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A Month of Abby

I try my best to tweet a #dailypic of #abbythegolden, but sometimes I slip and forget to share her cute face. Although, I am so obsessed with her that somedays I share 10 pictures, not just one. lol.

Not everyone is on Twitter, so I thought I would create a thread for those of you that still read my blog.

A few weeks ago MtnMan took us on a drive to an area we have not seen before. It was a beautiful lake area in a valley surrounded by mountains.

We were not sure how Abby would react to a large body of water since she has only played in creeks and trickling brooks.

Her first jump took a lot of encouragement and celebrations, but she finally took that leap, which was more like an accidental fall. She went completely under, coming up for gasped air, with eyes wide open, but she soon figured it out and then we could not keep her out of the water. She would run the dock, jump, swim back to shore and do it all over again. To say she is a water baby, would be an understatement.

For the fourth of July, she was sporting red, white and blue. Despite what MtnMan says, she loves changing up her collar with pretty bows and flowers. I was trying to get a better pick of her three flowers, but as you can see, she was not amused. For those of you that asked, she was not too phased by the loud fireworks. She did, at one point, look up, reposition herself and went back to sleep.

Abigail is a smart kid. She is also a very happy, go lucky girl who entertains herself, while always staying close by. Last week we had to go out of town for a few days. That morning I laid out clothes and our toiletries, without getting the suitcase because once that comes out, she is glued to me. And, by that I mean, she sits on my feet and if I start to walk, we both trip. It is both comical and frustrating. Even with my “ploy” to trick the girl, she was still on to me. She was low key watching every move I made, and she had a sad look about her. When I finally got the suitcase, I tripped when I turned around; she was right there! Goodness, she knew.

I had the bright idea of getting her overnight bag out of the closet, so she would see that she was not being left behind. I mean, she was, but she’d be going for her own sleepover with her favorite cousin. Yeah. That was a bad idea. She went into full on celebration mode. She ran through the house, around the living room, jumped over her bag and ran circles around me until she fell to my feet and continued celebrating. It was a crazy sight to see. lol. While I packed, she was not sitting on my feet like she does when she is full of glooms and doom, but she was running around me, making it fucking chaos. Next time, I think I should give her a rawhide bone and send her outside!

I dropped her off at her cousins house, and they were so happy to see each other. It really is sweet how much they love one another. Her cousin is 4, but a wire hair bird dog which means she never stops wagging her entire body with joy and excitement. They wear each other out and usually crash hard in the evenings and sleep for a full day after the sleepover.

An hour after I dropped her off, I get a text that read: “she really cannot help herself. LOL!”

They had a sprinkler going that their dog stays clear of, so they did not think much of it, until Abby appeared at the door looking in, soaking wet. They said she was like a kid running through the sprinklers, just having the time of her life! Her cousin watched from dry land. That made me laugh so hard, just thinking about it. We don’t have grass, but now I wonder if we should at least have a sprinkler. lol.

July 29th, is a Celebration Day!

Last week I wrote about all of the celebrations we have in July, from the 1st all the way through the very last day of the month. However, the other day I suddenly realized, I had left off one very important person. Kevin!

I know that you are, much like the rest of my fella’s, and you don’t think your day is anything to get excited over, and since I disagree with you and all of the rest, I am reminding you that you are wrong. WRONG.

I think that everyone deserves to be celebrated and you have your very own day. A day that you don’t have to share with anyone else. So, I look forward to the 29th, on your behalf.. and in spite of you. LOL.

Beginning to End

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate in the month of July, making this my favorite month of the year! It starts with a birthday and ends with a divorce. LOL.

We start by celebrating (much to his chagrin) MtnMan, then Dawn’s birthday on the 17th (which should be a world holiday), followed with Abigail’s first anniversary of her birth on the 21st, on the 24th we celebrate hmfast, and, we close out the month with the 31st marking 1 year of divorce for me.

With all of that in the month of July, no one can deny the reason for so much joy and celebrations! So, who is with me? Let’s raise a glass to our happy, joyous reasons and carry on!

Another Birthday, Another Celebration!

Out of curiosity, I looked back in the blog history to see how many celebrations we have had in MtnMan’s honor, and the first was in 2014. There has been a common denominator in each thread:

“you might not think today is a big deal, but you are worth celebrating!”

