How Dense Are You?

Today has been a mixture of amazing private sessions and entitled fucks. lol. 

Him: hi
nice tits
can i see
sit up for me

Me: I am sitting up. *eye roll*

Him: yea

Me: $5 gold

Him: *gives $1 gold)

Me: Thanks.

Him: Soooo????

Me: You gave 1 DOLLAR, do I really need to explain where you fucked up? 

Him: What?? NO SHOW????

Me: Are you seriously that dense? 

Cheap Bitch

Him: Let’s see those tits

Me: *eye roll* …. *eye roll* 

Him: How about you show us those tits

Me: *eye roll* how about you show $5 gold

Him: Cheap Bitch

Me: Wait, I am the cheap bitch when you are the one that wants something for free because you are too cheap to pay for my service. You are the cheap bitch. 


2 minutes later with another  . . .

Him: Stand up

Me: *eye roll* $5 gold

Him: Please stand up

Me: *eye roll* Is today self entitlement day on cam and I did not receive the memo?

Him: stand up. stand up. stand up.

Me: Good lord. $5 gold

Him: *gives $2 gold*

Me: LOL. Math challenged, are you? Now $3 gold.

Him: *gives $3 gold* 

Me: Wow, that was difficult. *eye roll* And then I stood up with as much attitude as I could muster. It did not take a lot of effort with that. lol. 



Tuesday Member Show

Hey! I have a change in plans for this week. Today will be short lived because I am creating new content tonight and tomorrow morning. 

I won’t be online for the member’s show tonight, but we will do an all day Thursday hang out, so if you are on the computer, come visit.

Today: NO SHOW

Thursday: 8p EST for the 1 hour member’s show and then 11p EST for the weekly bonus (usually 20-30 minutes)

If you are a member and find yourself on my site, check the Tuesday show banner and see if I am online. If I am, you are ALWAYS welcome to join for a chat and if I am running a gold show, you have FREE access. #memberbenefits 


I Am a Lion


You may be “king of the jungle,” but you enjoy spending time with others, especially when it comes to your family. Like lions, whose cooperative hunting lets them take down large prey, you rely on your clan to survive what life throws at you. You are usually at the top of the heap in whatever you do, but you’re smart about it. Just like your lion spirit animal, strategy and teamwork are your driving forces.


I was hoping for an elephant, but let’s face it, I am definitely a meat eater and I cherish my alone time. What is your African spirit animal?


What is Happy?

I would love to get more interaction on here, like we used to have. Now, with that said, I am the reason that has changed. My posts have become far and few between, and sometimes I miss a comment until weeks later. That changes with this post. 

What is happy? Is it the smells of seasons changing; the memory of a specific event? Is it a clean house and folded laundry? Maybe it is the thought of me hugging an elephant. LOL. Okay, that might be mine. 


Going on a Snipe Hunt

If you are from a small town, you most likely know what a snipe hunt is, and if you had older siblings, you probably accompanied them on the hunt with their buddies, not realizing the joke was on you.

On Wednesday I spent the day exploring Twin Falls and was looking forward to hitting up some antique stores. I had my list, addresses and a route so that I could stop along the way to the Post Office. 

Before I go into great detail about my recent excursion, I should mention that last week when I did a PO Box run, I stopped at the Twin Falls number 1 antique store. I could not drive right to the store because of road closures due to adding sidewalks and repaving the road. I parked, walked through construction and rain puddles to find the vintage store to be closed due to a big remodel. Well shoot. Right next door was another “vintage” place that was also a guitar shop. So, I moseyed on through this place of utter fucking chaos and heaps of trash and junk. I am not exaggerating. They had dusty guitars and amps agains the wall and, what they call antiques, which was in reality junkyard items, was scattered all over the aisles and against the music paraphernalia. Okay then. On to the Post Office I went. What a weird place, but whatever. 

Before I went on a full day of exploratory efforts, I looked into the rest of the antique stores. This was not just a five minute research, I went to websites and read reviews. 

The first place had three locations, one being near the remodeled store and since I knew about where I needed to park and walk, I chose to stop there first. I walked a block, then another block, then into a “mall area” with local store fronts. No antique store. I walked another block. Nothing. Back in the car I looked up their second location and it was on the way to the PO and near 2 other stores. 

