Abby the Golden

She makes me smile, and she makes me love her, but she doesn’t always like my hugs and kisses. She is my shadow, my sweet girl and she is always under foot. I love that about her. I would miss her if she wasn’t always so curious about what I am doing, and I certainly couldn’t clean without her help. lol. But, that also means she always knows when we are leaving for a trip because as soon as I get a bag out, she is somber and so sad. She does not hide her sadness very well, and it is heartbreaking. For me, not for MtnMan. Let’s be clear on that. lol. This past weekend I started gathering some clothes for Sunday’s day of planned custom content filming and she was not happy! At first I thought she wanted out, but nope, she wanted me to put the clothes back where they belong and never leave her. Boy, is she clingy when she thinks she is being left behind. And, let me just say that she is not left behind often and if we do go on a trip, she stays with family and she absolutely loves them all, and her BFF is also a 4-footed canine, and they play non-stop. But, and this is a big BUT, she would rather we never leave her overnight. I think she gets homesick and it is cute and sad, all at the same time. She is a sweet soul and I love her to pieces!