The 64 Picks

Last year I joined Dawn Marie’s football pool and had so much fun guessing the winners that I wanted to extend my amusement into March Madness. It seemed easier for me to pick teams last year because I had an article that discussed each team and their weaknesses, which aided in my guessing strategy. This year, that was not possible because all I could find were articles from sports nuts and columnists writing as though their only readers are well versed in basketball jargon. Now my brain hurts trying to decipher who is who, from the college name to the mascots, and who is going to be “seeded” and who is just a pile of losers. I think I got it though and Xavier is going to take it all. Although, I do recall I was a big fan of Gorgoza last year and they went far, that is not the case this year. Gorgangola was also a top pick last year and they are not even in the 64 teams this year. That goes to show you how teams can go from winners to losers in one game! 


A Family Bond

It is well known that I want an elephant. They truly should be admired, loved and worshipped. Here is something that one of my Ele sites posted this morning and it is worth a share:

They say that nothing is more important to an elephant than family.

Elephants are well-known for their complex, multi-layered social networks led by an older female. Known as the matriarch, these wise female elephants carry with them a lifetime of inherited wisdom that helps the whole herd survive; where to find water, where to find food, when to avoid danger.

While studies of African elephants show the clear dominance of the matriarch in a herd, for Asian elephants the hierarchy appears to be a little more relaxed. Scientists suggest that this may be because Asian elephants live in more ecologically robust environments, where food and water is generally available and predators are few. Yet the importance of inherited wisdom remains critical for herd survival.

In elephant families:
• Females are in charge: most herds are made up of a matriarch, her sisters, daughters and calves. Family units range in size from 3 to 25 but they sometimes come together in much larger gatherings around watering holes and food sources.
• There are babysitters: the females help look after each other’s calves. It helps young females learn how to look after the young. The chances of survival greatly increase for a calf when females are around and willing to take care of it.
• There is a strong bond: elephants develop strong bonds between friends and family members. They mourn the death of loved ones and have been known to return to areas where family members have died.
• Calves are protected: when the herd is on the move the calves will sometimes hold their mother’s tails with their trunks, while other females surround them to protect them from danger.
• Males tend to be nomadic: adult male elephants live a largely solitary life. When they reach puberty (12-15 years old) the males become more independent and often join more loosely knit ‘bachelor’ herds. They will mate with a female but leave the mother and her herd to raise the calf. 
• Sometimes the family separates: this can be influenced by availability of food and water, how well the herd gets on, or the death of a matriarch. This means that different herds living over vast terrain can be related and are known to keep in touch through rumbling calls.


In the past year I have learned that family does not always consist of those we are born into, but those we meet and love along the way. Family are those that check on you when the fun has run out and life has set in. Family is what you make it along the path you have chosen, and those that deserve your love and respect in return are who your family will be. Cherish those closest to you and no matter the distance, they will always be there when you need them the most. 

This Needs to Stop! ! !

Yesterday’s adulting has shoved its way into my today and it seriously needs to stop! WHY can’t each day be a NO PHONE CALL policy day? Seriously? I do just fine online and via text, there is no reason that we cannot devise an insurance plan without a phone call. lol. Just let me pay $50 a month and don’t tell me it won’t cover any doctor visits or real life needs. Just do something on your computer screen and make it happen. 


Pfft! Adulting. Ack! 

I think being an adult comes with great advantages, and have never been one of those to wish time could be reversed as to give me a do-over. Nope. I much prefer life as an adult, I have to be honest, but goddamn it, some days I want to not adult. I was looking for health insurance Saturday night, and found a site with several options. When I woke up Sunday morning I had an email from a gentleman, wanting to discuss options. So, back and forth we go, exchanging emails and then he needs to discuss it further over the phone. WHAAAA? Because I need to just get it over with, I call him, with the understanding I have 10 minutes and that is it. After a few minutes on the phone, he suggests one policy that I feel is way out of my needed terms necessary, but of course he gives the speil that heart attacks are the number one cause of medical bankruptcy, blah blah blah. He is an insurance agent, need I say more? So, I ask him to send me the original quote information, along with something comparable that would be more reasonably priced. I made the mistake of giving him a number and after we hung up he managed to find one under $2.00 of what I suggested, and within 5 minutes. SMH. 