I found the strip mall without any trouble, but finding this location also proved to be fruitless because the space where they are listed is empty. No furniture. No open sign. Nothing. There was not one item in the designated address, except for dust. WTF?

I promptly called them. I promptly got the operator to inform me that the number is no longer in service and to fuck off. 

Seriously? You have got to be fucking kidding me. 

I was not going to give up yet. Nope. That would have been smart and a gut instinct, but no, I had come this far and had a goddamn plan and I was going to fucking see it through. 

After the Post Office, I stopped by a “Trading Co.”, which was listed in every antique search I did. Thankfully, the old house still had a business and yes, they were open. It sits in a 2-story house that has room, after room full of stuff. It was a huge house, and not one corner was wasted. There was everything from sofa’s, to end tables to figurines. It was all junk. I did not see one piece that could be considered an antique, or even vintage. The furniture were pieces that you might find sitting on a neighbors curb, waiting for trash pick up. There was a FOR SALE sign in the front of the house; I thought I lucked out before someone bought the place and it became vacant, much to my dismay. Boy, would that have been a gift. 

One last stop. This one was going to be the mother-fucking-jackpot. The business name actually had “Antiques” listed, with excellent reviews. Granted, so did all of the other stops, but I chose to overlook that.

It was not far from the junkyard that I just left, so why not check it out? It took me into a residential neighborhood, but I was hoping that was just part of this journey. I was wrong. I pulled up to a home, with no sign of a business, or anything that appeared to be antiques for sale. I called just to get an old fashioned answering machine, with a sweet old lady telling me that no one was home but to please leave a message after the beep. She even thanked me for calling! She sounded too sweet for me to leave a bleeping message of frustration, so I hung up and found a local place to grab some dinner. 

The restaurant is a whole other blog post. Twin is not my friend. lol. 

To Kill a Mockingbird. BANNED.

My absolute favorite book is “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It was well written and showed a great perspective on the trials and tribulations of life and the life lessons taught to kids who do not see hate, but are confused by the world. It showed an ugly side to the justice system, but also the good that can come from people who are genuinely good. 

The state of Mississippi has chosen to ban this book from their reading list, and after looking further into it, they have put an “x” through a lot of books that were (and still are) required reading material. Like it or not, reading is just as important as math and science. “Farenheit 451” and “Catcher in the Rye”, not to mention “Gone With the Wind”. I am sorry, but that last one is even more ridiculous than some. You cannot delete history and not teaching it is passing on ignorance. What the fuck is wrong with people? I wish they would have banned “The Scarlet Letter” when I was a kid because that is one very disturbing book. But you know, I survived and it did not even traumatize me. You know what is traumatizing? Life in general.

They even banned “Moby Dick” – seriously? Is it because the whales name is fucking Dick? I mean, are they going to suspend every child with the name Dick, or make him go by his middle name? Seriously, who is in charge of our kids besides pansy ass idiots who are too worried about being seen in Church instead of actually being good people and taking care of the kids of our future?

It angers me at what “we” are so easily offended with. Our future generations are going to be pansies if this is what we are teaching them. We live in a society that turns to social media to argue over current events instead of getting off the couch and lobbying for change. We are also the same people who sit in front of TV too much and wait to be offended by something that is not at all offensive. 

We, in my opinion, need to embrace our history, and try not to repeat it. Children are lovers, hate is taught. We can all have our own opinions and still be right, but the hate that has become the norm saddens me. 


What Excites You?

If you know me at all, you know I love to eat! I have always had a healthy appetite and as a girl Mom used to say that I am “going to eat us out of house and home”. If I was awake, I was hungry and not much has changed. I love food! If you ask me if I am hungry, my response will most likely be “I could eat”, it does not matter what time it is, or how long it has been since my last meal. 

Although I am not a fan of seafood, I will try it if it is on your plate, and sometimes I like it, most of the time I do not. I have tried shrimp so many times to know that I am not going to like it next time. However, I did have shrimp ceviche last week and it was really good! Granted, it had some spice to it and my lips were on fire so I could not tell it contained shrimp, but I might order it if I see it on a menu. I have tried several filets of fish over the last few months and as long as it doesn’t have a weird consistency or taste like fish, I might have another bite off of your fork. 