And, nothing has changed in 2019, either. MtnMan still views today as a day like all the others, and I am still wishing him a happy birthday, and telling him that today is a good day for a celebration!

The birthday posts have varied over the years, but my wish for you to have a wonderfully happy day, and celebrate you, remains the same!

Happy birthday to my MtnMan!

My Online Schedule

This week I will be online Wednesday, off on Thursday. Let’s do our weekly member show Wednesday at 11p EST. I hope that you will all be able to join me, but regardless, I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Next week (July 7th) will be a short week for me. I will be online Monday, Tuesday late afternoon/evening and only part of Wednesday. Like I said, it will be an extremely short week for me…

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Online Wednesday

I am home now and will be online for my normal schedule, but also for a few hours Wednesday afternoon. I will probably be on late morning, but for sure early afternoon (around 12N). If you are on Twitter, follow me (@NakedTXAngel) to know when I turn my cam on.

A Friendly Reminder

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Abigail Has a Sleepover

We stayed up watching “Hell on Wheels” last night, keeping Abby up well past her bedtime. This morning she was still asleep when I opened her curtain, and that is unusual because she is usually grumbling to let us know she is awake a little while before I say my good mornings to her. Once she went out for her morning patrol, she was fed and we were putting our shoes on to go feed her cousin and go to breakfast. Abby stayed home. She was heartbroken, but as soon as she saw the truck pull in she forgot her misery and was a happy girl, wagging her tail and smiling. But, much to her chagrin, that happiness was short lived when the overnight bag was pulled out. She sat on my feet, pushing against me in disgust. Utter disgust! For the next hour as I showered, threw a change of clothes in the bag and did a few other things, she was under foot. And then came the loading of the car, and as she watched me go in and out of the door, she sat with big pouty eyes and a long face. She looked over at MtnMan, who showed no sympathy, and then she just laid down in the doorway sad. It was pitiful! However, as soon as she saw her lunchbox and overnight bag with her toys and whatnot, she was full on celebrating. Running circles, smiling, happy as can be. She patiently waited at her car door until I had the sheet put down and her bag loaded, and then upon my command, she jumped in and sat tall, like a good girl. This was her as we drove to her cousins. She makes my heart smile.

VNA Show Rescheduled

We will be in Salt Lake City Monday night, which means I won’t be online for the weekly VNA show, but I’ve rescheduled it for Friday, same time.

Friday, June 28th at 11p EST

The Tulips, They Are to Blame.

Abby is our kid, and where I go, she goes. Or, at least that is how it used to be, until the temps warmed up and now it’s too hot for her to stay in the truck. It is for her own good, but she does not know that. I mean, how could she, even though I tell her that’s the reason we are leaving her home… each time we leave her home.

Last weekend we went to breakfast, and her face said it all. She was hurt and not too happy about being left, again.

When we got home she appeared to be worried about getting into trouble, but nothing seemed amiss. I mean, she had her toys at the front door and she was lying down when we drove up, so all seemed to be right and there was no reason for further concern.

Two hours later, we left to run a few errands, leaving Abigail once again.

When we got home she told on herself by tucking her tail between her legs and not looking at me. At first I told MtnMan he needed to go talk to her because my heart just can’t stand to let her know I’m not happy about her behavior. And, then I noticed it.

When we left the yard was full of tulips blooming bright and happy.

There was half of a bloom left when I looked out at the yard. Half of a bloom. She ate every single bloom. EVERY BLOOM!

I was the one that went out to talk to her and she went straight into her outside kennel. She NEVER goes into that kennel, even when it is snowing or raining. She knew. I marched her over to every tulip bed, and she wouldn’t even look at them!

The tulips, they made her mad. Or, was it the fact that I left her home? According to Dwwindsor, her lawyer, she was dealing with being ABANDONED and retaliated with a political protest. And, according to all of her advocates, she was protecting the yard from the tulip burglars. Thankfully she was able to run them off before all of the bulbs were stolen. There was half of one left. Half! Not a whole bloom, just half, and it dropped to the ground a few hours later..

Last night while I was on cam, Outlaw asked me how Abby and her tulips were doing. I referred to Abby as the tulip monster and Dwwindsor told me to let it go. Hmppft! I would not have brought it up, except for Outlaw mentioning it and to that, DW said, “calling her the tulip monster was rude. She has feelings.”

Clearly, Abby has friends online that she was not aware of.