So, now he wants to call me tomorrow morning so we can go over the policy and he can do a health screen of my medical history and all that bullshit. Blech! Do I have to? On one hand I think paying the penalty would be okay for this year, with everything else going on, but on the other hand I don’t want to be without insurance if my brain explodes one day with an aneurysm.

Fucking adulting. It is the pits today! 

New Beginnings and New Seasons

G’morning! I hope this finds you doing well and rebounding from the hour lost over the weekend. It baffles me as to why we continue to honor such dated ideas. Granted, it once made sense to extend the day to give more sunlight, but not in today’s day and age. It is unhealthy and ridiculous, but that is not the reason for this post, so moving on…

I have been slogging away, trying to get to the end of my past, while also living in the present and hoping for a bright future. With that said, I was not able to finalize anything during my trip to Austin last week and, unfortunately, I need to return at the beginning of next month in hopes to settle everything. But, we shall see. Because that has consumed most of my time offline I have not found time to send out a monthly newsletter since the first of the year. I hope to do that this weekend and there will be a lot of specials announced and news regarding my April anniversary month. It seems like we were just celebrating ten years online, and now we are approaching 12; unbelievable! 

Along with turning the page on yesteryear and looking forward to the many tomorrow’s, we are coming up on my first Spring in the north and I am looking forward to having a garden of plenty with blooms and bushes, but also planters on the front stoop. With warm weather starting this week, I am having a hard time talking myself out of going to the garden center to by a plant. lol. Today it is warm enough to melt the rest of the snow from a couple weeks ago, but Wednesday-Friday it is snowing, again, so spring might not be right around the corner for me, but I am not complaining because I love having an actual winter. Maybe I will buy another house plant on Wednesday. lol.



Friendly Reminder . . .

This is your friendly reminder that the member show’s this week are being rescheduled, and won’t take place tonight, or tomorrow night. In fact, Monday and Tuesday is just cancelled completely this week, so go back to bed and forget you opened your eyes. If you don’t mind, I will do the same and we can pretend it is next week and the sun is fucking shining on all of us. 

Okay, but seriously, there won’t be a VNA show tonight or a Tuesday night show tomorrow. I have not rescheduled the Tuesday show yet, so that is still TBA, but I the VNA show will be next Sunday at 11p EST. Next week is going to be full of member’s shows, and you are going to have a busy schedule, so I hope you are prepared and have already made arrangements to join me. lol.

Okay, that’s all for now.. hope you are having a wonderful Monday and I hope to see you soon!

Texas and Change

Well, Texas has not changed since I left. People are still moving to the Austin area at a rapid pace and the roads are jammed full of commuters and weekenders. It has definitely become a destination city for tourists and transplants. So, there is that. Blech. Traffic. Ack! 

Winter Has Arrived!

The long awaited winter has finally arrived! It has been snowing here for days and there is well over a foot of fluffy snow everywhere! It is damn cold and bright white out every window of my  house! I have to say, it is truly beautiful to have four seasons, and with this being my first winter it was nice to have a mild one, but I am so thankful that we finally got a real snow storm before the seasons change. 

I do not know many people who love the snow, or even like the cold, but after living in Texas most of my life I am so tired of the summer droughts and one season that I am excited to experience a cold climate for a change. My hands are dry and I am always bundled up, but when I need to wear flip flops I will just hop on a plane and go fly towards the sun, but it will be short lived and bearable! It will not be in August though, I am certain that entire month is actually hell on earth, no matter where you live! 

I would love to see pictures of what your weather is like, so please feel free to share one, none or all. 

A Break and an Onion

I have spent the day knee deep and elbow high (if that is a thing) in paper work and getting my T’s crossed and my I’s dotted. In doing so, I am deleting pics that I no longer need and I came across this gem, which is worth a mention, and it is giving me a much needed break from the bullshit stack of papers and numbers.

In November I shoved two spuds into a pot of dirt because they were sprouting like crazy, which should have been a clue as to the massive growth rate they would have once watered. It, however, was not a clue and within a few days the sprouts turned into long arms and before long were towering over me. It was crazy how quickly they grew. In early February, one by one, each stem started to die. This process was also quick and when I say that, I mean the stem was healthy, and then it was dead. All in a day. There is one last stem that has flourished on its own and it refuses to give up, so I continue to water the lone surviver and hope that both potatoes that are laying the the darkness of the soil are not secretly rotting away while I wait for this last stem to turn dead. 