Now, on to the main reason for this post. If I see biscuits and gravy on the menu, I will probably have that for breakfast. It reminds me of breakfast at my godparents restaurant as a child. Tater tots excite me and sometimes it is the sole reason for getting me out of the house! There is a local restaurant that has A-M-A-Z-I-N-G tots! Goodness gracious it is a plate full of fried satisfaction if there ever was one! Meatloaf was one meal that Dad and I got excited about when Mom was making it, which of course, as an adult I love me some meatloaf! I like simple, though, don’t go fucking it up by adding shit that does not belong in a meatloaf! And, it is supposed to be hamburger, not sausage or anything else, so don’t think about switching it up on me. I was raised on meat and potatoes, and I am definitely a meat eater, so give me a good, juicy bone-in-ribeye or a slab of brisket. I will be happy eating on that for days!!! Potato salad is good and pickles are, too! I can eat a jar of pickles, if I am not careful. lol. 

What, if any, gets you excited and brings back good memories?


Being Obvious. . .

Being 40 does not make me a MILF . . . just saying.

You Crack Me Up!

BD, your packages always make me laugh when I open them; from the year supply of crackers, to the yoga pants I received this time. You have a great sense of humor and you always brighten my day!

Since I destroyed my only pair of yoga pants on cam a few weeks ago, your box of yoga leggings and pants are very much welcomed! I will destroy them for you, if requested, or make a video for the site, whichever you prefer.. or both! 

The extra pack of Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers was a nice addition to the box. Thank you!

Packages Galore!

Goodness, you guys are generous and always so thoughtful! 

I am further from the PO Box than I used to be, which means I am only able to check the mail every other week, to two weeks. Yesterday was a planned excursion into Twin Falls, and I had so many packages that I had to make a couple of trips to the car. It is amazing how good you all have been to me, and continue to be. Thank you! I have sent you all individual notes, but it is customary for a blog post, as well. I usually try to dedicate one post to each giver, however, there were several this week, and that makes this one dedication to all. lol. 

Here it goes:

Meet Ella Phant

Bubba sent me a sweet and very thoughtful surprise, and he named her Ella Phant. She is cute and adorably pink! Thank you, Bubba!


An Amazing Community

I am always amazed at what an amazing community we have found and created on – you guys have always been good to me, kind hearted and full of support and good vibes. 

With my #newbeginnings have come some uncertain times and shuffling of addresses and scattered news. Not one time have you guys complained when a gift was shipped to an old address, or for whatever reason, returned by the Post Office with no explanation as to why. Most have wondered, but only few have pried. 

In May I stayed with my Austin friends – JoAnn and Bo, and in June I made the transition to PHX, where Dawn and Rob gave me a place to call home for a couple months. They allowed me to regroup and take my time in deciding what was next for me, never making me feel as though I had overstayed my welcome or was an inconvenience to them. I owe a lot to those four who are my family.

In August I found my own place, and most of you knew that I had settled into my own surroundings, but I gave no details as to what changes were in store for me. 

I am native to Texas, but the summers have been undesirable and I have always wanted four seasons. With that said, I have settled on the Idaho area. I am close enough to a big city, yet far enough away to have my privacy and still enjoy my online world. It is beautiful here and what few people I have met have welcomed me as an outsider moving in. 

I am still getting settled and things are not finished for me in Texas, yet, but hopefully soon. That does not mean I won’t return for weekend visits and fun trips with my girlfriends, but it was a change that I needed to make. One that was not spontaneous or reckless. It was one that was finally in my best interest and one that I stand by. 

My new address is:

PO Box 5733

Twin Falls, ID 83303

Here is A Plan

For over a year we enjoyed our evenings on Chaturbate (CB), but once I made drastic changes in my life, I needed to spend most of my time in private sessions and gold shows, which kept me on Streamate (SM). However, I have landed on my feet and now I am ready to split our time between the two sites. Many of you have made mention of CB and missing the platform of the nightly games and activities that the site brought to the group. It is a different mentality and a more interactive one, so I am listening to you all and I plan to slowly integrate CB back into our world. 

I would like to plan for Tuesday evenings, after dinner, to be strictly CB and then possibly one other night, but that will be at random for now. 

