Can I Blame it on Allergies?

I don’t know where my brain is this morning and I can’t say that it is because it’s a baklava day, but maybe I can blame it on allergies. Let me share my morning with you, and then you decide whether that is a good excuse for my mindless morning…

I am making my chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot today. I have known this all week. It takes 6-8 hours, and with ours it is always on the short end of approximate time needed. I prefer to cook it on slow, so that it simmers and the flavors have time to diffuse into each other.

I decided to go pick up the baklava after I got ready for my day, and then I’d start the soup. Before I did that, though. I started the dishwasher so that it would be finished and dry by dinner time.

Dishwasher loaded and started.

Baklava picked up and already enjoyed a piece, with coffee.

Realized I had gotten sidetracked because it was already 11a, so I hurried myself to turn the cam on.

After 45 minutes of being online I suddenly remembered the soup. So, I rushed off to get it together because by the time I got it all together we’d be under 6 hours.

I’m in the kitchen and suddenly realize that I decided to run the crockpot through the dishwasher only minutes after I got the ingredients out to make it easier to get it going when I got back with the baklava.

So now I am waiting for the damn dishwasher to finish so that I can make the soup. I should still have time, since our slow cooker tends to cook faster than what most recipes call for. But still. Where the fuck is my brain today?

What do you think? Can I blame that all on my allergies? lol