Now that you have that back story, I had an onion sprout almost as soon as I rescued it from the produce department of my local grocery store. I was tempted to stick it in the dirt with the potatoes, but after much consideration, I decided to go ahead and eat it with the crock pot dish I made that day. 

I am wondering what is going on with the locals around here because I am surrounded by farm lands and the vegetables should not be sprouting as soon as they make it to the stores.. Do you think they are feeding their lots miracle grow?

Next Week

Hello! I just want to let you all know that I need to take a few days off because I will be going to Texas. This won’t be a fun trip, but it is a necessary step in the divorce process. 

I won’t be online until Wednesday of next week, so Friday will be the last day to see me for a few days. 

March 5th VNA Schedule Change

I need to reschedule the March 5th VNA show and will make it up on Sunday, March 11th at 11p EST. This week will have 3 back-to-back member shows. 

Sunday, March 11th at 11p EST via the VNALive banner

Monday, March 12th at 11p EST via the VNALive banner

Tuesday, March 13th at 8p EST via the Streamate banner

If you are new to my site, you should know that I never cancel a show, but will occasionally need to reschedule our time together. That is rare, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. 

All member’s of mine have access to the Streamate banner, via my club page, and you are always welcome to join me if I am online. Sometimes it will be a fun chat, but usually you can catch me running a gold show, which you have free access to. This is above and beyond the weekly member shows that are scheduled. 


Now that I am cooking for myself, and have had the job of deciding what I am going to eat each day, I have taken full advantage of red meats and pork chop dishes. Although, until recently, it was more red meat than white, I still feel like it would be beneficial to start implementing a no-meat-day, once a week. 

I love salads, but I need more substance than most lettuce dishes provide. Do you have a recipe, or suggestion? I am not opposed to salads for a meal, as long as it has a meaty ingredient, such as a poblano mushroom. Now, I have never been a big fan of shrooms, and I am still trying to decide if I like them, but JoAnn (of Jo and Bo) made a salad with poblano’s and it was delicious. Also, MtnMan (of Nevada) loves mushrooms so I have been trying different dishes with them in it. I am up for trying new things and if I don’t like it, I won’t eat it again. 

Don’t forget I am a master-crock-potter so I am also open to suggestions for cooked meals. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog posts, and to comment… commenting is highly suggested. *wink*

You Tell Me . . .

I usually post whatever is on my mind when I have a spare 5 minutes to give, or if something is worthy of sharing. Sometimes, I go on a rant and others I just vent, but usually it is just random topics that don’t amount to much…

So, what should I blog about next? Go!

Something Prolific

As I sit here trying to come up with something intriguing and worth blogging about, it has occurred to me I should take the time to send out a couple thank you’s. 

First, I owe Outlaw a huge apology. Over a month ago I posted a long thread regarding all of the surprises I received over the holiday’s, and I had every intention of solely calling him out in a dedicated thread, however, I kept forgetting. So, here it goes:

Outlaw, thank you for the very generous Amazon GC that you sent on Christmas day. During a time spent with friends and family, you were thoughtful enough to not only think of me, but to take the time to send the card. It means more than you know and I appreciate you. Thank you.

Today I took the afternoon to drive to Twin Falls, to stop by the PO and to have lunch with MtnMan. A couple weeks ago Molly mentioned she sent something for Valentine’s day and I just assumed it was a surprise picked off of my wishlist. I was not wrong, but she also sent a HUGE recipe book for slow cookers. Molly, you really are one of the most thoughtful people I know. Most of my meals are out of a crock pot and you chose a recipe book specifically for that. I have already thumbed through it and cannot wait to try my first meal from the new cookbook. I will eventually make chex mix! So sweet!! 

News Flash

With the last few weeks being full of schedule changes and internet woes, I just thought it might be helpful to let you know that we are back to our normal schedule of weekly events.

Monday- I will be online all day. If you are a member, you have access to all gold shows. For the Monday member show, meet me via the VNALive banner at 11p EST and bring a tasty treat, if you would like. It is kind of a thing, you know?

Tuesday- all day online, same as above – the member show is through the Tuesday banner and will be at 8p EST.

Thursday- all day online, same as above – the member BONUS show will be at 11p EST, click through the Tuesday banner for that access..