Meet me on CB next Tuesday (October 17th) for a fun night of tip vibes using the Lush, and of course token keno to keep the teases going… 


This Friday

This is a member roll call for anyone who is available this Friday (October 13th) at 1p EST. I will be LIVE via the VNALive banner to celebrate D.K.Paine and would love for you to join us. He is new to our group, but not to VNA and I hope to make him smile on his special day. It will be a bonus show for all member’s of so if you are able to join in, even if for a few minutes, it would be very much appreciated! 


Happy Thanksgiving to Canada!

CA_thanksgiving1I hope all of my resident canuck and all other Canadian’s are having a beautiful, and wonderful T’giving full of food, friends and family. Here’s wishing you nothing but good weather, happiness and a full belly.

Did you know that upper Canada and lower Canada used to celebrate Thanksgiving on different days? Also, the date jumped around from November back to October until 1957 when it was declared to be the second Monday of October. It wasn’t even celebrated each year, which I find to be odd and shameful! It’s also believed that the southern neighbors who migrated north is what started the modern day celebrations. They used to come together to be thankful for the bounty of harvest and they’d pick one event that effected all Canadians that year to celebrate with friends and family. It was a time of thankful reflection.



Weekend Plans

Another week over, another weekend in front of us. I like the way that happens. It is refreshing to push through several days, knowing that a break is near. Although, some don’t really have a set weekend, but we all hopefully have days off to give us a much needed reprieve from the responsibilities known as “adulting”. 

I enjoyed my 4 days offline, but did not accomplish too much around the house or online. Then I started this week off with a head cold which has kept me somewhat unreliable as far as staying online for longer than a couple of hours at a time. I did go shopping on Wednesday though, much to my chagrin, but with my list in hand I think I managed to get a good portion of what I have been missing, which are clothes, clothes, clothes. 

Tomorrow I hope to spend the day doing stuff around the house, such as cleaning, laundry and getting more settled in… 

What are your plans? 

A Plethora of Benefits

It seems that things get scattered across social networks and cam sites, and sometimes it is nice to just have it all in one spot. So, this is a thread to give you a list of the many member benefits that are offered by me, mostly through but also on a couple other sites as well.

First, my site is ONLY $15.95 for a few more hours. This is a special that has been running since last Wednesday and it is a ONE TIME offer of 6 weeks, instead of 4, giving you 2 FREE weeks. And, it should also be mentioned that a monthly membership is $19.95 for a first time subscriber, so you not only get 2 extra weeks, but a discount on the initial join. That is big! HUGE. lol.

I am 100% interactive and approachable on Twitter, emails, cam sites and even on SnapChat, although, I will admit SnapChat gets pushed to the side when I am juggling everything else. 

My site is updated on Friday’s with extra’s thrown in from time to time, just as a bonus and a thank you. I have been online for 11+ years, so there is plenty of content, and no chance of me disappearing any time soon. So, take the risk and join me for a month and see for yourself, I am not your normal splash page that may or may not be around next week.. 

I am on cam almost every day and when I am streaming live you, as a member, are invited to join in on the chat room. If I am running a “gold show” you will have free access to that, which is above and beyond the 1 hour member shows that I already host twice a week. 

The 2, 1 hour member shows are Monday’s and Tuesday’s, with a 20 minute bonus on Thursday evenings. 

If you do not want to commit to a monthly subscription to my site, I am also on Onlyfans and post pictures there almost daily. This is all EXCLUSIVE content that will not be found anywhere else. They are all selfie’s and a hodgepodge of teasing, nudity and random’s taken while I am out and about running errands. 


I LOVE Birthday’s!

It could be said that I love everyone else’s birthday more than mine, and it certainly is true about this one! It could also be said that I probably love this day so much because it was given to me by Dwwindsor. It turns out that he could take it or leave it so he gave it to me! At any rate, DW is celebrating the anniversary of his birthday and I just want to wish him a very happy one! It is a good day to have as a celebration. 

I look forward to hearing all about the planned festivities that we had to keep hush hush from you. 

My Token Brit

WLTNBN – you are my token Brit and that is reason to celebrate your birthday! I hope that you enjoyed your day and that you celebrated in a way that made you smile. Which, knowing you, it was working on the remodel and being productive. 


Thank you for being mine and for sharing another year with me. Happy Birthday! 

Free and Clear Special

I have made a lot of changes in my life this year and it is only going to get better from here. This week I have decided to take some time offline (from LIVE cam) but wanted to do something special for those of you that are member’s of mine, and those who are not but hopefully will be after this week. 

