April of Chaos

April is going to be one of scheduled offline commitments which will affect my online time. It is not as much chaos, as it is family responsibilities.

I will remind you guys plenty, but here is a look at what April is going to look like for us online.

The Week of the 29th (upcoming week): Offline Monday and Tuesday, online Wednesday-Saturday. I will still be on VNALive Monday night.

The Week of the 5th: Offline Wednesday-Sunday.

The Week of the 12th: Normal schedule

The Week of the 19th: Online during school hours only. 12noon EST – 730p EST. I will not be online during the evenings, which means there will be no member shows this week.

The Week of the 26th: Normal schedule, except for the 26th. It is our 1 year anniversary and, although I have no idea what we will do, I will not be online in the evening..

So, there you have it- my April will be one of temporary change. I will remind you all weekly, as to what the week will entail and probably Tweet throughout.. you know, to remind you of your time off that I am generously giving you. LOL.