Friday- yep, same as above – with the evening spent on Chaturbate. Join me if you dare. *wink*

No Politics

I have an unspoken rule, but a well known one at that, which is my cam room, tweets and blog is no place for politics. I understand, and respect, that we all have a right to free speech and opinions, but important issues are not resolved on social media and in cam rooms. We as a whole are so divided that it is disheartening and there is no real solution, nor will we see one any time soon. Those who spin conversations into political arguments are hurting themselves and changing nothing. 

I am not writing this to call anyone out, but I have had several replies to my tweets about our current politics that do not belong on my TL. I am sorry, but my disdain for the treatment of elephants in other countries, such as being forced into submission for tourism, has nothing to do with the current state of the US of A and the hate being spewed from all sides of the aisle. Now, with that said, we as a whole can change how elephants are treated, but that is not in the here and now of what is going on in our country. 

I have a diverse group with a wide range of opinions and experiences, and for the most part, we all get along regardless of whether or not we agree with each other. And, for that I am appreciative. 

Well, Today Happened.

I slept until 730ish, having slept through three alarms and 2 snoozes, which is not bad for a Saturday morning. I know what you are thinking, why didn’t I sleep in? Well, that is an easy question to answer. I had a lot on my list and I really wanted a relaxing afternoon. The only way to ensure that was to get up and get started early. The earlier the better. I think I am more like my dad each day, except I do require sleep, he was always productive early in the day, usually starting around 4 or 5a, and going until everything was completed. He averaged 2-4 hours a night, sometimes 8 if he was lucky, but rarely. That is definitely not me. I have to have sleep, it is for everyone’s health and safety that I do, so let’s move on…

I had laundry going and the house cleaned by 11a, which was perfect because I really wanted to get to the store by noon. However, I had shirts in the dryer that needed to be hung as soon as they were finished, so I decided to deal with my “router issue” while I was idle… 

For those of you that do not know (and probably don’t care) my internet was down when I returned from Mexico, and it did not start working until I turned the router off for awhile. After that it worked, but the speeds are unstable and all over the place. It was not causing a noticeable amount of trouble on cam, but my traffic was spotty all last week. So, Monday I called my ISP provider and after an hour on the phone, running remote tests and asking me to bypass the router, I was told that everything looks good on their end, but it appears the lag is due to the router. Since it is a TP_Link router, and not one of their refurbished boxes of crap, it was suggested I contact TP_Link….

So, I did, and even though my firmware is up to date, Jerry suggested that I update it anyway but it would be a process and promptly sent 3 links for me to read up on and follow the tech version of steps. What about me sounds like I am a techie? NOTHING!…

I decided since I was not completely down, that I should wait until Saturday to fuck with that bullshit, and it is good that I did because it fucking jacked up the rest of my day! The day that was planned perfectly, was no longer perfect. Here is where I should inform you that it might by hmfast that jinxed me. In fact, I am fairly certain that it was. “@netherchorus don’t jinx it :-p” …

At any rate, I spent almost 2 hours on with tech support, after changing channels, width, wireless, wired, bypassing the router, blah blah blah, it was suggested that I contact the ISP because their router is working just fine. 

I did not get to the store until 3p, getting back home around 415 and the relaxing that I had so hoped for has diminished into thin air. It could be said that I still have time to relax, and that is true, but I wanted so much to have the entire afternoon and well into the evening. This is me not complaining though. Next Saturday I plan to relax, relax, relax! 




How Was Your Week?

I feel like we have all been busy with our every day lives and we have lost touch with each other. So, I would love for each of you to share your week with me/us here on my blog. Good, bad or indifferent, I would love to see some interaction…


The Happenings of the Week

Another very busy week for me, but things will soon slow down, or at least I am hoping that they will. This week I have Skype sessions scheduled, along with several member shows, mixed in with Streamate private sessions. 

Join me today at 8p EST via the Tuesday night banner and you will have access to the 1 hour LIVE cam show and again on Thursday at 11p EST (which is a rescheduled show from last week). It should be known that I will never cancel a show and it is rare that I have to reschedule, but I always will make it up to you as a member…

I will be online at (if you are a member of mine, you have access to ALL gold shows) throughout the week and in between my Skype sessions. Friday night, I will be found on Chaturbate using the Lovense Lush and playing Keno. 