There will be 4 new releases, starting today with a picture set, tomorrow will be a video, followed with another picture set on Friday and finished up with a video on Saturday. This will hopefully offset my presence online and make my absence not seem so extreme. LOL. 

To those of you that are not member’s, consider this:

My site is normally $19.95 for the first month, but I am running a special (ONE TIME ONLY) for $15.95 and instead of 4 weeks, your membership will be for 6 weeks. 

I update the site each Friday and I am interactive and always available via email and on Twitter. Your membership will give you access to the 3 weekly member shows, along with all of my gold shows when I am LIVE, which are most days. 

Now is the time to join because this is a special that has never been offered before and will most likely never be available again. 

I hope you all have a beautiful few days and I look forward to reconnecting on Sunday.

A Cook in Me!

I am starting to enjoy cooking, which is flabbergasting to me and you, alike! I just decided that it cannot be all that bad, and if I plan ahead it won’t consume most of my days. Last week I made pot roast, which took 20 minutes prep time and it turned out great! This week I am going to make chicken salad on Wednesday and during my time offline I am going to cook each day.

I think I will do a pulled pork one day, but have not decided what will be on the menu for the rest of the week. At any rate, I will keep you apprised!

Which, this reminds me, I never did post pictures of me making macaroni and cheese at Dawn and Rob’s! I will remedy that soon enough. 

My Time Offline

Okay, so I have decided to take some time offline next week and I am looking forward to it. I cannot recall a week where I have taken time to stay home and do nothing. Now with that said, I won’t be sitting around doing nothing, and I certainly won’t be playing Toy Blast since I finished the game last week. I will most likely spend a day working on my site, blogging, making new content, responding to emails and whatever else I have let slip lately. Then I hope to plant bulbs and do some stuff outside and maybe check out a new antique shop that I have not ventured through yet. I will clean the house and do laundry one day, but that is a given, and I may very well sleep through another, but that is undecided yet. In other words, my time offline will be planned out because I want to fully enjoy it and still feel it was a success by the end. 

As much as I am looking forward to it, I will miss you guys because you are a part of my every day and my world; I am very fortunate to have each of you in my life, so thank you! 

My site will have daily updates in my absence, which will be two videos and several picture sets. Also, if you are not a member but have been wanting to join, there will be a special for those days so do not miss out because it will be one that has never hit my site before and probably won’t again. Have I peaked your curiosity? Good. 

Time offline will begin immediately after the (Sept 26th) Tuesday member show and will run through Saturday (Sept 30th), which happens to be DW’s birthday. A celebration on the Sunday when I return is in order, I think, what are your thoughts? And, WL do not think I have overlooked your day. We will most definitely be celebrating you for several days into the week. Why not? Right?


See you later, alligator. In a while, crocodile.

Have you ever wondered where this saying originated from? No? Well, I have and so that means I have looked into it and after much research, I have my report for you.

In the 1950’s it was popular among the young generation and it was considered “cool” if they could turn a sentence into a rhyme. Which makes me think of the popular sitcom show Happy Days where Fonzie always rhymed his responses. It was sometimes annoying, but everyone seemed to love him. 

“See you later alligator. In awhile crocodile. Was a popular song written by a cajun singer/songwriter. It was about his girlfriend leaving him for another man, only to return asking to be taken back. Unfortunately, she burned that bridge and was told “later gator”. Anyway, the saying stuck and now we know it as “later gator” “After while crocodile”. 

So, there you have it. My report is complete and has been submitted. 

What is Your Season?

We all have our favorites. It is what makes us who we are. Which season is the one that rejuvenates your soul, makes you smile and gives you reason to smile? For me it would be fall. There is something about the changing of temps, the rustling of leaves, the changing colors and the promise for a winter. I remember as a kid, stepping off of the school bus, walking into the house and Mom had every window open. It was a cleansing of the dust and heat from the summer, the smell of the crisp air and the hope for cooler days that always made me happy. 

The last ten years Texas has not had much of a winter, which I have missed. We are either freezing balls for 5 days with sleet and strong north winds, or it is 80 degrees. I miss having seasons and in my search for new beginnings, I want a winter! Granted, I will most likely be bundled up when it is 50 degrees and beautiful, but I look forward to experiencing the beauty in the changes ahead. 

Please share with me, your favorite season and why.