Share Your Favorite Part about December.

I would like to get some engagement on the blog, so please do share with us what your favorite part of December is.

It is only fair that I go first. With each day gone, we are one day closer to Thanksgiving! Okay now your turn. GO!

Ornery Abby

Abby has become quirky over the last few months, often saving her breakfast for dinner. She will look at her food, sniff it and walk away, and for the longest time it would worry me. I googled it, talked to the vet, had tests run and she is a healthy, happy golden. There is no reason she has stopped eating breakfast with the gusto we came to adore. None.

To get her excited about eating (and mostly to stop me from worrying she was going to starve to death), MtnMan started playing a game with her. One that she looks forward to each morning now. She sees me getting her food and she runs to MtnMan and he pretends to hold on to her, not letting her go to her dish. If he doesn’t hold on, she does the whole act of being held against her will and it is quite comical. This works most mornings. She will run to her dish and take each, individual kibble, and slowly chew. When we are in a rush to leave the house, this is somewhat annoying because we have to stand next to her while she enjoys her breakfast. But, she eats, so it is what has become part of our routine.

Friday morning we left the house before sunrise, so I packed her breakfast in her lunchbox and once we were rolling down the interstate I poured her breakfast into her to-go bowl. She nudged MtnMan from her backseat, so he held her snout while pretending to not let her eat. She pried herself loose and quickly sniffed her breakfast and then looked at me before laying down on her bed. It sat there for a bit, so I started to put it back into her lunchbox and she quickly sat up, licking her lips and sticking her head as far as she could, trying to get to her food. MtnMan took a few kibbles, placing them on the console and she whole-heartedly scarfed them down. I poured the food back into her bowl, she sniffed, looked at me and went to her window to stare out at the passing cars. Pfft. I started to put the food back into her box, same reaction. MtnMan laughs and puts a couple pieces onto the console, where she scarfs them down and leaves slobber in their place. What the hell? Again, I pour the food into her bowl, same damn reaction. If I didn’t love her as much as I do, I’d have tossed her food out the window for the coyotes to enjoy! But, as it is, she is my girl and I am just baffled. We repeat the events, food back in box, MtnMan gives her some kibbles, she scarfs them down with gusto and looks at me as if I am the bad guy. This time, however, I put just a handful in her bowl and the same reaction. After I looked away, she smiled at MtnMan; she knew what she was doing. After that I put it away and told her she could starve! She sat there staring at me in dismay for awhile before gruffing and laying down for a morning nap. MtnMan thought this transaction between Abby and me was laughable. He said she’s got my number, and he is right, she does.

Later that day we were enjoying a beautiful view of the snow-capped mountains, eating lunch and she had her deadpan stare locked in on me. I suddenly remembered she didn’t eat much of her breakfast and probably thought I was retaliating by starving her. I poured her food for her and she did not chew much, she scarfed it down before I took it back.

She has become ornery and she loves to make me worry, I am convinced of that!

What I am Thankful For

I had planned to blog daily this month, sharing with you what I am most thankful for. As you can see, I was an epic failure in that regard, seeing as though I have only posted a couple threads and here we are, two days away from Thanksgiving. Yes! Two days! Oh my, how I love this time of year. More specifically, this month, this week and the day of the turkey. The day that I eat one slice of turkey because it is one tradition I cannot seem to break away from. Traditions. They are good to cherish and to hold on to. Some are worth tossing, while others have a stronghold. The one slice of turkey is one that I cannot break away from, despite my deep hatred for all things turkey. It’s a dry meat, there is nothing good about it. Yes, I have had it smoked, deep fried, BBQ’d, baked, roasted and more. I do not like turkey. End of discussion.

Good grief, I slid into another post, getting away from the topic at hand. Let’s start over.

I am thankful for sunrises and sunsets; for mountains and trees. I am thankful to see the beauty in every day, and I’m thankful to have an optimistic outlook. I am thankful.

This year our plan was to have a small gathering of 7, reconnecting with the parents and catching up with the nieces. We have since decided to stay home and bake cornish game hens instead. It will be a very quiet day of relaxing and maybe a movie, or three. It’s been awhile since we’ve watched a movie and I figure it’s time that we make Netflix work for their money. lol. Truthfully, I am looking forward to our day at home, with no plans, no schedules, and no people. Plans change, but that does not mean that Thanksgiving won’t be just as wonderful as it always has been for me. It’s a day to reflect and be thankful. I’m thankful. It is my favorite day of the year!

That does mean that I will be breaking my tradition of eating one slice of turkey for Thanksgiving. Who knows, maybe this is the beginning of no more turkey for me. Would that be a bad thing? I don’t know. I’ll let you know on Thursday. lol.

I know this is only a US holiday, so those that are elsewhere in the world, I hope that you have a wonderfully beautiful week. For those of you that are celebrating my favorite day, please enjoy it for what it is and no matter how you spend it, be happy and find peace with where this year has gone. It will soon be over.