A Heartwarming Read . . .

This is an excerpt from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 

Our Ex Orphans seek help for an injured bull elephant

The intelligence of elephants and their compassion for one another will never cease to amaze and inspire us – as demonstrated in Tsavo yesterday. Yatta, Mulika and Kinna, orphans raised by the DSWT and now living wild, appeared at our Ithumba Reintegration Unit with their calves Yetu, Yoyo, Mwende and Kama, accompanied by Lenana and Sidai, two other now wild-living orphans, and a very nervous wild bull elephant. Our team immediately saw what was troubling the bull elephant, whom they had never seen before – he had two arrow wounds on his back and side. Though brought to a place known to the ex-orphans as one of safety, this wild bull’s fearful behaviour was completely understandable, given the presence of humans. For him, it was people that had fired the arrows and caused the pain he was surely suffering.

We immediately raised the alarm and while KWS Veterinarian Dr. Poghon, based 150km away in Voi, prepared the equipment he needed, one of our pilots flew to the scene in a fixed wing aircraft to keep an eye on this bull from the air, in case he decided that hanging around near humans was not such a good idea. Once ready, we then brought Dr. Poghon to Ithumba by helicopter and he was able to successfully dart the injured elephant from the air. The elephant fell in thick bush, so our ground teams got to work quickly clearing a path to him and then moving him into a position where the vet could assess his injuries and treat the wounds. The treatment was a success and Dr. Poghon has given this bull elephant a good prognosis for recovery.

Being able to successfully treat this elephant, one of 1,136 elephants to which the DSWT and KWS Mobile Veterinary Teams have attended to over the last five years is impressive enough. However what is truly incredible in this case is that, were it not for Yatta and the other ex-orphans, he might not have found help and would still be out there today, suffering from the injuries which could easily have killed him.

Yatta, Mulika, Kinna, Lenana and Sidai had no reason to visit Ithumba yesterday, except to bring this wild elephant for help. They knew where he could find that help and they communicated this to him. Injured at the hands of humans, it is hard to imagine what this elephant must have been thinking as the ex-orphan herd brought him to a place of people. However he is fortunate that they did, as their actions – and subsequently those of the DSWT and KWS – ensured he could be treated.

Incredibly, this isn’t the first time our teams have treated an injured elephant in similar circumstances. Back in 2015, we treated a wild elephant who was known to our Keepers and who, we are certain, travelled back to Ithumba to get the help and treatment he needed, along with his injured companians, (read the story here:…) demonstrating that this Unit is fast becoming known as a place of helping hands and safety, which is thanks to the contributions we receive from our global supporters that help to fund our lifesaving field work.


Catching Up

I am long over due for a new post here, one that is not “advertising” my site, webcam or the like. 

So, my vacation in Mexico was beautiful, relaxing and productive with new content. Most of you know by now that MtnMan75 joined me and it could not have been an easier trip. My personal life has taken on new experiences and deeper depths than what I had expected, or planned, but the last year was good, despite the heartache of change. Most of you have allowed me the respect of privacy and support, and for that I do appreciate you more than ever. 

While in Mexico I managed to get six months worth of content; that’s right, twenty four new updates. I had hoped to do mostly videos, but the thunderstorms made it way too dark in our beach front room and we had to do a mix of picture sets, along with videos when the sun surprised us for a bit. 

I am very happy with what I accomplished, and cannot wait to share them with you all. Granted, some won’t be released for several months, but it definitely gives you something to look forward to. I did squirting, yoga pants-ripping fun, a lot of toy play, a shower and shampoo, along with some voyeur pics on our balcony. That is just to name a few. 

On our way back to Salt Lake City, we had a one night layover in Phoenix, which gave us a chance to have drinks and dinner with Dawn and Rob. I miss them both, so it was a refreshing visit – like visiting family, even if for just a few hours. The next morning we flew to SLC and on our drive home I got an email letting me know that I had won first place on VNALive. What a great surprise and an amazing welcome home! I could not have done it without you guys, and will post a thread regarding that later this week.

