, regardless of whether you are paying for the time, or sharing intimate moments with your partner. Granted, they won’t be monitoring every single user, but the chance of them doing so is probably greater for those of us in the adult industry. This is just a safety precaution more than anything. There are a few replacements that I am looking into, and hope to have those options available soon. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope to hear from you, whether it is in the comments below or through email —> 

I Have Made a Decision

I am going to find and buy a piece of antique furniture for a spare bedroom. I really love the old styles and simplicity of yesteryears, and most vintage pieces were strongly built with solid wood, not particle scraps pressed together by machine. I do not know what the piece is just yet, but I will find it soon and then take a picture for you. lol.