Happy Birthday, Outlaw!

As most of you know, Outlaw is my longest running member and that is worth mentioning; that’s 14 years, if you’re wondering.

I wish you a very happy birthday, Outlaw. My wish for you is that you will do something for yourself today that will make you smile. You deserve more smiles, less stress and nothing but happy days!

Please take a minute of your time and wish this amazing person a happy birthday for me, and because I think everyone should be celebrated on the anniversary of their birth.

Windy Weather and a Storm

I woke up to the wind breaking up against the house and what a great sound it is. I love the sound of a storm blowing in, whether it’s the Texas thunderstorms I experienced in the hill country, or the snow storms rolling into the valley off of the mountains of Nevada. It’s all beautiful to me. I find Mother Nature to be a fascinating beast. As much as I miss the Texas thunderstorms, I love the snow storms I experience here. Granted, it’s just a lot of noise right now, with gloomy skies and cold winds, but the snow is coming and it’s something I look forward to. And, just to add even more positive energy, Abby can stay outside for as long as she wants, unsupervised! The ground is frozen and her dirt pile is no longer a dusty mess for her to roll around in and that does truely make me happy.

Snow and Cold Weather

It was a beautiful weekend in Nevada. Cold temperatures arrived Friday and through Saturday the wind was hooking it until the storm arrived. It snowed from Saturday night through yesterday afternoon and it was beautiful!

This morning it started to snow for a few minutes but didn’t last long. The temps are dropping this afternoon and we are in for a wintry week of weather. I’m looking forward to it, although, our propane bill will sky rocket.

How was your weekend and how’s the weather?

Hot and Friskie!

It’s your birthday! We might not see much of you these days, but you are often talked about (all good things *wink*), always missed (not only by me) and thought of (especially with the brace face lady).

No matter what you choose to do today, I wish you nothing but the happiest of days! I know I speak for everyone when I say, “whatever you do, stay safe and wear a helmet, life jacket and some padded gloves if you decide to blow up a tree stump in the middle of a lake.”

More Gifts

Nicster, you have always been generous and thoughtful; thank you. I so appreciate you, more than you know.

I have been saying for awhile now that I need to get back into reading, but by the time I sign off of cam at night, I’m too tired to open a book. That changes this week, now that I have “Helmet for My Pillow” by Robert Leckie that I’ve been wanting to read for some time now.

The shirt I will definitely be wearing on cam, and it’s a color that I don’t have, which means I will have no choice but to find some new socks soon. Thank you for that, truly, I appreciate you! lol

I’d add pictures but the latest update with wordpress has garbled all images to a degree that it hurts my eyes because it stretches them, and in doing so makes it extremely blurry. I don’t know how to fix it but I do know it is annoying as fuck.

A Gift Card and Lingerie

I have gotten out of the habit of writing thank you notes on my blog, for those of you that continue to send gifts. I apologize and would like to start making a change; correcting that wrong, if you will.

To my “hotinvestor” that found me on cam and soon after joined my site – first, thank you so much for the cam session, but also for joining my site. It means a lot that you support both avenues and I hope that you will continue to enjoy the weekly videos and the occasional cam session.

I wanted to thank you for the $370 gift card you send for the two lingerie sites. I’ve already received both orders and cannot wait to wear them all for you when you’re able to do another cam session. They are of great quality and now I have a couple sites to peruse when I’m shopping for new attire.

Mom’s Oatmeal Cookies

For the last 10 months I have been baking oatmeal cookies, hoping to figure out Mom’s trick to making them fluffy and soft, without spreading flat. I have tried cold butter, melted butter, quick oats, old fashioned oats, different recipes, and still, once cooled down the cookie would flatten. And, when I say flatten, I mean paper thin and crunchy. I love crunchy, but not when I am trying to make oatmeal cookies like Mom used to bake.

I remember the ingredients, so the recipes all were very simple and similar but with slightly different measurements. I was about to try Margarine, because that’s what I grew up on and I know that is what Mom used in all recipes. However, I suddenly realized that at a higher elevation I probably needed more flour and why that never occured to me is baffling. Living in the flat lands (lol) I always saw recipes mentioned more flour for higher elevations, but since living here, none of the recipes call for that, and with everything except the oatmeal cookies, the final result is a success. So, while tackling this project to find the trick to fluffy oatmeal cookies, I forgot about the elevation. I turned to the internet and some recipes call for an extra tablespoon, while others say no extra flour is needed….

Instead of buying store brand oats, I went with Quaker so that I could have the recipe and inside the lid it calls for an extra 1 3/4 cup of flour. That is a huge amount of extra flour but the result is fluffy oatmeal cookies!!! Fluffy and soft. They even taste similar to what I recall enjoying as a kid. I will say that they are not as fluffy as Mom’s, but this is the closest I have gotten so far and I am calling this a success. A big success!