My first week back into my routine went as smooth as can be expected. It was hard getting back into a solid routine, but over all, it was a fantastic week. With that said, my Tuesday night show had hiccups due to my internet (which caused problems off and on through Friday), and I had to reschedule to Thursday. And, I had all kinds of tech trouble with Chaturbate and the lovense toy. It was not CB, it was the several apps needs to run the toy, and the browser required to work with tips. Oh, and flash. It was not just one issue, it was a long list of troubles. It took me an hour to get on, missing most of you and after 30 minutes of being on, and really just “over-it” I decided to say g’night. Not that any of you were there, but in case you went searching afterwards.. sorry about that! lol. 

Saturday I spent all day long work on divorce crap and getting a lot of stuff taken care of regarding a new bank, which means direct deposits, auto-pays and everything else that goes along with it. I did manage to add a lot of videos to ManyVids and my Clips4Sale site, and a few other things. All in all, it was a productively successful day off.

I think that about covers it. What is new with you?


Friday Night Chaturbate

Alright, so my plan to spend more time on Chaturbate has not exactly been successful. Or, should I say it was poorly executed on my part? Without getting into boring logistics of why once a week won’t work for me right now, let’s just say I still listen to requests, and many of you prefer the dynamics of Chaturbate over Streamate.

Let’s spend Friday evening on CB. We will play keno and use the Lovense lush for added fun for you and especially for me.

We will meet after my dinner break, at the usual time.

If you do not have an account, it is FREE to join, just use the link below.


Join Me on Cam

If you are a member, you have full access to the many member shows that I offer throughout the week, including all gold shows (via the banner on my club page).

While I was in Mexico I did the Monday night show on VNA and a 40 minute session on Tuesday. But, since it was a short visit, I will be doing a full hour tomorrow night and would love to catch up with you all. Taking a break from cam is always healthy, just like anything, but I miss you when I am gone for long extended periods of time.

Let’s meet at 11p EST (Thursday, February 8th)

(Also, since my internet was down after the first part of last nights show, we will make that up next Thursday)

If you are not a member, consider joining for the many benefits you receive, including hours of FREE cam shows, including the entire VNALive schedule of shows, daily.

Hello From La Viva Mexico!

It has been an amazing few days in Mexico, with gorgeous, gloomy weather and a lot of rain. The first couple of days were lazy, but made us both somewhat restless so we have been busy with new content. I hope to do mostly videos, but yesterday was so dark that the room had no natural lighting, which forced me to do pictures only. Today looks a lot like the same, as far as the lighting goes, but it will be a wonderful day, on matter what. 

If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably seen a few of the teasers that @MtnMan75 has posted, and if you joined my OnlyFans page, you have seen more than that.. some creamy panties, nudity and some horsing around. If you are a member of my site, you have access to my Snapchat, although, I am only posting a few pics there from time to time. 

Yesterday I clicked on a link through my Twitter TL that was some sort of spam bot that flooded my profile page with “who is watching your tweets”. If you clicked on the site because of my auto tweets, I do apologize. As soon as I realized they were posting every 1-10 minutes, I disabled their access and reported the “app” to Twitter. I suggest you do the same, because it seems they are taking over profiles left and right. I was more curious to see if I was still being watched by the ex and his cronies. Which I have no doubt that I am, and I do not need a random account who has a spam algorithm to tell me that.. 

Last night I signed into VNALive for a few minutes to see if my wifi was strong enough to stream the video, and it appears that it was. I will online tonight at 11p EST and would love to see you all there and catch up on weekend news and the week ahead. If I am able to do the entire hour, without any glitches, I will also do the member’s show tomorrow night on Streamate, with access through my club page. If I do have to cancel Tuesday night’s member show I will reschedule it for next week when I am back home. So, follow my tweets for updated information on that… 

I hope that you are all doing well and having a great Monday. I have missed you guys, and our daily online chats and I look forward to seeing you soon. I am thankful that most of you are on Twitter so that we have managed to stay connected- thank you! 

Catch Me While You Can . . .

I will be online for the afternoon, with a break for dinner and the VNALive show tonight, and then back on cam for few hours tonight. Tomorrow will be an early start for me, hopefully by 1p EST and will be online until somewhere around 7p EST, maybe sooner, maybe a little later. It depends. lol. It would be good to follow my tweets for the exact run down once tomorrow arrives. 

After tomorrow, I am taking a much needed break from cam, but will still be connected on Twitter, Snapchat and OnlyFans. 

If you are a member of my site, you have access to all of the VNALive shows and here is the line up for tonight (all EST):



9pm &