Fun in Mexico

For this week’s bonus set, I share some personal pictures with you that I took during my trip to Mexico. That was almost two years ago now, isn’t that crazy?

Our small boutique style resort had a cozy sports bar, and we were the only guests that were enjoying an afternoon beer. I took some quick pictures while one of the employees watched the front door for us.. it was risky and a lot of fun!

A Video with a Twist

This week’s video update is one that I am very excited about. It is one that was just an idea, but with the help of MtnMan, it became a reality. I shot this using two cameras, which I have never done before. It took a bit to set up, but once I started it was seamless. I had a lot of cuts and splices when it was time to edit, but it was well worth all of the time it took on both ends to produce this video.

I have always run my site without much help, but when it came to editing I always had someone else do it. In the last two years I have learned a lot with the help and direction of a few people, and it is something that I will never forget. I now edit all of my videos (thanks to Rob spending a weekend with me), and I am still learning along the way, but it has broadened my abilities in that I understand what I can do in front of and behind the camera now. I feel like my videos have only gotten better and that has given me motivation to keep new ideas fresh and fun.

Tomorrow’s video release is “POV: Squirt”. I sit on a clear chair with one camera in front of me and one underneath me. This is truly a POV style video with several cuts along the way to give you an idea of what it would be like for me to be on top of you, squirting. It is messy, and it is definitely wet. I am very excited for you to view this video and I would love to hear your feedback, if you are willing to share.

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This Week’s Bonus . . .

A Night to Remember

I will never forget this night. We were new to each other, having fun and taking pictures before you ravaged me all night. I think the “photoshoot” heightened both of our sexual desires that evening. It was incredibly hot and intense, and something that I think of often. As you click through our photo album, I hope that you will stroke your dick and enjoy the memories and remember that passionate night we shared. Let’s plan on meeting up sometime soon. I want to see if we can top that night that was still going as the sun came up the next morning… 

A Friday Teaser for You

I am not sure that I mentioned this awhile back, but it was suggested by a long time member that I start giving you guys weekly teasers of what is to come. I would like to say that I will stay on top of it, but let’s just see how well I do for the next month. The majority of you are probably tired of hearing me say this, but August is a month of giveaways, and if you are someone who has watched me expand my site from the outside, this is a time that I hope you will choose to take the plunge and join.

I give more than you will find on most paid sites. That is a guarantee. You have access to the entire network of cam shows. I give you access to my daily chat room, which also gives you entry to all gold shows I run while on cam. You, of course, have to enter through my site for both of those entry points. I update every Friday, with bonuses thrown out there through the weeks from time to time. I am interactive and available via email and on Twitter. I do not “member-check” you before replying.

On with it, I know. This week’s video release is another boy-girl and it is a messy, messy blowjob, with silky precum oozing out all over my tongue and chin, and then with massive amounts of sperm. I run my fingers through his cum on my stomach and boobs, and drip it into my mouth, swallowing a messy load, as I play with it for you. You will even see me almost gag because I dripped cum and it fell straight down my tongue, hitting my throat… I love sucking dick and I certainly enjoy swallowing. Maybe you could be next. *wink* 

Have a Coffee with Me

This is a month of bonus sets and more videos than most months. Wednesday’s bonus will be a set of pictures, and I’d like for you to join me for a coffee, or a tea if that is your preference.

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Something Positive

I would love to get some interaction going on this blog again. It’s been kind of stagnant, which is 100% my fault…

I want you to share something positive, but you must respond to the last comment first.

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One of My Favorite Days!

It is true, I absolutely love birthday’s. Today is another favorite for me, although, he feels it’s just another day, and he would be just fine going unnoticed, you know I cannot allow that to happen. NOPE. I do not have it in me to wish that on him, so let’s celebrate Kevin!

KEVIN! I have always enjoyed your company and you are definitely part of our online group here, so I feel you are reason to be celebrated today! Happy, happy birthday! I do hope that you have had a wonderfully beautiful, and quiet (because that’s what you hope for) day.

Another Birthday for Us to Celebrate!

Please join me in wishing hmfast a very happy birthday! He’s going to take a vacation this year, and that makes me happy!

HM – you deserve a happy birthday, but even more than that, a nice, relaxing vacation. You need to get away and have a true break, and I do hope that you are able to disconnect from everyone for awhile.