Abby and Her Happy Tail Wag

I dropped Abby off with her extended family who had the backyard sprinklers turned on for her and it took her less than 2 minutes to run through them. She didn’t even say bye to me, so it’s a good thing I hugged and gave her a few kisses before I let her know she was going somewhere. Goodness, no “bye Mom, love you!”, but instead she about rolled her cousin saying hi, and then quickly calmed down with she got a growl in return. She sat, let the cousin sniff and say hi and then the cousin almost rolled her. LOL. Once the hello’s were over, Abby ran through he sprinklers and she was still playing when we left our house 30 minutes later. She is definitely in good hands for the week. Tuesday is her birthday so they plan to do something nice to her to celebrate. That makes it a little easier on me since I’m leaving her and won’t be there to wish her a “happy birthday” all day long. lol.