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Monday night at 8 o’clock Eastern Standard Time (VNA Network)


Tuesday night at 8 o’clock Eastern Standard Time


This is a chance for you and me to get to know each other, not to mention, I masturbate during the hour long session! I’m very interactive, always in a good mood and I genuinely want to know how your day was, and what is going on in your world. I laugh easily, cum loudly and love the banter back and forth between the chatters.

Private 1-on-1 Shows

If you’d like to have me all to yourself, just click this link: TAKE ME PRIVATE. Come find me in my public room for a quick chat and then maybe you and I can get naked and have some fun together.

Interactive Cam

If you enjoy conversations in a group setting, that offers FREE BASED SHOWS, then you should most definitely join me in the evenings for a few hours. It is a much different platform than most cam sites, but once you spend some time exploring, you will enjoy the interaction and “games” of the different rooms offered.

  • cowboybubba

    Join her site if you want to hear her say “Right There!!!! Right There !!!! OMG!!!! That was Amazzzziiiinnnngggg!!!!!”

    • Angel

      LOL!!!! I do know more words than just those few, by the way, it just happens that I’m usually speechless when saying, um, all of the above…

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  • Texas Red

    HaHa.. Speechless??? I guess I missed that minute…

    • lonestarangel

      LOL! Okay, so it doesn’t happen very often, I’ll give you that..

  • مريح ممحونات

    love sexy

  • مريح ممحونات


  • مريح ممحونات


  • Firemaned

    Hi Angel. I am finally here too… haven’t see you in awhile. 🙁 Miss seeing your smiling face !

  • Scott Wilson

    hello sexy I love ur shows